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The Best Plus Size Seamless Underwear: Review by a Size 3X

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To make Wardrobe Oxygen as useful of a style resource as possible, I sometimes invite members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community to review brands and products or invite them to share their favorite items here on the site. We may all be grown-ass women, but we live in different bodies, have different lifestyles, are of different ages, with different needs. Today, Amanda Stilwell (@inthethickofit) shares her picks for the best plus size seamless underwear.

The Best Plus Size Seamless Underwear: Review (as tried by a size 3x)

By Amanda Stilwell (@inthethickofit)

Finding the perfect seamless underwear can feel like a quest, especially when you have fewer options due to size limitations. I've been on the hunt and have a range of excellent seamless underwear options to share, all tried and tested by a size 3X body.

Here's the breakdown:

Model wearing a black bra and Auden Women's Seamless Hipster Underwear
Auden Women's Seamless Hipster Underwear

Auden Women's Seamless Hipster Underwear

Brand: Auden (via Target)
Name: Women's Seamless Hipster Underwear
Sizes Available: XXL-4X
Size I Tried: 3X
Price: $6.99/ per pair

Review: These were a budget-friendly recommendation, and for the price, they're not bad! The hipster style comes in a fun variety of colors and seasonal patterns, and they're stretchy and comfortable thanks to the spandex and nylon blend.  While I could've sized down for a snugger fit, they held up well throughout the day without rolling down. However, they lack a cotton gusset, which means breathability suffers a bit.

TLDR: Budget-friendly, comfy, but consider sizing down; missing a cotton gusset.

Plus size model wearing a black bralette and the Harper Wilde No Show Highwaist Brief
Harper Wilde No Show Highwaist Brief

Harper Wilde No Show Highwaist Brief

Brand: Harper Wilde
Name: No Show Highwaist Brief (formerly The Highwaist)
Sizes Available: XS-4XL
Size I Tried: 3XL
Price: $12/ per pair

Review:  A big fan of Harper Wilde's wireless bras, I was excited to try their seamless line. Sadly, these high-waisted briefs were a letdown. Despite matching the size chart, they stretched out considerably throughout the day, ending up at my bra line by evening!  While this could be a quality control issue specific to the initial launch, it left me hesitant to try again.

TLDR: Disappointing – excessive stretching renders them unwearable.

Model wearing the Eby Seamless Highwaisted in black
Eby Seamless High Waisted

Eby Seamless High Waisted

Brand: Eby
Name: Seamless High Waisted
Sizes Available: XS-4XL
Size I Tried: 3XL
Price: $19/ per pair

Review:  Ah, the holy grail!  These Eby high-waisted briefs were recommended by a friend and are absolute winners. They come in a wide range of colors and seasonal options, and like the Auden ones, they're a soft and stretchy nylon-spandex blend. But here's the kicker: they have a 100% cotton gusset for breathability, and a genius stay-put grip edge that's soft and comfortable, not like scratchy silicone. Plus, the high waist offers gentle tummy smoothing without feeling restrictive.

They come in other styles too, like bikini, thong, and cheeky, if you prefer less coverage.  I even tried their Seamless Cotton bikini, which is another winner (though I sized up in the cotton, as recommended by their size guide).

TLDR: Buttery soft, comfy, and stays put –  love it in all the colors!

Model wearing the Hanky Panky Plus Size Retro Lace Thong in black
Hanky Panky Plus Size Retro Lace Thong

Hanky Panky Plus Size Retro Lace Thong

Brand: Hanky Panky
Name: Plus Size Retro Lace Thong
Sizes Available: OS (14-24)
Size I Tried: OS (Up to 57” hip)
Price: $28/ per pair

Review: Hanky Panky's plus-size lace thong is my go-to for a little something special. The retro style offers more coverage than a traditional thong, and the lace is a luxuriously soft nylon-spandex blend (with a cotton gusset, for the win!). It comes in a range of colors, but I love the “Chai” for a barely-there look that complements multiple skin tones. This thong feels like a second skin, supportive and sexy at the same time.

TLDR: Sexy comfort – perfect for those special days.

Model wearing a gray bralette and the Fruit of the Loom Women's Plus Fit for Me® Breathable Micro-Mesh Brief Panty in pink
Fruit of the Look Women's Fit for Me Plus Size

Fruit of the Look Women's Fit for Me Plus Size

Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Name: Women's Fit for Me Plus Size 
Sizes Available: 9-13 Plus
Size I Tried: 11 Plus
Price: $12 for a 6-pack

Review: In the spirit of inclusivity, I asked my friends about budget options. Fruit of the Loom's plus-size 6-pack came up a few times, so I gave them a shot. 

Heads up: Double-check the size chart, especially the hip measurements. I initially went by the pants size conversion, which was a mistake.  While the fabric itself is smooth and comfortable (microfiber blend with a cotton gusset), the detailing around the leg holes wasn't as seamless and caused some panty line visibility.  For the price, they're an okay option, but they're not true “no-show” underwear.

TLDR: Affordable, smooth fabric, but sizing and leg hole details need improvement.

the best plus size seamless underwear

Thank you Amanda for this review searching for the best plus size seamless underwear! I know this will be a helpful resource for others shopping for seamless undies. If Amanda didn't include your favorite seamless plus size panties in the review above, do share in the comments!

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  1. I really love the Duluth Brand. Bombas are comfy too, but they seem to stretch out too easy and then they’re baggy.

  2. I really like the Soma Vanishing Edge ones which I learned about here. They stay put very well and are worth the price IMO.

    1. So, those don’t come in a 3x. The soma website lists 3x as an available size, but in fact if you search the soma website and filter by 3x, they carry exactly one item in that size, a smoothing short.

      This is why reviews like this one are so valuable because someone has done that leg work and only shared companies that are actually carrying clothes that will fit.

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