Spring Trends I’m Digging in 2017

wearable fashion trends spring summer 2017I’m all about wear what makes you happy, but I know many of you are like me and it makes you happy to update your wardrobe with some current trends. Even if you know your personal style inside and out, it’s inspiring to see new perspectives and a new silhouette or accessory can revive your closet and your outlook.

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Showing the Love: Lifetherapy

lifetherapy bracelet giveaway

Arm parties, as I showed on Instagram yesterday, I’ve been rocking since 1989. Especially since my metal allergy makes it hard to wear rings and earrings, I love a wrist full of bracelets that not only look great but hold meaning for me.

Lifetherapy has been a favorite company of mine for a while.  Lynette Lovelace, the founder of Lifetherapy is one of the most positive and inspiring women I have met through blogging. 

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Showing the Love: Love, Cortnie

I’m proud to be a DC fashion blogger. We have a large community, and through it I have met some of the most talented and wholehearted people. Some I’m friends with IRL, some I only know virtually, but all are great people. One of them is Cortnie Elizabeth from the blog Style Lust Pages and the bag company, Love,Cortnie. While Cortnie no longer lives in the DC area (you Floridians are some lucky folk),

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Showing the Love: Dobbin Clothing

dobbin clothing review

One of the greatest parts of blogging is learning about new brands. Brands will reach out by email and social media to share their business baby and some of these companies have become some of my favorites. I remember when I was pregnant I wished some company would make a line of dresses in ponte knit that could dress up or down with a change of accessories. I doodled in my work notebook a few different styles – simple but with little details that flattered and added interest.

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