What I Wore: Covered in cabi

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Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Hampton Shell with Dame Skirt and Everlane Foldover Pouchtop | skirt | necklace | bracelet | bag | shoes | lipstick

cabi hampton shell and dame skirt on wardrobe oxygen Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Hampton Shell with Dame Skirt and Everlane Foldover PouchHampton Shell c/o cabi (L) | Dame Skirt c/o cabi (L) | Maritime Trench c/o cabi (XL) | Foldover Pouch c/o Everlane | Lock & Key Necklace c/o cabi | Lock & Key Bracelet c/0 cabi | Shoes: Nine West | Lipstick: Revlon's Rich Girl Red

Several years ago, my friend Lisa became a cabi stylist and invited me to her house to check out the line… and was so glad I did.  I was surprised by high quality versatile fashion that was surprisingly flattering on a broad range of body shapes and sizes.  Since then I've hosted a cabi party, and featured cabi several times on the blog.  And yes, Lisa still is a cabi stylist and is still loving it!

Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Hampton Shell with Dame Skirt wth the cabi Maritime Trench and Everlane Foldover PouchThis spring cabi reached out and sent me some of their clothing, including their Playsuit and this Maritime Trench.  If you follow me on Instagram and checked out my InstaStories last week, you know I went to LA to spend some time with cabi.  A recap of this event will be coming on the blog soon; this event and getting to know the people behind the brand made me even more of a fan. I hate to hold out, but I had such an awesome time I forgot to take any photos (SUCH a bad blogger) and I'm waiting for some from cabi so I can have some visuals to go along with the story.

Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Hampton Shell with Dame Skirt and Everlane Foldover Pouch Cabi provided me a outfit of my choice to wear to last week's event; I chose what you see in this post.  After receiving clothing from them earlier in the year I realized some of the pieces run a bit big and decided to get the Dame Skirt and Hampton Shell in L instead of XL.  Good decision, these fit nicely.  I've worn this combination multiple times and always get compliments from strangers and friends.  I've also worn the shell with white jeans.  It doesn't show in these pictures, but the red and white stripe goes down the spine on the back of the sweater, which is a super cool touch.  And the bracelet and necklace?  Real working locks with keys.  I think they're super fun as does Emerson who keeps asking if she can have them when she grows up!

everlane foldover pouchEverlane reached out a couple weeks ago and offered to send me some pieces from their line.  I thanked them but told them Everlane clothing doesn't fit me nor does it fit a good percentage of my audience.  They offered to send me some accessories and one I received is this clutch.  Both the cabi top and this bag are advertised as being red, but they both have a lot of warmth, a coral tint to them.  I was psyched to see they were almost the same color and knew I had to pair it all together.  It's a really nice leather; smells great, smooth yet strong, stays nicely folded even when chock full (in here is my wallet, sunglasses, a card holder, lipstick, eye drops, lip balm, pen, and car keys).  It's really nice quality for the price.  But the best part of Everlane reaching out is that in our email conversation they stated, “I know that we do have plans to expand our size range. It's something our design team brought up recently. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.”  They've been saying this to customers for a while, I look forward to them making good on this statement.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I especially like the way you styled the trench with the outfit. I know how much you like stripes. The trench is an ideal lightweight coat for you. And as usual, the trench looks much better on you than on the model.


  2. I agree with Cheri. You look adorable or bad ass all the time and continue to be an inspiration to all of us no matter our age. This one is a little different look for you and so professional yet still fun!-Laurel

  3. I love this outfit! It has a retro flair without being costumey. Looks great for work in the summer!

  4. This is one of my favorite color combos! And, I’m a huge fan of the matching skirt and top combo. I’d definitely see myself wearing this outfit. Thanks for heads up reminder on this brand and it’s sizing.

  5. I love that combo on you! I am a cabi stylist and on the L/14 size… and haven’t even thought to try those on! Looking forward to your future posts as I get frustrated with all the size xs/4 bloggers. I also LOVE that you called out Everlane on their size limitations. I have emailed them on multiple occasions and have only gotten somewhat pat responses. I truly hope they decide to expand size range, their quality is amazing.

  6. I thought this was a dress until I read your notes, which makes the outfit much more versatile! It is sweet and you look adorable. Perfection.

  7. I am so happy you featured Cabi clothing. You look amazing in that outfit. I too am obsessed with Cabi. I am 5’6 and typically wear a 16 or extra large. I have an apple figure. I’ve found their Ponte pieces work great. I also have several of their dresses and jersey style tops. As you suggested you need to try the collection in several sizes as some pieces run big and others are more form fitting. I have a great Cabi stylist who knows me very well now. She will tell me what works and what I should avoid. This spring they introduced the most adorable wedges! Looking forward to hearing about the blogger day.

  8. Allie – This outfit is great – you look amazing – polished, professional and fun all at the same time! I am going to check out your friend Lisa’s Cabi…

  9. I was interested to see this post on Cabi. I’m rounder on the bottom and smaller on top and have the hardest time with Cabi clothes. Every time I try them on, I feel short and dumpy. I feel like Cabi is only for tall thin people. Maybe I’m not trying the right things. You look great in this outfit.

    1. I have had zero luck with their pants and jeans, and some of their jackets are too long in the sleeves to wear. I’ve also found it’s best to play with sizes, in some things I’m an XL and others I’ve liked a M better. Also the flowy chiffony fabrics I find look like a muumuu on me. When I went to this event I was surprised to be the only person wearing this set or these pieces in any capacity. I wasn’t the only larger sized woman at the event, but I think the only one this large and this short. I liked how this had super clean lines, so it didn’t add any bulk or disguise my good curves. With any clothing brand know yourself, you know it better than any stylist. If you know you look better with a defined waist, or lower neckline, or an a-line skirt rock it. Stylists work with what they know, and you may be able to teach them a thing or two!

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