Leopard and Floral

Wednesday – Leopard and Floral

Outfit Posts Winter

Jacket – Limited (similar)
Scoop tee – LOFT (similar)
Bracelet – Anthropologie (similar)
Clutch HOBO “Dove”

Today I put this outfit together and felt super sassy. Came downstairs, my husband said he really liked it and couldn't believe it but liked the leopard shoes with these pants. On the Metro, two women asked me where I got my pants, and a coworker said she adored this look. Then I looked at the pictures on the memory card… and don't feel as though they properly translate the ensemble.

At first I got upset – why didn't my husband notice my jacket all hiked up into my armpits? The flat hair? I thought these pants were cute but in these pictures they look strange and dumpy, I never should have bought them. But then I realized… a blog photograph doesn't truly express an outfit. I often see outfits on blogs that look amazing, but wonder if they would look just as great in real life, the person walking and standing in line at the bank and sitting at their desk. So I may not be pleased with the way this outfit looks in these pictures, I still feel pretty darn sassy in real life (and isn't real life what matters anyway?).

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