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Dress: c/o Karen Kane | Watch: Citizen c/o WatchCo | Bracelet: Nordstrom | Bag: Love,Cortnie | Shoes: Nine West ‘Flax’

I adore Karen Kane for comfy, flattering pieces with a bit of sex appeal. Karen Kane was kind enough to send me this dress a long while ago (talking no cast on my arm part of the year), and I have worn it so many times, though this is it’s first appearance on the blog. It’s jersey, so it dresses up and down with ease. Here I wear it for Date Night with pumps and a clutch, but I’ve also worn it on the weekend with my silver Birkenstocks and a pair of aviator sunglasses. The draping is in all the right places, and the fabric never wrinkles, making it great for travel or long days.

As for the clutch, isn’t it awesome? It’s by Maryland blogger and bag designer Cortnie Elizabeth. I’ve been wanting one of her bags for a long while and finally pulled the trigger when I saw this unexpected leopard print (and we all know I love leopard!).

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  • Sonia

    This dress looks easy and carefree, exactly what you need when wearing a cast in warm weather. The length is perfect for me as I am comfortable in dresses/skirts that meet the knee. Love the clutch because, as you know since you turned me on to it, I am into the leopard print as well.

  • Lori McKee

    Nice! I just found a Karen Kane black dress in my closet – with FOUR other “little black dresses – most never worn, I think! I think I just kept looking for the perfect dress and then forgot to take these back – or thought they would fit better later – or something. They all do sort of fit, now, so – hm, not sure what to do. I have very few dresses at all – but 4 black ones – so silly. But the sleeveless Karen Kane is my pick for a beach wedding in September (wince – is that going to be ok?). Just need to figure out some accessories and a wrap of some sort. Heading to my Nordstrom’s personal shopper for some help.

  • I know I would hesitate to wear this dress with some flat metallic sandals for a September beach wedding so I think you’re fine! Isn’t it funny how those LBDs creep into the corners of our closet and get dusty in the back of our mind? 🙂

  • #leopardisaneutral 🙂

  • Lookin’ good, Alison! Fantastic dress; love the draping. And I stan out for Love, Cortnie clutches so great choice for this look.

  • Thanks Vivi! And yes, this will NOT be my last Love,Cortnie clutch, so cute!

  • Jeeze, Alison, you’re so sexy! That dress is cut so perfectly — it drapes on your body like it was made for you. And needless to say, I freaking love the addition of that leopard clutch. Rawr.

  • Rawr, thank you, you sexy thang! 😉

  • Sadie von Scrumptious

    Their wrap dresses are magic – I acquired two in the sale recently. You look relaxed yet polished – perfectly dressed up for 2014.

  • Thank you, and I so agree about Karen Kane dresses!

  • Michelle…

    I need to plan a trip to the States just for the purpose of checking out the dresses at Karen Kane!
    You make the dress gorgeous Allie 🙂

  • Charlene

    Allie, do you mean you would NOT hesitate to wear it for a September beach wedding? I think that’s what you mean, but I am a bit confused. Not that I’m going to a Sept. beach wedding, mind you, but just in case I ever did, and just in case I wanted to wear an LBD and…

  • Yep that’s what I mean, I’m the queen of typos with this stupid cast! 🙂

  • Thanks Michelle!

  • Love this dress on you, and your hair is fantastic!

  • Emily

    The dress is fabulous, but you surprised me when you said the whole outfit was for date night? I’d love to see it with some fabulous heels to add a bit of spice (scarlet or jewel toned strappy sandals?!), this pic looked perfectly office-appropriate for me… (not a criticism, just a suggestion!)

  • Thanks Kat!

  • Thanks Emily! The dress isn’t really appropriate for the office, it’s a bit clingy, and though the pictures don’t show, even with a built in cami there’s a good amount of cleavage. With all the draping I felt statement heels were competing, though they are my usual choice for a night out on the town! 🙂

  • Amanda Ruth

    Allie, when Karen Kane doesn’t send you dresses, where do you shop for there clothes?

  • Lisa Gaines

    You look great! You remind me a little of “Jane Bingham”, the main character on Drop Dead Diva. Confident fashionista! I recently found your blog and I am intrigued. Keep posting your great articles. I love it all.

  • Emily

    Ahh, knew there would be a good reason 🙂

  • Tracey

    Love. Love. Love that clutch. And the dress looks fab. And comfortable.

  • Very classy, Alison, I love wrap dresses and animal prints 🙂
    Gorgeous look, dear!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  • Really looks awesome! Great style! Just read your piece on whole30 and that was awesome too – can’t wait to read the follow up to it. 🙂