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What I Wore: Jumpsuit Love

jumpsuit | boots | bag | necklace | sunglasses

I have a well-documented love/hate relationship with jumpsuits. They’re so cute, they’re so easy, they’re often adjustable so they work with my size 14 width-wise but size 6 height-wise figure. But man, why are so many made to not let you pee? And those that are easier, it means you’re practically naked when you are peeing,

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What I Wore: Not Similar

dress | tights | bag | lipstick

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What I Wore: At the Station

Wardrobe Oxygen in a faux leopard print fur coat from Amazon Fashionblazer | tee | jeans | boots | coat | bag | sunglasses | earrings | lipstick

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What I Wore: Top of the Heap

Wardrobe Oxygen, over 40 fashion blogger in a Universal Standard Geneva dress with a J. Crew Factory denim jacket and silver snakeskin bootiesjacket | dress | bag | boots | sunglasses

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