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asos embroidered leather jacketMy friend Carletta shared this very jacket on Twitter the other week, annoyed that the only real leather jacket ASOS offered in plus sizes was covered in embroidered flowers. I didn't realize when I bought this jacket back in March that it was the only plus size leather offering, I was just in awe of all of the embellishment. Because there's two Allies, one who likes tasteful and stylish, and the other who feels more is more. And this outfit is more.

asos curve leather jacketcabi beltcabi slim girlfriend jeansJacket: ASOS (14) | Top: c/o cabi (XL) | Jeans: Slim Boyfriend c/o cabi (14, I cut them off at the bottom) | Belt: Stud Belt c/o cabi (XL) | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: ALLSAINTS | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Lipstick: L'Oreal Riche Matte in Eva's Red

This jacket is nice and heavy and warm. It runs boxy, I've spent a few months balling it up and shoving it in the bottom of closets to try to break it in. But it's real embroidery, real leather, and a real statement maker. The boots are also from ASOS and come in wide widths. They're surprisingly comfortable and the patent leather makes them a great choice when it's drizzling.

jenny bird large edie earringsThe earrings are from Jenny Bird. I have the smaller Edie hoops in gold and wear them all the time. When I saw the larger ones I fell in love and decided this time to go with silver. Talk about a statement maker! I often wear them with a simple monochrome outfit with the earrings be the only accent.

cabi regent spot on blouse asos wide width booties cabi spot on blouse fall 2017The rest of the outfit is cabi. The jeans you saw before in this outfit post. I really like the look of the shorter cut-off jeans with a slim ankle boot that goes up under the hem. It's also pretty practical in the colder months! The top is from cabi's New Arrivals collection, Regent Regal. It's velvet-burn-out and tunic length. It's easy to wear with a pair of leather leggings and ankle boots, wear under a black blazer with jeans, style with a shorter jacket (the In the Band Jacket also from cabi would be cute) or tuck in like I have here. The belt is also this season from cabi, I love the black crystal studs on it. Stay tuned, I'll be having more cabi, and more from the Regent Regal collection on the blog in the near future.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I totally love this look on you, and I totally get what it means to have several different sorts of styles! I have made my peace with being multidimensional in my own dress. Just depends on my mood, and the situation. Recently I’ve become greatly enamored of embroidered pieces—again. They were totally in when I was in high school 40+ years ago! And I created some of my own back then. I’m doing the same now. Thinking about doing some pieces to sell, actually. Yay for artistic, creative dressing!

  2. I love this entire look on you! What’d you do to your hair? It looks so glamorous like classic 40s or 50s waves! I’m loving, loving the whole look, especially the accessories…your earrings, and that bag. I bought it, but found it a bit too large for my every day use. I “settled” for the Allsaints Cooper Lea backpack instead, which I find is easier to carry vs. a shoulder bag. Your look is polished, yet edgy at the same time. If I could pull it off, I’d give it a try.

    1. My hair is a weather fluke! I tried to style it, it looked terrible. Then I sweat a bit in it and it rained on top of it and the next morning I brushed it and sprayed it with water with a bit of conditioner in the bottle and magic. That kind of magic that never happens again! LOL. Oooh that backpack is gorgeous, great choice Sonia!

  3. Look at you rockin’ that jacket. Actually the entire look is striking. Curious how your wardrobe will change now that you’ve started a new chapter.

  4. This look on you screams “tell me about it, stud.” Sandy in peter pan collars to spandex leggings, in a good way! Love the embroidery and the velvet shirt.

  5. I love that Cabi velvet top! It looks like it’s already sold out – I can definitely see why as it’s the perfect party top!

    1. It’s not sold out, it’s a brand new release. Cabi stylists should have access to it, reach out to them and tell them you’re interested it’s the Spot On Blouse. Once it’s on the site I’ll update the post with a link to it 🙂

  6. I’ve been loving your Cabi looks recently. Is the only way to buy Cabi via a consultant? Pretty much any “home business” type order I’ve ever placed has ended up getting me on a bunch of contact lists, email groups, etc. I want someone/something where I contact them, not the other way around.

    1. My consultant Lisa I get maybe one email at most a month, it’s usually when there’s new releases or she’s having an end of the season sale. You cannot shop cabi without a consultant because the clothes really do best when seen in person. My best friend, we often wear the same size, she came over the other day and tried on some of my cabi stuff and things looked completely different on her. However, a good consultant would respect your wishes and not put you on her email list.

      1. Thanks. I live overseas, so there’s no way I could see stuff in person regardless of how I buy. Depending on exchange policies, that may mean I’m out of luck. But would you mind sharing Lisa’s info with me so I could chat with her about it?

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