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Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017By now you know I am a cabi fan. I've been wearing their clothing for several years, but after this summer when I got to meet the people behind the brand at cabi Conversations, and then when I was able to attend their twice-monthly conference The Scoop, I really fell in love. I think the clothing is well made, quality fabrics, and designed to flatter a variety of shapes. But cabi as a company and the people behind it really are about empowering and helping women succeed. I love that cabi chooses to partner with me because I am not tall and thin; I am the average American woman in regard to height and size and I know many of you find it helpful to see cabi clothing on my figure.
Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017 Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017 Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017

Wardrobe Oxygen in the Regency Coat from cabi's Regent Royal collection fall 2017Jacket: Regency Coat c/o cabi (XL) | Top: Indulgence Tank c/o cabi (XL) | Jeans: High Straight c/o cabi (14) | Scarf: Deidre Scarf c/o cabi | Earrings: Buzz Earrings c/o cabi | Necklace: Buzz Necklace c/o cabi | Bracelet: Secret Garden Cuff c/o cabi | Shoes: ASOS | Lipstick: L'Oreal Riche Matte in Eva's Red

Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017cabi has a collection for the season, but then has some Limited Edition capsules as well that coordinate with the core collection, but add a bit of fun, whimsy, formality, or interest. I featured their first collection, Penny Lane Lovely. cabi also invited me to pick a few pieces from their second collection, Regent Regal. Last week I had the Spot On Blouse from Regent Regal on the blog (now sold out). Today I'm featuring two more pieces from the collection – the Regency Coat and the Indulgence Tank.

Wardrobe Oxygen in the cabi Regent Jacket, Deidre Scarf, Indulgence Tank and High Straight jeans fall 2017Ever since I wrote a post on how to wear citron and mustard, I've been trying to figure out how to make the color work in my wardrobe. So when I saw the Regency Coat I HAD to choose it! The fabric is super cool in person, it's like a classic black and white houndstooth with curry colored threads woven through it. cabi is known for their jacket linings and this one doesn't disappoint featuring a pattern of tiny bees. The jacket is lightweight, this could be a topper in warmer climates or a replacement for a blazer. Two patch pockets with working buttons to close, and working buttons on the cuffs (if you cuff the sleeves, you'll find the sleeves are lined with a silky curry-colored fabric). I love the color of this jacket, but I know the color isn't the best near my skin so I added a scarf. The Deidre Scarf from cabi has been a fave since I received it this summer; I've worn it before on the blog and several additional times in real life. It's that perfect length that can double around the throat without choking, work “cowboy style” under a blazer, or even work as a belt.

The blouse is the Indulgence Tank and it's a new favorite. The body is a lightweight floaty polyester that dresses up nicely and makes for a great shell under jackets. However, it has this cool split back that adds interest (don't worry it's double layered so there's no peek-a-boo action happening). There's a wide waistband that is from ponte that smooths and lets you adjust the top to fit your torso length (or makes it super easy to tuck in and “blouse out.”

These are the cabi High Straight jeans, I cut them off using cabi's video as a guide. The cabi jeans run very long for me and few I am able to wear without tailoring or cutting off. However, I like the look of the cutoff shorter jean with a slim ankle boot and wear this combination often. In fact, I type this wearing these same jeans and boots and a sweater I've owned for a couple years.

This Friday I am heading to a cabi party. I haven't been to one in many years and I know that the best way to experience cabi is in person. Follow along on InstaStories and I'll give some behind the scenes and I'll be sharing my experience on the blog next week!

I was not paid for this post but was asked by cabi to pick my favorite pieces from their latest collection to style for a blog post.  All cabi pieces in this post were gifted by the brand.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Great photos! I like the outfit and the cool mural behind you! Wish that wonderful jacket came in a more flattering color.

  2. That is such a great outfit! I love the chic line of the topper, love the idea and reality of a “topper”! It is a statement piece and looks well tailored and what cool pockets! And the top and jeans are quiet and clearly fit well. Not sure this line is for me, but I look forward to seeing more.

  3. I would love more info on how to purchase from cabi since I don’t know a stylist. I went to the the website and it doesn’t allow you to purchase direct. Maybe fodder for a future post? Thanks!

  4. You look great! I used to work with someone who was a Cabi seller, and I really liked their clothes. The problem is that I wear an 18 in tops and jackets, and the XL were just too small. I wish Cabi would consider expanding their size range up so more of us could enjoy their clothes.

    1. I think what’s hard is when you do go larger you need a different fit model, a different pattern. A size 18 isn’t a size 10 but bigger everywhere. I’ve learned a lot of brands, especially smaller ones, don’t size up because of this reason. I also have found a lot of stylists aren’t experienced with larger sized women. I could see this as a lucrative next step – training on how to fit a larger figure, and also at least a few pieces that come in size XXL or 16 to expand the audience. While I think some of the knits could fit an 18, it’s not most of them and it requires a stylist who knows all the pieces so well and women’s bodies so well that she can let you know what is an actual possibility. We shall see what the future holds…

      1. Another line that I would probably buy the heck out of except for the sizing. I’m convinced that the reason we get so much awful fit in the plus lines is because firms just use a standard 4 and grade up. If they built on a 12 and then graded from there, it would made a difference. I’m also convinced lines are skipping fit models entirely. That’s a soap box for another time.

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