Cashmere and Stompy Boots Weather

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Talbots Audrey Sweater

I shared this look on Instagram earlier this week, but with homeschooling and administrative needs of this business and life in general, the look from Sunday didn't make it to the blog until today. But it's almost like a weekend uniform for me these days: cozy and soft on top, rugged and practical on the bottom. It's officially cashmere and stompy boots weather!

Talbots high waisted flare jeans on Wardrobe Oxygen

This sweater is the Audrey cashmere sweater from Talbots, which you have seen on me soooo many times. This year I showcased it in a bright highlighter pink, but I've featured it in past years in navy, red, and teal. I like the higher neckline, the bracelet-length sleeves, and the thick lofty cashmere. I reached out to Talbots to see if I could try some of their other cashmere pieces to see if they're equally as thick and durable… stay tuned!

Doc Marten Leona boots

This isn't my typical choice of color, but it felt so fall 2021 and I just loved the idea of the heathered green with cream, camel, denim, and unexpected colors like berry and plum. It also just looks so good with gold jewelry!

Vintage gold filigree necklace

The jeans you may be sick of by now, but I just love them so much. They are the high-waisted flares, also from Talbots, that I got last year. They're no longer available which is a shame. I'd recommend checking on Poshmark and other resell sites as well as the Wardrobe Oxygen B/S/T group on Facebook to see if you can find a pair. The belt belonged to my mom and is from the '60s I believe.

Gold vintage filigree pendant necklace with a green cashmere sweater

The necklace is vintage and I have had for many years. It's not a piece that gets regular wear, but sometimes is the perfect something for an outfit. The last time I wore it on the blog was almost exactly a year ago.

Dr Marten Leona Boots

The boots are my Doc Martens Leona which are extra stompy but not terribly heavy and didn't require a break-in period like most Docs. I was taking a risk choosing brown as I don't wear a lot of brown, but I've paired them with black and I like how they look with my brown purse. These boots are sold out most everywhere. I got them at Zappos but they only have black left. I previously linked to them on American Eagle but now they're sold out there too. I did find them at Lulu's in brown and black, Amazon in brown and black, Shopbop has them in black, and Dillard's also has them in black.

Talbots jeans Wardrobe Oxygen

The brown purse is this one from Maxwell Scott, a UK bag company that makes some of the most luscious high-quality leather goods. This bag can even be monogrammed and comes in other colors. It's not cheap, but I am hard on my bags and still love this bag several years later, it's the perfect size, great organization, and an adjustable strap that made for a comfortable crossbody even when I was a fuller-busted size 16 wearing a winter coat. If you consider this bag, promo code ALISON10 gives you 10% off everything, not just this bag, at Maxwell Scott.

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  1. I managed to snare a pair of Talbots high waist flares online for $40 (sale price + discounts). They arrived today and are so nice. I’m 5’6” and they are perfect length with all but the thinnest soles and are very comfortable. Thank you for the recommendation.

  2. I obsessed with this color green right now! Love it in the cashmere, but do I need a cashmere sweater in Arizona??? Hmmmm. Oh, and I love the term “stompy boots”. 🙂

  3. Hi Alison, this is what I wear all the time in the fall! Do you layer a t-shirt underneath to protect your cashmere sweaters? I’ve been looking for a good option for that. I tried Numi but it felt bulky. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

  4. Aha, Talbots does have a cashmere v-neck this year. It looks quite fitted, but I’m giving it a try in the purple. Will report back on whether it’s as nice as the one I already have (I think it’s an Audrey v-neck, but perhaps it is not an Audrey–can’t find it in my order history).


  5. I had a lot of Trifari in the late 80s. Who knew it would be trendy in 2021?

    I am really happy with my Audrey cashmere sweater from last year but I wish they did v-necks again this year. I like v-necks for their slimming effect on my neck. But perhaps I will try this year’s version–I think they are very nice quality for the price and I believe they are having a 30% off sale right now.

  6. Allison, you’re getting me into trouble with your vintage jewelry links. I didn’t know I needed a Trifari pendant necklace, but evidently it was what I’ve been looking for.

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