Best of 2013: Outfits Edition

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In 2013 I did fewer outfit posts, but they were more true to my personal style than the year prior. In trying to simplify blogging, I decided to dress for life instead of the blog, and take outfit posts when the stars aligned. It was a year of many early days at the office, and many weeks where I was pretty proud just to be wearing my clothes rightside-out. But the plus to all this is that there were outfits I documented that I recall fondly, and have as much a mark on my memory as a great night out with friends or a mind-blowing concert.

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The New Style

I said I was going to simplify my wardrobe’s color story with shades of black, gray, and blue. Many of you were concerned by this, but few of you noticed I really did trim down the amount of color in my wardrobe. While I would occasionally rock a colorful frock from Gwynnie Bee or a statement piece in a bold hue, I purchased almost no new brightly-colored pieces in 2013, focusing on the simpler color palette and choosing quality and interesting details.  Be it a plaid flannel or a boho maxi dress, I bought far more blue than in the past, and was pleased by the results. 

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Blue Jean Baby

There was a staffing change at my company, and denim became a tad more acceptable on Monday through Thursday. I took full advantage of this and looked for ways to incorporate jeans into a work-friendly look. After many years of finding no jeans to fit, I had luck with Gap’s Real Straight, which I purchased in dark rinse (ankle and heel lengths), and distressed. My Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans had another year of being well-worn, as did my NYDJ Hayden and Marilyn jeans, which slipped into tall boots quite nicely.

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 Outfit 1, 2, 3, 4


Fashion can be Fun!

Though I simplified my color palette and tried to purchase fewer pieces, I still had a ton of fun with fashion. The leopard MICHAEL Michael Kors dress was one of my best purchases from the end of 2012; I wore it to work, to blogging events, even out to dinner for my birthday. When I saw these harem pants at a street festival booth, I HAD to have them and wore them quite a lot through the summer and early fall. The crazy dress from Gwynnie Bee was a show-stopper and a reminder of why I love their subscription service. The maxi skirt was one of many purchases I made this year at Etsy, trying to support smaller businesses and show you don’t have to hit the mall for fabulous style.

I look forward to 2014 in regard to my personal style. The blog has really helped me to see what I wear with fresh eyes, and help me balance my personality, lifestyle, figure, and age. I’m buying with more care, after a couple of years purchasing fun things that made me feel good, reminded me of my life before becoming a mom. But I’ve grown into my new life and love it, and want to dress it appropriately and with joy. And I’m glad you’re here with me for the journey!

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  1. Love this! I’ve been working on evolving my style and streamlining too….It’s nice to see how well it can be done and how interesting our wardrobes can still be. I also love what you said about dressing for life rather than the blog…I’ve found myself victim of this, and I’ve recently been working to change it. I dressed for real life before my blog and started my blog because I wanted to showcase my style and discuss fit issues for curvy petite women like myself – not to show how many fabulous and new clothes I could have.


  2. Have totally noticed your new direction and think you look more relaxed, more yourself and more better! Love the recap – can really see the change.

  3. This was one of my favorite posts of yours, Allie! I love that you’ve been so happy with your personal style lately. I love that your wardrobe is composed mainly of a few colors (and the colors you chose look fantastic on you), and I ADORE your jeans outfits. Also, I think one of your biggest evolutions this year (at least from my perspective) is embracing your gorgeous curly hair – it adds such a fun element to all of your best looks!

    I just began blogging in January, so I have only been documenting my style over the past 11 months. I’m starting to figure out what works best for me, and part of that is thoroughly examining my own pieces (color, fit, shape, etc.) and how they fit into my lifestyle right now. Since I’m still a poor graduate student, I’ve not been great about purchasing more quality pieces, although I have some nicer blazers and shoes that I hope to have for a long time. However, I’m starting to find some patterns for myself as well, like you did here. I hope that as I continue to document my style and begin working again after I graduate in May, that I will be able to focus more on creating a workable, somewhat minimalistic wardrobe that is ideal for my lifestyle and budget! I will absolutely continue to look to you for inspiration!

  4. Thanks for a great retrospective. I am putting away the lap top until after Christmas. So I want to wish you and your family the happiest Christmas ever!

  5. I love this! I recall most of these outfits & I appreciate how your blog is evolving. I also have to tell you, I think your hair looks so cute when you wear it curly. I don’t know if it is natural for you or not, but it seems to suit your personality & really flatter your outfits too! But, your hair is always great :).

  6. I love seeing how you evolved to a simple color palette – I’m doing the same and really enjoying it! Great distressed jeans.

  7. I want those harem pants. Badly. The “2” link takes me to outfit 4 from New Style. Any chance you could give me the proper link? (I can’t get the search on your blog to bring up anything except this post when I search “harem pants”.) I know you said they are from a festival, but I’m hoping you have links to similar items, as you often do.

      1. I’m looking for a pair that doesn’t have a super saggy crotch and that are a little boho but not over the top. No luck so far. Your pair are a perfect shape and part boho, part clean and neat.

    1. I actually bought that dress after seeing it on Allie and I love it! I’ve also been inspired to incorporate more stripes and pattern mixing into my wardrobe thanks to this blog.

  8. I love your new style! One of my favorite outfits of yours for 2013 was your black leather skirt, black tights, and a 2 toned grey cashmere sweater. I shamelessly copied it and wore the sweater in several different combinations.

  9. I like the new fashion style you’ve chosen. It is still you but with a more muted palette. I have used your advice to whittle down my own wardrobe with only a pop of color every now and then and stick to the basics of black, white and grey. I then add a bright sweater, scarf or top for some interest. Thanks, Allie, for sharing. I have to believe that I am not the only one that takes their fashion cues from you and using them to create our own style as a result.

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