Stay at Home Capsule Wardrobe for Fall and Winter

Capsule Wardrobe: Stay at home mom or teleworker by Wardrobe OxygenMany of you have reached out looking for advice on what to wear for a super casual lifestyle. Staying at home with the kids, working from home 100% of the time, many of you have a very relaxed lifestyle where it just doesn’t make sense to wear high-maintenance fabrics, restrictive silhouettes, or even the lowest of heels. Well this capsule wardrobe is for you!

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Capsule Wardrobe: Fall Casual / Travel

Wardrobe Oxygen: A capsule wardrobe for fall with a focus on casual, active, and travelYou all are having some romantic falls based upon your emails! Trips to resorts, hotels up north to see the leaves change, B&Bs along Skyline Drive, and a couple of you have decided to visit Asheville after my trip recap! My capsule wardrobe today is inspired by you – a relaxing getaway that will have lots of variety. Hitting the gym to work off that decadent dessert, hiking through the woods to see the leaves change,

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Capsule Wardrobe: Autumn Classic

capsule wardrobe for fall - classic comfortable and high on style by wardrobe oxygenI’ve received many capsule wardrobe requests lately and they have been extremely specific. However many have had similar themes – classic clothing but not boring, comfortable shoes, and many desire a capsule wardrobe not based on black. I hope the following fall wardrobe capsule will provide inspiration and show you can have fun while keeping a wardrobe of classics, be stylish without a single stiletto, and it’s possible to have a small and functional wardrobe without a single smidge of black!

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Capsule Wardrobe: Street Style Fashionista

Can you do a capsule wardrobe that is full of prints and personality? Capsule wardrobes always are so minimalistic and boring. I want to shrink my wardrobe but I don’t want to lose the fun it has.

What does it take to be stylish? I look at street style and blogs like The Sartorialist and it’s not the fashion I see on blogs. How do they do it?

Is it possible to be fashionable and not have a giant wardrobe?

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