The 8 Best Insoles for Flats and Dress Shoes

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best insoles for flats and dress shoes

You found the perfect pair of shoes. They're delicate and beautiful and complete your outfit… but you really wish they had a bit more cushioning and/or arch support. Been there, and I've got you with the best insoles for flats and dress shoes that have been road tested by me, my friends, or other members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community.

When you have flats or dress shoes, there isn't a lot of room for insoles. Too thick, and your heel cup is in the wrong place, the vamp is digging into the top of your foot, and there doesn't seem to be room for your toes. But too thin, and it serves no purpose (and often ends up shifting around making the shoe even more uncomfortable).

The Best Insoles for Flats and Dress Shoes

The insoles below are specifically designed for flats and more delicate of dress shoes to offer comfort or support without sacrificing your current situation or style.

The Best Arch Support Insoles for Flats and Dress Shoes

When you're wearing flats or dress shoes, you want as small of a shoe insert or insole as possible to keep the current fit of the shoe. I have below a variety of dress shoe insoles and arch support inserts and hope one style is perfect for your footwear needs:

vionic slim fit orthotic review best insoles for flats and dress shoes

Vionic Slim Fit Orthotic

Vionic shoes are amazing for arch support, so it's no surprise the company also makes stellar arch support insoles. These are partial inserts and do not go to the end of the footbed, making them great for flats, pointed-toe shoes, shoes with trim toeboxes, and open-toe styles.

While these are trim enough for most flats and loafers, many like to use these in boots, sneakers, and even Peloton bike shoes. No need to remove the current insole (unless it's really padded), just slide the Vionic insoles on top. Unlike a lot of “one size fits all” insoles, these come in sizes up to Women's size 11.

best insoles for arch support dress shoes women orthera vita ultrathin

Orthera Vita Slim Insoles

Orthera focuses on proper foot alignment, which will not only alleviate plantar fasciitis, but stabilize the ankle, prevent heel pain, absorb shock, and relieve pressure. The Vita insole from Orthera is the trimmest version they offer, designed for flats. anddress shoes.

Orthera insoles are high quality, and last for years if you give them a day or two between wear to cool off and dry out. They, too, are 3/4 insoles, designed to go over the shoe's existing insole. Available in youth and men's sizes as well as women's shoe sizes up to 13+.

best insoles for flats arch support PowerStep SlenderFit

PowerStep SlenderFit Insoles

Another 3/4 style insole, the SlenderFit from PowerStep gets rave reviews from friends (and me!) for fitting into dress shoes and offering comfort and support. I have worn these in smoking slippers, loafers, pointy toe dress boots, and more.

While offering arch support, the PowerStep SlenderFit insoles also help with ball of foot pain with a pad specifically for the metatarsal. The leather upper molds to your foot and reduces sweat and slippage. Available in two colors and women's shoe sizes 5-10.

best arch support insert for flats and dress shoes foot petals

Foot Petals Arch Support Cushion

For more delicate of shoes like sandals, the Foot Petals Arch Support Cushions are genius. I find Foot Petals have really good adhesive so they stay in place even if your feet sweat or slide around. Available in a range of colors and a clear option, you can choose an insert that will be almost invisible in your shoe.

The most difficult aspect about the Foot Petals Arch Support Cushions is placement. Before removing the sticker protector, add a loop of tape to the insert and play with placement and how it feels. Once you know where you want the insert placed, trace the insert or place some dots on the insole so you can then place the insert in the right spot for the best comfort and support.

The Best Cushioning Insoles for Flats and Dress Shoes

Flats are notorious for having hard soles and no cushioning. However, they're also notorious for having little to no space for a cushioning insole. I have found some fab cushioning insoles and gadgets to make your flats and dress shoes more comfortable with each step:

foot petals 34 insert cushion review flats dress shoes

Foot Petals 3/4 Insoles

I have been adding Foot Petals 3/4 Insoles to my flats and dress shoes for… I was going to say years but think I can comfortably say it's more like decades of use. They are trim, they help with sweaty feet, and they don't slide around. They come in beige, black, and clear. Personally, I like the foam of the colored insoles over the clear, especially in summer.

Just know Foot Petals stick and stay put; removing them can leave residue on the inside of your shoes. As with the Foot Petals arch support inserts, try some rolls of tape under the insole to figure out placement before using the adhesive.

vivaia insole review best insoles for flats and dress shoes

VIVAIA 3-in-1 Insoles

VIVAIA is a popular brand that creates trim flats and dress shoes, so they know how to create what they find to be the best insoles for flats. While I have tried VIVAIA shoes (cute, comfy, well made, but not the best for my high volume feet), I have not tried the VIVAIA 3-in-1 insoles. But based on the reviews and design I feel comfortable recommending them.

Breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and cushioned, the VIVAIA 3-in-1 insoles can be cut to fit and are designed to replace the insoles currently in your flats. A heel cup, subtle arch support, and a shock absorbing zone along with cushioning make these a great insole option for flats and dress shoes. Three uppers to choose from.

Dr. Scholl's Everyday Inserts for Flats review

Dr. Scholl's Everyday Inserts for Flats

A 3/4 style insole, the Dr. Scholl's Everyday Inserts for Flats are flexible to move with every step. Specifically designed for dress shoes, these inserts are thin and trim, yet still have a heel cup for stability and great cushioning.

The soft cloth top keeps the insoles and your feet feeling dry, preventing slippage. The Dr. Scholl's Every Day Inserts for Flats are designed to be placed on top of your shoe's current footbed, making them easy to switch from shoe to shoe in your wardrobe.

dr. scholls float on air insoles review for flats and dress shoes

Dr. Scholl's Float-On-Air Insoles

If you just desire a bit of padding between you and your dress shoe's footbed, check out the Dr. Scholl's Float-On-Air insoles. A trim-to-fit design in women's and men's sizing, you can truly customize these to fit most any pair of flats or dress shoes in your closet.

With a subtle contoured heel and arch support and a moisture-wicking top layer, the Dr. Scholl's Float-On-Air insoles keep your feet comfortable along with the tiny pillow bubble technology for cushioning.

Do you have a favorite insole for your flats or dress shoes that hasn't been mentioned above? Do share in the comments! Help out your fellow grown-ass women as your fave may be the exact product another woman has been looking for to achieve more comfort in her flats, sandals, or dress shoes!

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  1. I got sucked into an Instagram ad for Fulton insoles. To my surprise, they really are pretty good – I’ve been fooled before by convincing Instagram ads. With a cork-ish base they mold to your foot, providing support where your foot needs it. It took several wearing before they broke in (the gradual break-in process is noted in their literature) and now they’re my favorite.

  2. I love Summer Soles. They are thin, no extra cushioning or arch support, but do a great job at keeping my feet from getting hot and sweaty when I am going sockless. I like that they don’t add any thickness so my shoes still fit fine.

  3. For reaaally sleek shoes, I recommend kiiinda ‘insoles’ that add foot padding – the ‘sockshion’ by Sheec socks. They’re described as ‘washable ball of foot cushions’ – the toe loops stretch over your big & pinky toes to keep them secure (no more faffing about with adhesive)! I like them whenever I need to add ‘half insoles’ (i.e. not at the heel) & because they’re interchangeable (I’ve machine washed mine in a mesh bag without issue).

  4. I recently tried the Vivian Lou insoles for heels & heeled shoes. They are designed to rotate your foot back to take pressure off the toes & ball of your foot. I’ve tried them in both boots and dress sandals with a heel height higher than is completely comfortable for me. They made both pairs more comfortable than I thought possible. I plan on putting them in all my heeled shoes.

  5. My favorite insoles are Soxsols — they come in sizes, in either wool or cotton, are machine washable, can be trimmed to fit your shoes, and last for years. After trying both, I prefer the wool — it’s super comfortable, absorbs moisture, and keeps your feet from sliding around in your shoes. They’re intended to be used with your bare feet. There are several shapes, including a Birkenstock shape. I’ve even cut them in half, putting the front half (toes) in a shoe that was a little loose in the toe area. Here’s a link:

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