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I shared this link on Twitter and it brought up many memories of old music, old memories, and old fashion. I remembered going to a Creed concert in the '90s (I KNOW!), wearing overalls and a bandanna over my two pigtails (double I KNOW!). It made me start to think about my personal style pre-blog – how was it before I started sharing it online.

I hit up my dusty MySpace page (too bad I didn't keep my Friendster account) and found a few great sartorial blasts from the past.

Before I was a fashion blogger…

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…I wore pastel pink to my rehearsal dinner (for the record the twinset was cashmere and those pants were brocade and cropped – all from Banana Republic).


…I wore a matte jersey maxi skirt in Paris (and took matching matte jersey pants, cardigan, tunic, tank, and short skirt to mix and match).

viking ship

…and cargo pants in Norway (the horror!).

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…I wore a lace tank with jeans to a nightclub (and had WIRE HANGERS in my closet!).

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…and off the shoulder tees from Express to beachside bars.

go fug yourself

…I loved Go Fug Yourself in the early days and purchased their tee shirt each year.

south of the border

…I wore white shorts with sneakers.

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…I always loved bright colors…

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…and I loved anything with sequins or sparkles (still do!).

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…I always wore my silver cuff (still do!).

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…and wore boat shoes as grunge (that's my dad with me).


…I wore denim vests and Toast of New York lipstick (and cut my hair like Kelly Taylor).

Going through these pictures, my personal style hasn't changed that dramatically over the years.  While I did cave to a few trends (many that weren't that awesome), I always liked strong accessories, black with bright colors, and solids over prints.  As I have gotten older, my style has become more refined (fewer flip flops and cargo pants, more pencil skirts and pumps), and more consistent (again, no cargo pants and definitely no lace tanks from Ann Taylor with distressed denim).

How has your personal style evolved over the years?


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  1. This is so great. I don’t think I have many pictures of my adult fashion. I spent so many years hiding from the camera!

  2. this is awesomeness! i have been meaning to go through some of my old pics & give those looks an update! great post!

  3. Love the retrospective! I’d be too terrified to post old pictures of myself: half the time I can’t even think about them without flinching.

  4. I think mine was a combo of Express and Limited. I worked for Express for… well far too long and had accumulated a whole closet of matte jersey from them in black, brown, gray, and blue! It is perfect for travel, could spot clean or handwash in the hotel sink, hang dry & have it ready the next day. And no wrinkles!

  5. If that matte jersey stuff was from Nordstrom, I think I bought the exact same for a 2000 trip to Europe! (long skirt, short skirt, pants, cardigan, tunic, and tank) It certainly was easy to wash and hang the 3 weeks I was over there. Fun look back.

  6. So funny.  i think I’m a first-time poster (but daily lurker).  I can totally relate to to many of these (was born in 1970, so yeah, the 90s was my decade!).  Loved seeing you “get your freak on” with your girls at the bar. LOL. 

  7. I totally loved this post Allie, it´s always interesting to look back –
    In my case, I now wear dresses and skirts – before my closet was 95% jeans.
    I wear perfume and get my a manicure and pedicure at least once a month AND I no longer bite my nails.
    Oh, wait – maybe I grew up !

  8. I know I stopped when it took 50 years to load and it was all about pageviews and ads.  I miss when it was like an oldschool blog (one reason why my blog is still oldschool in many ways, I do what I wish in other blogs!)

  9. My taste has changed dramatically since I was younger.  In high school, I went thru the whole grunge, baggy thing and then I started wearing a lot of tighter “club” clothing right after graduation.  Now my taste is more casual(ex JCrew,H&M,Calvin Klein) or the occasionally outfit with a leather or worn-down denim jacket.  I also LOVE loungewear, but it has to be good quality for me to wear it(no PINK attire for me).  I like how you dress, but I don’t work in an office setting and I live in a very casual city.   I think you evolved great over the years!  It’s good to know your sense of style.

  10. Ohmygosh!  Those last pictures were such blasts from the past.  You look just like my friends and I all looked ~ circa late 80’s/early 90’s.  I’m laughing and wishing I had those pictures close at hand now.  Thank you for the smiles this afternoon.  🙂

  11. I love when you do personal/reflective posts like this! Is it weird that the most horrifying thing to read was the part about you having wire hangers? Haha

  12. I absolutely loved this post!!    Way to put yourself out there.  I love your denim vest.  Would have been incredibly envious, way back when… 🙂

  13. this is beyond creative and amazing. I love this. I have tried soooo hard to sign into my myspace and cannot remember the password. LOVE THIS

  14. Allie, Thanks for sharing these pictures!! My style has definitely changed. When I finally started to accept that certain things will just not look good on me, I started to feel more “me” in my clothes.

    Also that Kelly Taylor picture—I think she had the same denim vest too 🙂

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