About Wardrobe Oxygen

Back in 2005 when I started this blog, it had a very catchy title – What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe. You can bet it had an equally memorable URL complete with a blogspot.com suffix. Through the years, Wardrobe Oxygen has changed and improved, but it’s purpose remains the same. The goal of Wardrobe Oxygen is to provide real-world fashion advice for all women regardless of age, figure, lifestyle, or budget.

By answering reader questions, responding to current trends and fashion news, reviewing beauty and style products and showcasing my own personal style in outfit posts, I hope to make fashion fun and accessible to all women. I’ve been a size 2, I’ve been a size 18 and I know that no matter your size or shape, fashion can be frustrating. I believe every woman is gorgeous, and style is a way to showcase her beauty. There isn’t one style that is perfect for every woman, nor is there one style that is better than another. While I write about guidelines for achieving personal style, I don’t expect that all my posts will be relevant or appropriate to all women. My goal is to help those who have yet to find their personal style, or find fashion to be overwhelming.

Before I started this blog, I worked over a decade in apparel and retail as a trainer, visual merchandiser, stylist, and personal shopper. I helped dress women of every size, every age, every budget, and from all walks of life. No matter their situation, I found there were a few core wardrobe items they needed and were generally flattering. From this experience I created my list of wardrobe staples (hence that catching original blog name) and began Wardrobe Oxygen.

About Alison Gary

I’m 39, married to Karl (my high school sweetheart and the brilliant photographer for my outfit posts), and the mother of a really funny and smart five-year-old girl named Emerson. We live in a suburb of Washington DC with our dog Cindy, and love our town for its “crunchy” vibe and unique residents. During the day, I work for a government subcontractor in the city. I left the apparel world a decade ago and while I miss the fast-paced life and being surrounded by creative and fashionable individuals, I enjoy having a more regular schedule so I have more quality time with my family (and have to consume less caffeine to get through each day). This blog is a way for me to maintain my passion for fashion while working in a completely different field.

I love to write – I often open up Microsoft Word just so I can enjoy the feeling of my fingers tapping away on the keys. I send myself emails of post ideas, and always have a journal and several pens handy for when I get inspired. I love writing lists – lists of what I need to get done on a weekend, lists of clothes for a dream closet, lists of songs, lists for the trip to the grocery. I find my list-love bleeds onto my blog, where I find I use a heck of a lot of numbers and bullets.

I love color – seriously when people ask my favorite color I usually say it’s rainbow. I have a weakness for leather jackets, live music, mascaras that give me drag queen-worthy lashes, and Ray-Ban aviators. Through this blog I am learning to purchase quality instead of quantity, live a more green lifestyle, and reassess my personal style after having a child, changing careers, and getting older. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope we can get to know one another better!
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