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Spring Travel Style for NYC

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I recently returned from a weekend getaway to New York City with my family. I wanted to pack sensibly and not overpack. While it was spring, the forecast said New York City would be sunny but windy, with highs in the 50s (Fahrenheit) and evenings down to the 30s. I knew I'd have to pack, factoring in layers, and I knew I'd find my spring travel style for NYC with Talbots.

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I placed my order with Talbots, knowing I was taking this trip, but not yet knowing the weather. There were several items from Talbots I was considering for spring travel style: pieces that were versatile, easy care, wrinkle resistant, and especially pieces from the T by Talbots collection, which offers activewear, athleisure, and everyday pieces that marry fashion with function.

woman in a navy Talbots active dress and sneakers in front of the Salem Witch House in Salem, MA
Me last summer in front of the Salem Witch House, in a T by Talbots active dress

Spring Travel Style for NYC

I am no stranger to wearing Talbots for travel; for our New England road trip last summer, I spent many hot summer days of sightseeing quite comfortably in a T by Talbots active dress. I got one of Talbots' Effortless Jersey Breton tops several seasons ago and have found they are perfect for travel. The fabric is more like activewear, stretching and moving with you and resisting wrinkles. However, the tops look refined and elegant. I now own three and took one with me on my NYC getaway.

I start any travel look with stripes

I created my NYC travel capsule wardrobe around the Talbots Effortless Jersey raglan tee in Cheerful Stripe. This top is great in every color, but I went with white/India ink for a classic effect. The square neck adds interest and the sleeves end right above the elbow, offering coverage and a more refined effect than a classic short-sleeved tee. Stripes can take a simple knit top and make it purposeful and stylish; I almost always add a striped top to my capsule wardrobes.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen in Little Italy NYC wearing Talbots
Me, my daughter, and the Talbots Leather Crossbody Bag in Little Italy, NYC

Finding the perfect sightseeing bag

If you know me, you know I love stripes. And when I saw the Talbots Leather Crossbody Bag with the adjustable striped strap, I saw my NYC capsule wardrobe coming together. This bag with the strap fully extended was a great crossbody; I could easily adjust the strap for a classic shoulder bag. A magnetic flap keeps the bag closed; there is a deep interior zip pocket as well as a smaller pouch pocket so I could keep essentials organized.

This bag was excellent. I could fit a small bottle of water, gloves and hat, even some small purchases in it and the wide strap didn't dig into my shoulder and the bag never looked overstuffed or felt awkward when walking miles.

In case of rain…

Not knowing the weather, I also got the Talbots Hooded Water Resistant Jacket. The Kelly green is so cheerful and a gorgeous contrast to the navy and white stripes I also ordered.

t by talbots review

This is a great rainjacket. It's very lightweight, pliable, can be balled into a backpack but looks elegant and expensive. We had heavy rain the week before my trip and I wore this jacket multiple days and kept dry and comfortable. Here I am wearing the jacket with the same Effortless Jersey Breton top and these lightweight woven cargo joggers that are also great for travel.

Recreating my look

 collage of spring clothing from Talbots to create a spring travel look for NYC

Shop the Look: coat | striped top | sweater | pants | bag | sunglasses | cap | shoes | belt

Because it was so chilly, I switched out the rainjacket and cargo pants for a longer coat and heavier-weight wide-leg pants already in my closet. However, Talbots has similar pieces I think would create an equally stylish, practical, and versatile look. I linked above and in my LTK shop. This combination was perfect for spring travel to NYC. We saw the sights, we shopped, we dined, we walked miles and miles. It was windy, it got warm, and then it got cold and I was ready for whatever the day or Mother Nature brought!

a collage of four photos of a woman taking mirror selfies while wearing the Talbots effortless jersey Breton top with black wide leg pants, a navy pullover sweater, and coat
While my daughter tried on clothes at the Urban Outfitters in SoHo, I showed the versatility of my look featuring Talbots

Creating Your Own Spring Travel Style

I've learned over the years you don't need to sacrifice style for function when creating travel outfits. No need to buy gear from an outdoor store, especially when retailers like Talbots create lines that offer chic comfort. Here are a few tips for crafting your spring travel style:

  • Layers are your friend. It can be balmy on the sunny side of the street, and freezing in the shade. You may be out from dawn to dusk and the temps can vary up to 30 degrees. Bring a packable tote to carry layers you don't need but better safe than sorry. I didn't regret any of the layers I brought; in fact my daughter was grateful as she underdressed for the cooler parts of the day and I could share!
  • Sweaters make for great scarves. While I packed a pashmina in my bag, I wore a pullover sweater around my shoulders as a scarf. When the sun set, I put it on under the coat. When it got warm, I tucked it in the bag. When I got to a destination and could check my coat, I wore it over my shoulders or French/half tucked into the pants. Stylish and practical for travel!
  • Have a silky base layer. The Effortless Jersey fabric is also great for travel because it's silky and doesn't get static cling. It's easy to slip a sweater on or off over it without it untucking, clinging to the sweater, or bunching up.
  • Pack a cap. I don't know about you, but my hair rarely behaves the way I wish when on travel. That plus a windy day made me glad I packed a cap. While I already owned a cap, I was really drawn to this cute cap from Talbots with the needlepoint bee on the front. It's easy to tuck into a bag and pull out after a day of wind, sweat, or getting mussed from trying on clothes or wearing a bike helmet.
  • A belt brings it together. A slim leather belt isn't restrictive, but literally and figuratively pulls together a look. Adding a refined effect, there's no need in 2024 to have your belt match your bag or shoes. I'd have chosen this one from Talbots if I didn't already own a belt. I have many Talbots belts and find the quality stellar.
  • Break some rules. In 2024, style comes from breaking rules. Pair black with navy, silver with gold, stripes with stripes. Looking too coordinated can feel dated; an easy way to do this is with a pair of stylish white sneakers, which can add an athletic vibe to an otherwise classic ensemble and keep you comfy as you walk the city.
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Allie,

    I am liking a number of spring items from Talbots. Some of the prices are a bit high for me. I am willing to pay their prices if the quality is at least decent if not top notch, Please elaborate on Talbots quality. Are items in good condition and wearable for at least couple of years?

    1. That is pretty impossible to answer, unfortunately. I haven’t found many brands that are so consistent with fabric and design I can across the board say it’s worth the price. I do think everything I have gotten from them is nice and held up, but I haven’t tried everything and I know all of our opinions of decent to top notch is different.

      1. Thanks for trying. There are few if any guarantees for product anymore and it was unfair for me to ask you for one.

        It made me reflect on Lands End. They formerly offered a very large pack/book bag with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a product that I used in community college, university, and grad school. Lands End replaced it twice for me without a whimper. They didn’t even charge shipping. Both replacements were due to an interior fabric divider wearing out and tearing out. The outside of the pack, the straps, the zippers never gave me any problems or were damages. And that’s after many years of riding buses, taking the pack on rough field trips with me, and literally throwing it in the back of trucks. From looking at their catalog today, I see no current equivalent nor do I see a guarantee.

        It’s a pity really. Lands End used to produce such wonderful, lasting products and many of them were made here in the USA. I think they still produce some good products, especially compared to what else is out there. But they are not as good as they were before they went offshore.

  2. Some great tips here! I’m ordering the striped top for my upcoming trip to Paris. What I wouldn’t give for a plus sized leather belt. They are so hard to find!

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