Universal Standard Linen Promenade Jumpsuit Review for Petites

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I love Universal Standard, but I find a lot of the pieces are made for someone taller than my 5'3″ self. Considering the average woman in the United States is my height and around my clothing size, I like to share what pieces from Universal Standard fit petites like me. And I am happy to report that the Universal Standard Promenade Linen Jumpsuit fits petites!

Alison wearing the Universal Standard Luna linen jumpsuit in navy. She is standing outside in front of a bamboo wall
In 2021, wearing the original Universal Standard linen jumpsuit

My History with Universal Standard Linen

Back in 2021, when Universal Standard originally launched their stretch linen collection, the brand sent me the linen jumpsuit they carried. I liked it, but without adjustable straps, the armholes and neckline were a bit low, the crotch a bit low, and the hem so long I had to wear my highest heels. I ended up donating it so it could be worn by a taller body.

In 2022, Universal Standard replaced their original Luna Jumpsuit with the Promenade Jumpsuit. The Promenade Jumpsuit had adjustable straps, a smocked back, and fuller legs. I liked the look of the new jumpsuit, but worried it would still be too long in the body and legs for petites and held off.

Alison wearing the Universal Standard Sunshower dress in green with brown sandals and a wicker crossbody bag
Last summer wearing the Universal Standard Sunshower dress, which has the same upper part design as the Promenade jumpsuit

In 2023, Universal Standard offered the Sunshower Linen Dress which was the same top as the Promenade Jumpsuit, but with a fit and flare skirt. I decided to try that, as I didn't have to worry about torso/crotch length and a longer skirt would be easier to wear than long pants. I LOVED this dress; I wore it with neons and I added it to my summer road trip capsule wardrobe. I loved it so much, I was willing to try the Promenade Jumpsuit in 2024 if it came in a color I liked.

And this year, Universal Standard relaunched their stretch linen collection with some new styles and new colors including Shoreline Sunset, a bold orange-red that is one of my absolute favorite colors. I saw it as a sign and ordered the jumpsuit in size XS, the size I wear most of the time in Universal Standard.

Alison Gary in the Universal Standard linen Promenade jumpsuit in orange with a matching linen tunic tied over it.
Wearing the Universal Standard linen Promenade jumpsuit in XS with the matching Dune linen tunic over it, also size XS. The sandals are Aerosoles and lined below, the silver cuff I bought back in 1997.

Universal Standard Linen Promenade Jumpsuit Review

I love the Universal Standard Promenade Jumpsuit. I'm glad I waited until this year because Shoreline Sunset makes me so darn happy. And maybe it's just me but this year's Universal Standard linen feels softer than previous years. the drape is fantastic.

Alison in the Universal Standard linen Promenade jumpsuit in orange, holding a silver chrome Moon bag from STAUD and wearing silver platform heeled sandals from Aerosoles

The smocked back gives a great fit and also makes it easy to get the jumpsuit on and off (no buttons or zippers). Like last year's linen sundress, the straps of the Promenade Jumpsuit are just the perfect width to cover 99% of most of my bras (for this shoot, I am wearing my favorite t-shirt bra). And I didn't hem the jumpsuit; I am wearing the Aerosoles Cosmos sandals which have a 1″ platform and a 2.5″ heel.

Speaking of which, the Aerosoles sandals come in wide widths, but the silver version runs snug and doesn't stretch to fit like suede and leather. However, I used these shoe stretchers, slightly widening each day for a week and got them to be a perfect fit without damaging the shoe. The bag is from STAUD; you saw it before when I shared what I wore to Pastis DC. It is now sold out in chrome but the Moon Bag can be found at STAUD and major department stores in other colors. The earrings are Amazon.

Alison in profile, showing the back of the Universal Standard linen Promenade jumpsuit, which has 1" wide adjustable straps and an elasticized smocked back
As you see, a hint of my bra strap is showing. If I was wearing this to an event, I'd likely wear my Bravissimo “Millie” bra since the color would look more purposeful.

I ended up not adjusting the straps of the jumpsuit; this is the length they were set at when I pulled it out of the bag. I removed the thread loops for the self-belt. I think the self-belt is a bit… wimpy. I wish it were wider and had interfacing to keep from rolling up. Without the thread loops, I can adjust where I wear the self-belt, and I also like how it looks without any belt at all. The belt makes it dressier; loose I could see myself wearing it with Birkenstocks and a straw hat on the weekend.

Alison wearing the Universal Standard linen Promenade jumpsuit without the self-belt
I really like the jumpsuit without the self-belt. Just snip off those thread loops with a pair of cuticle scissors, they aren't necessary.

How Does Universal Standard Linen Hold Up?

I have not yet washed the Promenade Jumpsuit, but I also bought the Dawn Tunic and the Linen Joggers in the same Shoreline Sunset color, have washed both on gentle and line dried and they didn't shrink, fade, or get weird. I don't mind rumpled linen, but a few swipes of a steamer (I own and love this one) will get the laundered pieces looking new.

Alison holding the STAUD chrome Moon bag while standing in front of a movie theater, wearing an orange linen wide leg jumpsuit
Gotta love a sleeveless garment that lets you wear a traditional bra!

I don't find Universal Standard linen to get too creased with wear. These photos were taken after going out to lunch and sitting for over an hour. I wore the Shoreline Joggers for a full day at the office and the creasing at the legs/lower torso wasn't extreme. The Dawn Tunic was folded into my backpack before this shoot and it didn't leave creases or wrinkles.

I think the low wrinkling is because Universal Standard linen is actually a blend of 55% linen, 42% rayon, and 3% elastane. I don't find this blend to affect the breathability or durability of the pieces. I still have Universal Standard linen from the 2021 launch that has been laundered several times, worn on the beach, dried out on the line, and even gone in the dryer.

Alison in the Universal Standard Dune linen shirtdress in black. She is wearing a straw fedora and wicker crossbody bag and black sunglasses and is walking down a path bordered with azalea bushes in bloom
In 2022, wearing the Universal Standard Dune linen shirtdress

What Universal Standard Linen Fits Petites?

Here are the Universal Standard Linen pieces I have tried and my thoughts on whether or not they work for petites.

  • Dune Linen Shirtdress: It's more of a lower calf length than what's seen on the model, but the armholes are comfortable and it gives the Coastal Chic vibe without overwhelming a petite frame.
  • Louvre Dress: This runs long, and looks too big for my frame. The back tie is also too long and looks awkward. This is better for someone at least 5'5″.
  • Seaside Linen Shirtdress: Size down, though even sizing down you may find the shoulders and length makes it look a bit off on a petite frame.
  • Tropez Top: It will not be cropped, and I found it too voluminous and boxy, even for someone with broad shoulders and a large bust.
  • Dawn Linen Tunic: The sleeves are very long so I roll them up and it's not a problem. If in doubt, size down. This can double as a swim coverup.
  • Juniper Shorts: I have tried these in my size, and a size smaller, and they are just too much volume, too long in the crotch/rise, and a weird length on my height. I wish they would carry a shorter rise and length version.
  • Iris Pants: They are essentially the shorts but longer. Again, the
  • Shoreline Linen Joggers: These sort of work, at least for me. The cuff makes them hang over like harem pants, and they don't have as long of a rise/crotch as the Iris pants and Juniper Shorts. However, if you are shorter than I, they likely will be too long.

I have not tried the other pieces in the Universal Standard linen collection because based on non-linen pieces from the brand that are similar and I have tried, I know they will overwhelm my frame, even if I hem them. As for those of you who are a different shape or height from me and have tried these items, share your thoughts below. While Universal Standard's site has clear size charts and plenty of reviews, it's always nice to be as informed of a customer as possible before making a purchase!

And FYI, use code INFS-WARDROBE10 at checkout for 10% off your order through April 30, 2024. And be sure to check out Universal Standard Fit Liberty, which is a cool program and 40% also through 4/30/24.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I think that jumpsuit looks fabulous on you! I’m happy to see US finally offering items in some nice colors. I have unsubscribed from them since I’m 5′ and their Petites seem to be a dying line. It’s good that petites at the higher end of the spectrum (5’3″ and 5’4″) can perhaps wear some items but for me being on the shorter end, they just don’t work.

    Last week I got 8 items altered from a seamstress that did an excellent job. They were various items, some of which I got at great prices during covid. I finally got around to the alterations and it cost me $315! I have decided that if I can’t get a petite size or at least in a fabrication I can shrink, I’m going to bypass. I love that I’ve got some items that look great on me, like they were custom made, but I just can’t shell out on alterations all the time.

    I’m really bummed that more and more brands are getting rid of their petite lines. Or in my case, don’t offer a 14P or 16P.

  2. I bought the jumpsuit in acai and am not sure it works on me, but I need to try it with a different bra. I am 5’1”, and the crotch was too long (odd, since I’m long-waisted). The Dune shirtdress is sold out in this color so I’m really hoping to make it work. I adore the new fabrication! Soft right out of the bag. Last year’s was a bit stiffer.

  3. I bought the jumpsuit in acai and am not sure it works on me, but I need to try it with a different bra. I am 5’1”, and the crotch was too long (odd, since I’m long-waisted). The Dune shirtdress is dold out in this color so I’m really hoping to make it work. I adore the new fabrication! Soft right out of the bag. Last year’s was a bit stiffer.

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