The Best Colleen Rothschild Beauty for my Midlife Skin (and how to get 30% off)

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I have been a fan of Colleen Rothschild Beauty since 2016, when I first tried the skincare brand's Radiant Cleansing Balm. Seven years later, the majority of my skincare products are from Colleen Rothschild. As a woman in midlife, I have fewer f*cks to give but still give a shi*t so I want simple yet effective products and I have found that with Colleen Rothschild skincare. Below I share what I find to be the best Colleen Rothschild Beauty products for my over 40 skin AND how to get 30% off at Colleen Rothschild.

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Photo of Alison Gary, the owner of Wardrobe Oxygen, a website that provides real-life style advice for grown women.
Hi, it's me. I'm 48, no injectables, no regular professional care for my face, no makeup. I just washed and cared for my face with Colleen Rothschild Beauty products.

A little about me: my name is Alison and I am 48. I tried Botox once in 2018 but haven't used it or any other aesthetic treatment or procedure since. In college, I think I spent more time at the tanning salon than in the lecture hall. While I now wear SPF daily, I am still a sun worshipper. I used to fall asleep in my makeup or sleepily used a wipe to get off the majority, bypassing any moisturizer. But once I found effective yet easy skincare with Colleen Rothschild Beauty, it made washing and moisturizing my face a ritual that got my mind and body ready for sleep.

How to Shop the Colleen Rothschild 30% off Cyber Week Sale Early

Like a lot of retailers these days, Colleen Rothschild Beauty regularly has sales. But the Colleen Rothschild Cyber Week Sale is the best sale all year with the entire site 30% off. I look forward to this Colleen Rothschild sale all year because it is the perfect time to stock up and get great gifts for less. While I may love Colleen Rothschild skincare for me, I also find others love Colleen Rothschild and the beauty brand has some pretty fantastic gifts.

While Colleen Rothschild Beauty is known for skincare, Colleen (yes, Ms. Rothschild is a real person; I've met her and she's positively lovely) has haircare, body care, beauty tools, candles, and more in her collection. The candles are so luxe, have great throw, and so beautifully scented, they are the only ones my scent-sensitive husband enjoys while being “cool” scents per our teenager.

The Colleen Rothschild Cyber Sale doesn't usually start until next week, but as a Colleen Rothschild ambassador I have a code to save 30% at Colleen Rothschild starting today! Use code OXYGEN30 at checkout for 30% off Colleen Rothschild Beauty through November 15, 2023.

This link will direct you to my favorite Colleen Rothschild Beauty products, but to be honest I have never tried a product from this brand that I didn't like. If you are new to Colleen Rothschild, are looking for a quick yet effective skincare routine, or are considering a gift from Colleen Rothschild, read on for my personal favorites:

The Best Colleen Rothschild Beauty for my Midlife Skin

If you are new to Colleen Rothschild Beauty, I am going to share what I think are the best Colleen Rothschild Beauty for my midlife skin. I like a LOT of Colleen Rothschild products, and I do use other skincare brands too. But my process is just three steps at night that not only I have found effective, but many folks in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community and who are regular readers of this site have found simple yet effective.

The 3-Step Skincare Routine I Swear By

When I worked as a trainer for a skincare company in the early 2000's our catchphrase was, “Cleanse, polish, protect.” Healthy and happy skin at any age benefits from this three-step process once a day and decades later I still live by this catchphrase.

  • Cleansing should happen at the end of the day. Whether or not one wears makeup, one should cleanse their skin of impurities, sweat, and oils that build up through the day.
  • Polish can mean a product that gently scrubs the skin, or contains grains to exfoliate. It can also mean a product that exfoliates or encourages cell turnover with a chemical reaction. The result is brighter skin, pores that appear smaller, lines that appear fainter, and more even a complexion.
  • Protect means a way to bring back hydration and balance to the skin. Your cleansing shouldn't strip your skin, but everything else from the weather to genetics can leave your skin thirsty and sensitized. Even if you have oily skin, your face can benefit from some sort of moisturizer, barrier, or protecting product.

Below are the three Colleen Rothschild Beauty products I have used for years to cleanse, polish, and protect my skin each night without needing to be precious with my skincare routine. This is easy, doesn't take a lot of time, and provides me with consistently happy and healthy looking skin in midlife. And with promo code OXYGEN30 you can get 30% off!

1. Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

I think the Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm is amazing. It's not cheap, but you use a very little bit and the standard-size tub lasts me for months. For those who already love this stuff, get the jumbo tub, it's a better value. For those who wish to try before investing, this small jar is a great choice and then it can be refilled with your larger tub to use for travel!

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen holding a half-used jar of Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

On dry skin, apply a dollop of Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm and massage in with your fingers. You will see your makeup begin to dissolve and lift from your skin. Even longwear cosmetics and setting sprays will dissolve with this solid oil cleanser. Over the delicate eye area, you can use just your ring finger to gently swipe left to right to dissolve all types of mascara, eyeliner, shadows, and primers.

This cleanser comes with a muslin cloth to wet and remove it and all makeup, dirt and impurities. However, I prefer a washcloth. It's extremely satisfying to see all that is removed with the Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm is the first Colleen Rothschild product I ever used and it continues to be my favorite. I've tried other oil-based cleansers, both liquid and solid, from very popular and highly regarded brands. They can't hold a candle to Colleen. The Radiant Cleansing Balm never irritates my sensitive eyes, and never leaves a film or residue on my skin. If you love to double cleanse, follow this with a more traditional face wash or micellar water. However, I don't usually find it necessary after using this cleansing balm.

2. Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Oil

Confused about which order of products to put on your skin? Hate the idea of a 500-step nighttime routine? Get yourself some Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Oil. In the summer, it can be the only thing you put on your face at night after cleansing. In the winter, apply a night cream over it for extra moisture and protection. I've raved about Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Oil many times before.

Alison Gary, the woman behind the over 40 style advice blog Wardrobe Oxygen, is holding a bottle of Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Oil

I never have been irritated by this product, never had breakouts, no sensitivity, no reaction with other products. I don't get all precious waiting X minutes after cleansing to apply or Y minutes after applying for anything else. I've put it on half-asleep and still found it effective. And the packaging is really nice and functional too (one pump is all you need).

I always get questions about using this oil before a night cream. While I know that generally, an oil goes on over a moisturizer, this works great under a cream and I find the two products play nice in this order. And having the retinol closer to your skin will provide better results.

3. Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream

I've tried dozens of night creams and layered moisturizers over the years, especially looking for something to keep my skin happy and hydrated in the cold dry winter. Enter Extreme Recovery Cream, which is phenomenal. It's thick, but not greasy. It absorbs, but doesn't disappear. No breakouts, which I usually get from thick creams. Skin is hydrated, soft, not too slippery for makeup, and stays feeling great for hours.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen is wearing a quilted Printfresh bathrobe and holding a jar of Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream

I apply the Extreme Recovery Cream after the Retinol Oil. Usually this is enough moisture for my sensitive yet relatively normal skin. When we get into Deep Winter, I sometimes need more moisture and will layer an oil (I adore the Face Oil No.9). Because the Extreme Recovery Cream isn't greasy or too thick feeling, I don't feel like a glazed donut when layering an oil over it.

My Morning Skincare Routine

I do not cleanse my face in the morning. I splash my face with water and pat it dry and that has worked for me since 2016. If you feel you still have leftover oil or cream from the night, you can wipe it away with a product like the Matcha Tea Treatment Toner.

If I am working from home and don't need SPF, I use the Extreme Recovery Cream as my winter daytime moisturizer. During the warmer months, at least once a week I do a work from home day with no makeup and just Extreme Recovery Cream slathered on. I've also been known in the winter to layer SPF over the Extreme Recovery Cream so I can truly protect my face on cold and dry days.

The Best Colleen Rothschild Beauty Gifts

While I love Colleen Rothschild Beauty for myself, I find many of my loved ones also love Colleen Rothschild and many products from the beauty brand make great gifts for those you may not know quite as well. Below I share my picks of the best Colleen Rothschild Beauty gifts.

Colleen Rothschild 12-Day Advent Calendar

If you are looking for a great beauty advent calendar to gift, this is an excellent choice. A $285 value for $150, this beautiful box-style advent calendar has some of the highest-rated Colleen Rothschild beauty products. From luxurious full-size treats to premium-sized minis, each product has been chosen to help make this holiday season even more special to treat yourself or give as a gift.

colleen rothschild advent calendar

Included are some of my favorites like the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Extreme Recovery Cream, Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer, and Matcha Tea Treatment Toner. My teenage daughter is a big fan of the included Quench & Shine Resorative Mask, Clarifying Detox Mask, and Balancing Gel Cleanser. There are no misses IMO in this advent calendar.

Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No. 9 and Gua Sha Beauty Tool

IMO, the combination of these two products makes for one of the best self-care gifts. The Face Oil No. 9 is my favorite face oil because it is lightweight, not heavily fragranced, never causes me to break out, and is so incredibly versatile.

And this Colleen Rothschild Gua Shua Beauty Tool is luxe. I already owned two gua shua tools. I bought one for about $20 on Amazon a while ago, and I got another one free with some beauty gift. I hated using them, it hurt, it was boring, the tool didn't fit well in my hand or on my face. Then I got the one from Colleen Rothschild and realized there is a BIG difference between these beauty tools.

Colleen Rothschild gua sha tool

The Colleen Rothschild Gua Shua Beauty Tool is at least 30% bigger than the other tools I've used, it's heavier stone, polished perfectly smooth without a single rough edge. With a cord you can put around your wrist to hold even with slippery oils (or to store it somewhere between uses), it feels custom shaped to my face.

Gua sha has gained popularity in the past couple of years because it's advertised to help sculpt and tone your face. I am not sure if that is true, but I do know that gua sha is fantastic for those who clench their teeth when they sleep or have TMJ (AKA me). I asked my dentist about my clenching; I already wear a nightguard. He told me facial massage is more effective than any injectable to help with jaw muscle tension. I suggested gua sha, he said it was perfect and since I've been doing it regularly I have less jaw pain and my jaw clicking has stopped.

Colleen Rothschild Candles

You do not know how psyched I was to see that Colleen Rothschild Beauty relaunched their candle collection. I still have one of the original CR candles and have been rationing it because it's just so beautiful to look at and the most elegant, unique scent that fills a room without being overwhelming or cloying.

colleen rothschild candle

Inspired by the scents of three of Colleen Rothschild's most popular products, the Colleen Rothschild candle collection will appeal to those who love complex, sophisticated, yet not heavy scents that elevate a space.

  • Harmony is inspired by the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Restorative Hair Mask and blends amber and musk with bergamot.
  • Nomad is inspired by the Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm and blends allspice, cloves, and lavender.
  • Rituals is inspired by the Colleen Rothschild Matcha Tea Treatment Toner and blends matcha, chamomile, moss, and herbs.

All three candles come in a chic brown glass container and shipped in an elegant box ready for wrapping or tucking in a gift bag. That is, if you aren't motivated by the scent to keep it for yourself! With promo code OXYGEN30 you may be inspired to buy one to gift and another for yourself!

Colleen Rothschild Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer

One thing I've learned as a grown woman is not all lip balms are created equal. I know we all have different desires in lip moisturizer, and the Colleen Rothschild Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer has them all for me. It's thick but not too thick, it hydrates but also gives a nice shine, it has an applicator so I don't have to touch the balm and contaminate it. It stays on for hours, even after drinking and eating. I have one on my bedstand, one at my Peloton bike, one in my bag, one on my desk.

colleen rothschild vitamin e lip balm

The packaging of this lip balm is so secure I've had one go through the washing machine without leaking and left it in the car in the middle of the summer and it didn't melt all over my console. And it has a brown sugar scent that smells like a really elegant cupcake. This would be a fantastic gift, a nice addition to go with a gift card or just a luxe treat for someone you care about.

Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection

Want to try a bit of the bestsellers from Colleen Rothschild Beauty before committing to a full-sized product? Love Colleen Rothschild and wish you had refillable travel-sized versions of the products? Want to give a gift of luxury and effective skincare this holiday season? You need the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection.

Including the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Extreme Recovery Cream, and Face Oil No. 9 as well as many other fantastic products (the Sheer Renewal Cream is a day-weight moisturizer, the Dual Enzyme Polish is a personal favorite, and the Clarifying Detox Mask is a lovely classic mask), this kit also comes in a really chic toiletries bag that will be used again (I use mine regularly). Use OXYGEN30 at checkout for 30% off.

Do know this isn't all that I love from Colleen Rothschild Beauty. Peek in my shower or my medicine cabinet and you'll see plenty of tubes, jars, and bottles in Colleen Rothschild's elegant frosted glass with blush pink and chocolate brown aesthetic. I appreciate this quality, woman-owned, science-backed line of products that include ingredients you want and exclude ingredients you don't. If you have any product questions don't hesitate to ask. And if you use this beauty line, share your favorites in the comments!

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  1. Alison, I can’t find the gua sha thingy anywhere on the CR website (your link takes me to an error page instead). Is it bundled somewhere not obvious that I’m missing? Or is it no longer available? Midwest Winter Skin really wants to know!

  2. Love love love the Radiant Cleansing balm – it’s the BEST cleanser for my 53yo extremely dry skin. Doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, smells like a dreamy spa, I don’t even do a double cleanse after. Initially I had a hard time rationalizing the cost but quickly realized it lasts a LONG time vs buying $8 bottle/1x per month. Totally agree regarding the DHC cleansing oil – it’s a fantastic less pricey option for face cleansing, but really fantastic for removing sunscreen from my neck/chest. Then I use Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Oil on neck/chest. Bc at 53, my jawline/neck/chest are my new area of “focus” grrrrrr

  3. Hi. Do you use the eye cream? Is there an exfoliant you recommend or use? Apologies if this was answered elsewhere. I am more of a skimmer than a reader.

    1. It’s funny, I felt eye cream wasn’t necessary and stopped using it but this summer began again and see the difference. My daughter took my half-used jar of The Complete Eye Cream and became obsessed so I tried it again and my eye area looked so much happier and plump. Then Colleen Rothschild sent me their new Illuminating Tinted eye cream and that stuff is GOOD. On days when I don’t wear makeup just that will brighten my eye area while also moisturizing and protecting. And for this sale I just got the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum thinking it would be good to use during the winter when I’m not in the sun so much to help restore the eye area.

      As for exfoliants, I love love love the Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub. I keep it in the shower and my whole family uses it!

  4. Hi Alison – question about the cleansing balm. Is it mostly for removing make up? Post pandemic its a rare day that I wear foundation. Ill out on serum, spf and go. Will this cleanser be too much? I was eyeing it bc i have oily t One Nd dry cheeks but i dont want to inveat too much if its best for makeup removal. Thanks!

  5. My favorites are the sunscreen, sheer renewal cream that I use day and night, and the glycolic acid peel pads. These pads are magic in calming irritation and bumps. I encourage you to get the discovery collection to try out many of the products.

  6. Bought the cleansing balm on your recommendation a couple years ago. Very pleased with it.

    I’ve started using extreme recovery cream because I need more/longer lasting moisturizer than the hydrating mask (which I love). Even tho it’s a cream, it absorbs well & I don’t get that greasy/sticky feeling. I’m in northern MI this winter, so it will be put to the test.

  7. You’ve convinced me to try the Oil and Gua Shua for my TMJ. Also picked up the mini cleanser to try, you’ve talked about it too many times over the years for me not to be curious. Excited to get my products!

    1. I didn’t realize it shipped from the DFW metro about 25 miles from me, so 2 days later I have my products! Allie, I’d LOVE for you to do a reel or video on how you use the gua shua for tmj so I can follow along!

  8. Bought the cleanser and retinol oil as a gift for my husband, who has been fighting oily skin and breakouts for his whole life.

    I must ask, is that robe quilted? I am intrigued!

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