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Bogs Boot Review and Our Dog Cindy

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woman in jeans, a striped shirt, and black vest walking a midsized blonde dog on a leash

We adopted his two dogs when Karl's dad passed away unexpectedly in November 2008.  We already had a dog and a baby on the way, so the house suddenly got crowded. Cindy and Alfie joined our household, and the transition was difficult for us, especially with Cindy. 

About Our Dog Cindy

woman hugging a blonde dog who looks to be smiling

Cindy was aggressive, would constantly be running away, jumping over or tunneling under fences, and would get violent over food. When Emerson was a newborn, we often considered giving her away to keep everyone safe and happy.  But we got to know one another and trust one another.

woman hugging a blonde dog, smiling at the camera

In 2012, we lost both Ruckus (our first dog) and Alfie.  When Cindy became an only dog, she blossomed.  She became an incredibly loving, patient, and loyal family member.  Though the other dogs loved me, they saw Karl as the pack leader, their owner.  But Cindy is my girl.  She listens to me first; when I am away, she sleeps in Emerson's room to protect her, and when I am home, she sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed.

woman in jeans, a striped shirt, and black vest walking a midsized blonde dog on a leash

Tee: J. Crew (XL) | Vest: Bernardo (L) | Jeans: Gap (32 Petite) | Boots: Sidney Lace Solid Boot c/o Bogs

At 15 years old, Cindy is one of the wisest, bravest, and most badass creatures I've met.  Karl's dad rescued Cindy from an abusive household and transitioning from his home, and his passing to being part of our household was tough. 

I didn't blame her for wanting to run away, for feeling the need to lash out and fight for food, for affection. But Cindy learned from us and understood we weren't going anywhere. She worked hard to be a part of the family; now, we can't imagine life without her. 

a blonde midsized dog on a leash, the legs and feet of a person holding the leash. The person is wearing distressed jeans and Bogs boots

As I write this, I'm on the couch with her curled up next to me, snorting and snuffling in her sleep, occasionally stretching into my lap without fear or hesitation. I realize I've never shared photos of Cindy on the blog; she's such an important part of my and my family's life that I wanted to capture some photos of us together.

Cindy sometimes has trouble getting up the stairs and spends more and more time napping on the couch or rug in the living room.  But toss her bat toy or shake the leash and she's as excited and bright-eyed as a puppy. 

a blonde midsized dog on a leash, the legs and feet of a person holding the leash. The person is wearing distressed jeans and Bogs boots

We go for short walks when she's up for it, sometimes just wandering around a field near our home or a short roam in the woods behind our backyard.  We often walk the sidewalk to the corner so she can get her fill of sniffs on the trees and signposts.  When I let her lead, often it leads into mucky woods, soggy fields, and sidewalk puddles. 

a blonde midsized dog on a leash, the legs and feet of a person holding the leash. The person is wearing distressed jeans and Bogs boots

Bogs Boot Review

The Bogs Sidney boot is up for any challenge.  100% waterproof with 5mm Neo-Tech Lite insulation, Bogs Max-Wick moves sweat away from your foot to keep you dry and these boots are comfort rated to 5F. 

They're perfection for fall; visiting the community garden for our cold-weather crops, hiking in the woods in my backyard, walking to the Sunday farmers market in town, and taking Cindy for a walk no matter the situation.  Functional yet stylish, I don't have to worry about changing between weekend activities when it comes to Bogs.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bogs Footwear. The opinions and text are all mine.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’m not sure if this is too late, but worth a try…life’s been busy and I’m finally catching up on all my blog reading. Cindy sounds like a wonderful member of your family. So glad you didn’t give up on her. I would love to have a pair of wet weather shoes. As a California girl, we just don’t have much precipitation of any kind so I don’t have anything waterproof. But I hear that El Niño is coming, so I should get ready!

  2. I loved this, what a wonderful tribute to Cindy! Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity! I’d love to win a pair of bogs so I can stomp through puddles, go for hike, and help my sister work on her new home/piece of land.

  3. It’s wonderful that Cindy finally found peace and security in life. She’s so lucky and so is your family. There’s nothing like coming home at the end of a long day to a happy wagging tail. Our 14 year old pug has reached the same stage of slow walks to the corner and back, with more sniffing than walking. But our 9 year old golden still needs to run and play in the muddy fields and woods. Those boots look awesome.

  4. What a fun post and what an adorable pup, I didn’t know you had a dog!! Thanks for the neat peek into your everyday life, I love when you do these casual type posts that are so realistic and relatable! I’d love a pair of Bogs for taking my own puppy Tux for hikes, and also because my wellies kicked the bucket and now I need a new pair. Whomp whomp.

  5. Agree with the previous commenter… The boots are great, but it’s all about Cindy! I have a 16 year old rescue with issues too, but what a rewarding experience, wouldn’t trade it for anything. Good for you Allie!

  6. I would like some Bogs! I live in Michigan, winter is coming, and I need new boots! (I think my comment on the Bogs comment section did not work – I got an error message)

    1. I hate the stupid comment section that comes up for these TapInfluence sponsored posts. I LOVE working with them, I love the brands they partner with, I love how they let me do my own thing with these posts but man that comment widget it ugly and awkward and just plain annoying!

  7. Such a sweet story. I love animals I have 2 cats and a bird. I would wear the Bogs in the crazy Atlanta weather and love them!

  8. Loved hearing Cindy’s story. You’re lucky to have each other. A pair of Bogs have been on my wish list for a while. Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  9. I would love a pair of boots! Living in Michigan I have access some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country, landscapes that are soggiest when they are at the height of their beauty. I would love to trapse around with dry toes for once

  10. My first thought was “oh, Allie has a dog, how come I didn’t know that?”. Cindy is so cute. I have two rescue dogs myself and would like to win some Bogs for those wet weather walks with them.

  11. Any picture with a dog is my favorite picture! I live in the Midwest and a pair of Bogs would be so great for hiking the protected forests in our city as well as running errands during the snowy, slushy winter. If only Bogs made little rain boots for our 10-year-old poodle mix!

  12. Man, your blog is terrific! I live in Oregon where rain is a way of life. A pair of Bogs would fit the bill perfectly here. For walks with my 15 yr old pup and other adventures! How do you like the new jcrew striped shirts btw? Thank you for the chance to win!

  13. Aww, love to see the canine family! We just lost our almost 17 year old lab/chow mix. She was the best dog ever, if I do say so. Re: bogs- the kids love exploring the woods around our house, but the cheap-o garden boots that I have sometimes fall off or hurt my feet. I’d love footwear that was more versatile and really fits for this kind of activity.

  14. I love this post. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where writers are pitching ideas for the J. Peterman catalog.

  15. Oh! Bogs! I just signed up with Fairfax County Animal Shelter to temporarily foster older dogs who need a break from the shelter. We move a lot, so owning a dog isn’t right for us, but I love the idea of giving one a respite in a happy house while waiting for a forever family. AND, there is no joy greater to me than taking a dog for a walk in the woods. Anyway, I’ve heard tons about Bogs, and appreciate the chance to win some for these walks!

  16. What a beautiful story…I’m glad you stuck it out with Cindy! We have two dogs and I understand your struggles…Daisy is my husband’s girl even though I found her, begged to get her, and went to pick her up 6 hours away. But Sadie is all mommy’s girl…even though my husband pushed that we should get her when I had reservations. It’s funny how animals pick their humans. Those Bogs are awesome and I would love to have a pair for mucking around in my own backyard or trudging the damp paths of the C&O canal. Thanks for sharing this story and a giveaway 🙂

  17. Thanks for the sharing the pictures of Cindy, as well as the her story. I have an aging Golden Retriever and appreciate the response a leash can provoke…The Bogs would be a great option for our walks.
    I also walk to work and, with rain threatening today, had already been thinking about my footwear options for the day – so this is perfect timing! Living in the Midwest means there are many days throughout the year that require planning for rain or snow on my way to work. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair!

  18. I love this post. I went back and read about Ruckus too – I’m so sorry. It was a beautiful post. Those of us who have loved and lost our pets know those feelings all too well. Cindy is gorgeous! She reminds me of a bigger version of my mom’s dog, Fraggle.

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