All I Want for Christmas

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I don't do wish lists or gift guides on Wardrobe Oxygen. First reason, I am not skilled enough to make pretty ones. You can visit other bloggers like my friend from The Art of Accessories who makes a gorgeous one each winter. Second reason, I feel that it encourages spending. I only believe one should shop if she needs to – shopping should not be therapy, and the more you see that looks appealing, the easier it is to get off your budget and buy that which you don't need (and possibly can't afford).

However I figured I would share with you my Christmas list. This is what I shared with my loved ones – each year we provide one another with lists as guidelines and in hopes we don't have to do a bunch of returns come January. We usually don't stick to the list, but it's a great guideline to understand what that person is interested in that year. In fact, I found my list from last year and those items I asked for and didn't get I wouldn't want this year. But this is what I am feeling at the end of 2011:


All I Want for Christmas

Now some of these aren't exact, so I won't share the specific Polyvore links, but I do desire:

  • Fashion books, especially those about Tom Ford and Diane von Furstenberg
  • Touch gloves, so I can tweet while keeping my fingers toasty
  • StriVectin Eye Concentrate – I keep hearing such good things about this stuff but it's far out of my regular beauty price range
  • DiorShow mascara – another beauty splurge and always a wonderful holiday gift
  • Travel mug – I always want coffee to go when my only mug is in the dishwasher!
  • Subscription to Rolling Stone and a renewal to Real Simple – these two (and Bazaar) are my absolute favorite magazines
  • A fancy candle. Another thing I would never buy myself but love getting as a gift
  • Fun dish towels. We don't use paper towels, so I really love my collection of dish and tea towels. The quirkier the better.
  • White serving dishes. While I love color in 99% of my life, I love the simplicity of white serving dishes. It's also easier to create a collection at any price point. When I host a party I often end up borrowing serving platters and bowls from relatives and friends so it would be nice to add to my current collection.
So what is on your grown-up gift list? Are these things you dream of, things you save up and buy yourself, or things you hope to receive from loved ones?

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  1. I got the strivectin eye cream at Costco today. 57.99 for two tubes of .65 fluid ounces. Plus there was a coupon this month for $12 off, so $46 for two.

  2. I despise Great Lash. Right now I am actually loving Mary Kay mascara – I tested it earlier this year for BlogHer and they sent me another tube and it’s pretty fabulous. However DiorShow still remains my favorite, it makes my lashes look so long and lush! I love drag queen lashes. Haven’t tried either of the ones you mentioned, will have to note them for when my mascara runs out!

  3. You know, I splurged on the DIORshow mascara earlier this year and I was underwhelmed. I think maybe I’m super picky about mascara, because I’ve never loved Great Lash as much as everyone else either (it always leaves rings under my eyes in the morning, no matter how carefully I try to remove it).

    My perennial fave is Clinique Naturally Glossy, but I also got a sampler of Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide and it’s pretty awesome.

  4. I got the Touch gloves last year, and they were a ripoff. My fingers slid all around anyway and half the time the pad didn’t register anyway. Save your money!

  5. Dior show is EVERYTHING! I have seen the Strivectin at locations such as TJMaxx and Marshall you should try those locations. I actually received some in a package I received from Sephora VIB program. I gotten some GREAT deals on white serving dishes. Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Maxx and Pier 1 has a view great selections. I focused on the “Just A Taste” pieces.  

  6. I picked up the wonderful StryVectin eye cream at Costco — a steal at $57 for a 2-pack!  Plus, I split it with a friend to make it an even better buy…

  7. I applaud you resisting the call of the gift guides! I am feeling more retail/spending pressure this year than ever before. On the other hand, I know I’m directly contributing to that pressure with the types of posts I do! It’s hard to find a good balance.

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