Over 40 Beauty: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review

I’ve never had long lashes. My sister is the one who got the lashes; she complains of them bumping against her sunglasses while I’ve spent my adulthood searching for the best products to curl, lengthen, and volumize. As I have gotten older, my lashes have become thinner and shorter.

I’ve tried fiber mascaras, lash primers, lengthening mascaras, volumizing mascaras. In 2014 I tried RapidLash and when accidentally tugging while curling my lashes,

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Improving my Hair from Within [Sponsored]

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Nature's Bounty Gummies for Hair and Nails Review - Wardrobe Oxygen (sponsored)As I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog I’ve been having issues with my hair. It’s been thinning, and it, along with my skin, has been dry and dull looking. I’ve been tested and my doctor agrees it’s likely a combination of stress and age. Well I’m not taking this lying down; I’ve been doing my research and trying a few different things and the best results I’ve found is from changing my diet and adding supplements.

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My Favorite Hair Products and Tools

Wardrobe Oxygen: My favorite hair products, great over 40 hair with volume, shine, controlSince cutting my hair above my shoulders last January, I’ve found my hair easier to manage, look fuller, and more fun to play with. However, it took a while to get used to shorter hair and I realized my old styling products weren’t cutting it. It’s been a year since the chop; while the length has fluctuated between end of ears and my shoulders, I’ve found some fantastic styling products that consistently provide me with great hair.

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Over 40 Beauty Review: Foundation Primers

over 40 beauty - foundation primer review by wardrobe oxygenI’ve really learned the value of makeup primers. When I was younger, I wanted them so my makeup wouldn’t melt away after a night dancing or day in the sun and humidity. While I still appreciate that aspect of primers, I find primers to be beneficial in multiple ways, especially with my over-40 skin.

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