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I'm trying to be extremely careful with what I purchase this fall; this year has taught me I can live on less and there's some pretty spectacular items already in my closet. But I do see some holes, and I'm trying to purchase higher quality and more timeless pieces to fit those wardrobe gaps. Some of the things I have purchased recently, and if applicable, the deals going on at those stores:

Ann Taylor Cashmere Poncho
If you follow me on Facebook (and you should, lots of conversations going on there and different content), you know I recently purchased this cashmere poncho from Ann Taylor. I got the Dark Sky (a rich navy) in L/XL and I love it so much I wish it was already cold enough to wear it. The neckline is big so you can have it off the shoulder, boatneck, or ruched as seen on the model. It's elegant to wear to work with a crisp white shirt and gray trousers, or on the weekend with a long-sleeved striped tee, jeans, and tall boots. While it's not cheap, it's a piece that won't go out of style and will work no matter my size or personal style.

Ann Taylor this weekend is offering 50% off full price dresses and skirts, an additional 40% off sale items, and buy one get one 50% off select camis and tanks (no coupon needed).

LOFT Snow Leopard Print Car Coat

From LOFT I purchased their Snow Leopard Print Car Coat; it arrived Friday evening and it's amazing.  The texture is fuzzy, like felted wool and faux fur blended together and tightly woven so it will provide warmth the cooler days of fall and less blustery days of winter.  I bought a Large Petite and it fits perfectly, nips in at the back right where it should, shoulders at the right place, sleeves right length, can comfortably button over a lightweight sweatshirt but also looks smart unbuttoned.  It looks smart with trousers and jeans, but I also thought it worked with a dress.  The pictures make it look just cream, gray, and black but there's a hint of blue in the print that makes me love it even more.

LOFT is having 40% off all merchandise with the code FALLSTYLE but don't delay because this fab deal ends September 13.

gap real straight jeans

I love the Real Straight jeans from Gap; my legs are too thick to carry off skinny jeans and most boyfriend jeans are too narrow.  The Gap Real Straight jeans work well with my curves, having enough room for my booty, no gaping at the waist, no suffocated calves or thighs, and a fuller leg opening to balance my large ankles.  The 32 Short fits me best; the length works with sneakers and low heels but I'll also roll the hem (see in this Instagram photo) to give a boyfriend jean effect.  I bought the medium wash, but also snagged the destructed (seen on Instagram) which was on sale.

Gap is having 30% off everything with the code HAPPY and if you have GAPCASH right now it is being redeemed.  I just bought two plaid shirts (this one and this one) and a henley (I know, I know, totally channeling my '90s self this fall) and thanks to GAPCASH and rewards from my Banana Republic Visa I only paid $20 for all three!

Isabella Fiore Galiana HoboI didn't NEED another black leather bag (I have this one from Rough & Tumble that I love), but with MYHABIT's Labor Day sale and some MYHABIT credits burning a hole in my virtual wallet, I got this bag from Isabella Fiore for only $42.  And OMIGOD it's gorgeous!  The leather is thick but it slouches perfectly.  It smells divine, the print is pretty cool, and while it's super big (like fit my lunch and laptop and commuter shoes in it along with all my purse stuff big), it doesn't look ridiculous with my 5'3″ frame.  And strangers stop me to ask about it.  It's hard to use any other bag in my closet now that this baby has entered my life.

I've also bought some things that went immediately back.  Some wide leg pants from Nordstrom that made me look pregnant and 5″ shorter than my 5'3″ self, the LOFT camo sweater I mentioned in my last sale post (super gorgeous but not needed and not really my style in real life), and an incredibly disappointing cape (but returning it meant I could get the leopard car coat), but I'm really loving the fall trends in general. What have you purchased for fall?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I just bought my first pair of Gap Real Straight jeans and I love them! They are the perfect happy medium between skinny and bootleg jeans. Will be wearing them for our family photos this weekend. Thanks so much for the tip!

      1. I do have one follow-up question for you though. My GAP jeans always seem to stretch out more than some of my other denim. And these straight ones are no different. Is there anything that can be done to try to help them keep their shape while wearing them? I either buy my normal size and end up with baggy jeans or buy a size down and suffer for a couple of hours before getting a slightly better, but still a little tight fit. Thanks for all of your great tips!

        1. I stopped putting mine in the dryer, and it seems to help a bit and I’m not really sure why. They don’t have lycra that will break down with heat, but the air drying somehow keeps mine from getting saggy in the bum and knees quite as quickly. I hear you, I hate doing the Denim Dance on too small jeans but the comfortable fitting room size always ends up too big. I usually go too small and Denim Dance (squats, lunges, and sometimes putting on at night so they’re ready in the morning) but I do have these in two sizes and find the cold water/air dry choice helps some 🙂

  2. I found a blouse at the Gap, a puffy sleeved black denim, it will look great on me (small chests can do puffy sleeves :), but I wasn’t sure about the size so I went into the store. The web site said they had the item and I spent almost an hour looking for it along with the store manager, but it was nowhere to be found. The manager thought it was coming in on the next shipment but the web site didn’t reflect that in their inventory.

    I ended up ordering both sizes online and got the discount. The word from the store manager is to use the “reserve in-store” option when you want to try something like that. They’ll send you an email when they’ve got the item ready.

  3. It’s your money to spend how you want, just pointing out that beginning your post with “being extremely careful about purchases” doesn’t quite jive with purchasing a bag that you say you don’t really need. It is a really cute bag, though!

      1. You may not have “needed” it but it is a gorgeous bag and look how much you are using it and enjoying it! Even if you had paid a lot for it you would still have a good deal on your hands. I’m careful about purchases but do splurge once in awhile. I’ve always thought that as long as it’s not a habit, a little splurge is just fine. 🙂
        By the way, Allie, I fell today on a sidewalk! It happened this morning and tonight I’m in quite a bit of pain but thankfully I am okay and didn’t break anything. I thought of you!

  4. Thanks for the detailed review of the Loft leopard coat! I had already tried it on, but wasn’t sure the blue didn’t take it from classic into possibly tacky territory. After reading your review, I decided to give it a chance. So far I’ve tried it on with black dress slacks and a turtleneck that exactly matches the blue, over a simple black sheath dress with black tights and ankle booties, with a short black skirt and a sweater that matches the neutral background color, and with a black turtleneck, jeans and knee high black boots. Can’t begin to choose a favorite look from all those – I LOVED them all and am so happy to have this new piece in my fall/winter wardrobe. Here in Texas there won’t be too many days that require a heavier coat, and this is sure to get a lot of wear. I do plan to switch out the buttons for some nicer ones, (just the ones that show, not the entire front with hidden buttons) and I think that will make it look even nicer. Hoping I have a chance to travel while it’s cool enough to wear it – what a great base for a capsule wardrobe! I have also purchased several new cardigans from Loft for fall and a couple of pair of straight-leg jeans from Loft, but my main focus has been searching for beautiful suede flats with arch support. Found a grey/navy/black color-blocked pair by Van Eli at Nordstrom that are worth every penny! Fall clothes are my weakness, and our first taste of cooler weather this weekend really has me wanting to shop. I know I need to spend time next weekend figuring out how to pair these new items with my existing pieces before I buy anything else, but I still have four of the Loft $25 discount cards…

  5. I bought that same Vince Camuto cape from Nordstrom (it was in the fall feature on the main page a few weeks ago) and had the same issues that you did. I had it shipped to work and a few of my colleagues saw me try it on; they all thought it was horrible – crazy fit, weird fabric (I expected an outerwear fabric), absurdly low stance in the V. One said it looked like I had the suit jacket of an incredibly large man draped over my shoulders (seriously, the sizing was whack). I’m also 5’3″ and run into many of the same fit issues as you.

    I ended up getting the ridiculously-named “hand made long waistcoat” (which looks very cape-ish) in camel from Zara. I never buy anything at Zara because their cut is typically too long and narrow for me (I saw this in the window while passing by), but this seemed to work (only comes in size medium); it was also the same price as the VC cape, so it didn’t bust my budget.

  6. I haven’t bought much for autumn yet, ‘cos it’s still too warm to inspire me to shop. I did get a couple of light scarves – one leopard, the other white with pastel blue and beige bird prints. And an excellent pair of black patent pointy toe flats from Oasis. I’ve also been wearing the heck out of my grey floral 1969 Gap jeans.

    1. They haven’t yet published my review but it’s weirdly shaped so it tents out in a bad way buttoned or unbuttoned, the armholes are far down so unless you’re very tall you can’t get your arms out, it’s thin like a suit jacket, and the fabric is cheap feeling. Too bad, could have been an awesome wardrobe addition!

  7. Have you seen this Bobeau asymmetrical cardigan from Nordstrom? It reminds me of the cape you bought. I’m really tempted to get one, especially now that it’s on sale, but I’m not sure how it would fall on someone with a larger chest. Two of the people I work with have it, and it’s so soft and cozy! (Sorry for the long link.)

  8. I too have done the real straight jeans from gap and before I tried MAdewell skinny skinny (the material is the perfect mix of denim and stretch) they were my go do “skinny” jean too. I still make sure I always have a pair.

  9. That beautiful leopard coat from Loft now appears to be sold out on-line in Petites! You may be responsible! It looks lively!

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