Blogging Gets Alison Down, News at 11

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Blogging gets me down pretty often. Sometimes I wonder why I still do it. And then I realize that The people who make it suck are the minority. People are far more likely to bitch than to compliment – this was true in retail, and it sure as fuck is true with blogs. The bigger your blog gets, the more jerks comment on it.

A couple months ago, it seemed that all the assholes with a computer wanted to tell me that I was fat and had no fashion sense. Eh, whatevs. I don’t think I am thin, and I don’t think everything I wear looks that great so you’re preaching to the choir. But since I vented on my blog about those assholes judging my appearance, my blog has gotten bigger. Like twice as much traffic bigger. And that is super awesome because I do work hard on my blog, and I do want people to read it, and it feels good to be appreciated, but it sucks because venting about body issues has brought on a whole new audience.

The type of audience who tsk tsks me for writing a post about a multiple personality closet because they are bipolar and offended.

The type of audience who asks why I have to judge a woman’s professional attire and why aren’t MEN judged (um, because it’s a blog about WOMEN’S FASHION).

The type of audience who hits me up every day to tell me how mean I am for eating and wearing animals. The type who every day send me a quote or a fact about animals being tortured for human pleasure.

The type of audience who tells me they were angered, hurt, offended, disgusted, and pained by what I wrote. That they discussed it with their best friend/husband/therapist/pastor because it upset them so much.

I am honored that people care about what I write, and am honored that what I write affects them so greatly. But really, it’s a fucking blog, not a religious book. I am not the leader of the free world, I am a shmoe who lives in the suburbs and likes cheap beer. I’m a blogger, just a blogger. And if my words offend and pain you… then really don’t read them. I don’t want to cause anyone pain… but I am not going to adjust my ideas, ideas, and style of writing in an attempt to please all the people all of the time. It is impossible to do that and it surely isn’t me.

I feel as though every blog post needs a disclaimer, and I need to have each paragraph edited for political correctness. Every time I use a swear word or generalize relationships as all heterosexual or use the term curvy for myself instead of plus sized (um, I am not plus sized – no offense to my plus sized sisters, I don’t wish to cause you pain by stating my dress size as 12, I swear it’s not because I am laughing at you or mocking you or thanking my lucky stars I am not your size. It’s just because I am a 12, okay?) I get a few emails, comments, and a shit-ton of entries on my contact form telling me how offensive I am.

And it sucks big hairy dogs. Can I say that, or am I offending canines across the globe? Oh the poor dogs with alopecia, think of the hairless dogs Alison! You are so OFFENSIVE!

Anyway, sometimes blogging gets me down.

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