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stitch fix honest review by wardrobe oxygenI've had many friends, and many of you tell me you've tried Stitch Fix and you've had mixed experiences. And many of you have asked my opinion of Stitch Fix especially since it added plus sizes (and they added a program for men!).  Right now they're having a promotion where your first stying fee is waived so I felt it was a good time to do a Stitch Fix review

Stich Fix is a monthly online personal styling service. Complete a survey to assess your size, style, and personal preferences, pay $20 and a virtual personal stylist will curate a box of clothing and accessories and send one to you each month. Whatever you keep from your box, your $20 monthly fee will be used as credit towards that purchase. Buy every single item in your monthly box, save 25%. After you receive your box, you review what you received to improve your future selections.

In September I attended an affiliate conference and had a meeting with Stitch Fix. I hadn't been interested in trying it before meeting with them. I had seen the selections friends received and I was underwhelmed and tried other subscription services without success. However, as someone who isn't always plus sized and isn't always straight sized, I was intrigued by a service that offered both so I could straddle both and find pieces that may actually work for my body. Stitch Fix offered me an account credit so I could try the program for free, but go through the entire process as a regular customer.

Stitch Fix Review: Survey ResultsThe survey is interesting. It goes into what size you wear, how you like your clothes to fit, where you will be wearing these clothes, and asks good questions to figure out your personal style. Here's some screenshots from my profile and how I answered my questions.  At the time I was still at my day job so my answers were geared mostly towards having looks for the office while sticking to my personal style.

honest stitch fix review - experience with first stitch fix box size 14 with photosCommunication with Stitch Fix is better than any other similar program I've tried.  Emails aren't too much or too few, clear and concise.  The box arrived quickly and it's really adorably packaged in Stich Fix's signature mint green and white.  Inside is a document that can break into flashcards with photos of the items in the box and styling tips.  There's another sheet with a list of the items' names and prices.  Here's what was in my first Stitch Fix box:

stitchfix review honeststitchfix review boxThis is the Jared Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse from Truly Poppy, the size is 1X.  The top fits well in the shoulders but feels too big in the body.  The lace is quite beautiful, the body is a textured crepe.  This is the kind of top you could pair with ivory trousers and pearl earrings for a nice outfit for a holiday dinner, wear under a blazer to work, style with dark skinny jeans and pointed toe flats or booties for a night out.  However, I don't like having my bra straps exposed and I think I could have done better with one size down so I returned it.

stitchfix review plus sizestitchfix review size 14This is the Karie Split Neck Blouse from Hawthorn, also in 1X.  This is a whole lot of okay.  Like not bad, not awesome, not really memorable.  It's the kind of top you grab and put on with pants when you're running late for work and slip on with skinny jeans and ankle boots on the weekend when you want to look a bit pulled together.  It's not a piece that is going to garner compliments, nor will it give you the side eye from anyone.  Getting into the nitty gritty which I do as a critical shopper, the front seam and neckline doesn't lie straight, the fabric isn't my favorite and feels a bit cheap, and I found the sleeves weird – why have a tab to hold up the sleeves when the sleeves are only a quarter inch shorter than the tab?  This is a popular style of top, likely one many of you already have in your wardrobe and one that you can find at practically any department store, likely of better quality for the same price point.

stitch fix reviewWith it is the Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant from Romolo.  It's a gold adjustable length chain (I have it on the shortest length) with a copper and gold chevron pendant.  This is not my jam.  It doesn't help that I know this is inspired by a designer piece that was popular about five years ago.  I don't like chevrons, I don't like the matte metals, and it doesn't work with my personal style.  This may be a nice addition to some wardrobes but it's not my personal style.

stitchfix review pantsstitchfix review 14 plusThese are the Elyse Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant from Kut from the Kloth.  They're grey with a subtle black print and made from ponte knit.  This is size 14.  I have the Donna ponte pants from Kut from the Kloth in 14 petite, solid black and like them very much as a heavier more refined alternative to leggings or a weekend pant with a longer sweater.  These don't fit the same.  These feel too wide in the waist, too narrow in the bum, and since they're not petite they're far too long.  I sat down and they slid down several inches. These pants are way too tight to wear to the office, and the pattern makes them hard to be a wardrobe workhorse like my black Donnas.  I also need a petite in pants, these would need to be hemmed.  A plus, they're good quality and construction and Kut from the Kloth is usually a hit for me.  These would be good if you're a straighter shape or have a smaller rear, and you like really fitted pants to wear with tunics.  Otherwise, these are a pass.

stitchfix dress reviewstitchfix honest review size 14This is the Carenza Faux Wrap Jersey dress from Gilli, size 1X.  I don't usually like wrap dresses without an actual belt, I like to show that my body goes in a bit in the middle.  I also think it may be a size too large, or else needed in petite.  It's a nice quality of fabric, it's lined in back and double layered in front and is stretchy but thick.  This isn't a bad dress, but again it's not the right dress for me.

I ended up returning all of the items from my Stitch Fix box… but I am curious enough to try it again.  When you check out after receiving your box, you fill out another survey sharing what you felt about the design, fit, and how it matched your personal style.  I also went back and updated my initial survey to focus on more bold and dramatic looks.  Getting this box made me realize that I may *think* my style is classic, it's far more funky.  this has been an interesting challenge and I will be sure to share the results from my next Stitch Fix box.  And if you wish to try, you can use this link to get your first month's styling fee waived.

Do you or have you used Stitch Fix?  What are your thoughts on it?  I'd love to read your experiences!


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  1. I was disappointed with Stitch Fix and would never recommend the service to anyone. For my first box, I tasked them with finding an elegant classic dress in a rich jewel tone to wear to my son’s late afternoon wedding. I specified natural fabrics, although I will wear blends if the material looks and feels appropriate for the occasion. They sent me several dark brown polyester cocktail mini dresses with a lot of spangles and other fussy details. Not even close.

    I tried again, looking for clothes for a tropical vacation. I asked for items in the same color family so they could possibly be worn together; short sleeves; breezy silhouettes; natural fabrics; and a light wrap for cool evenings. I got scratchy polyester fabric in harsh neon colors; sleeveless bodycon tops with plunging necklines; and a chartreuse jean jacket. Complete failure.

    My last box was for clothes to wear to my husband’s college reunion. I specified flowing long dresses in a neutral palette that I could accessorize with blue and green scarves, belts, and jewelry I already owned; wide leg linen slacks; and fitted tops with sleeves. The box had cropped distressed jeans; a pair of striped overalls; and tops meant to be worn braless.

    I gave Stitch Fix three chances, and nothing improved, despite the emails I sent my stylist each time detailing why the box was a failure for me. I’m now happily shopping at a local boutique in the Milwaukee ‘burbs (Faye’s, for any fellow Wisconsinites looking for a fabulous shopping experience), where I’m assembling a wardrobe that works perfectly for my current lifestyle.

  2. I too have used Stitch Fix. the first few times were not so good. They clothes were cute and fashionable but did not fit my body shape and size. I almost felt like it was a very young person who didn’t understand my comments about fit and was more interested in sending fun to wear. I canceled and recently reapplied. I liked all but one item of clothing and the Stylist hit the fit perfectly! I have worn the clothes and felt comfortable and fashionable. Nothing too eye catching or fashion forward but just nice and well fitting. The necklace broke while I was putting it on so it went right back. I redid not comments and should be receiving another box soon, I adore shopping but like most of us, get in a rut and find I am buying and wearing variations of the same style over and over.
    Enjoyed your honest feedback and the photos that went with it. Have to say, I really liked you in the dress although I think it you accessorized in a different more edgy way it could be an awesome look. Something to be said about the power of accessories. A challenge in itself at times. 🙂

  3. I have been doing Stitch Fix for about a year – but I just do it quarterly. The first box for me was a total dud – nothing fit right, or I didn’t like it. Since then the boxes have been better. I like it as I don’t have tons of time to shop, and it supplements my Gwynnie bee subscription. I will say I have found the quality of garments mixed – some very good, with one or two pieces that I kept not washing/wearing so well. I probably will continue, but just doing it a few times a year.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Beth. I think the two programs can work hand in hand because they are so different and serve different purposes. I like the idea of just doing it quarterly, that’s a nice balance.

  4. I have a subscription through Stitch Fix and the first box I got was a dud. I did keep one shirt but the rest was not my style at all. I just got my second fix and I love it! I wanted to keep 4 out of 5 items that were sent to me, except one shirt was beautiful but too big on me and the jeans are great just need a petite because they’re too long. So, I’m going to keep 2 items and send back the rest with my feedback and hopefully my 3rd box I can keep all 5 items. I like the surprise of the boxes and also going a little out of my comfort zone that I usually wouldn’t in a store.

  5. I’m with Cynthia. I’m also one of your “older” fans. That dress is much too conservative and dare I say, frumpy, for me, let alone you.


  6. I’ve gotten a couple of Dia boxes but haven’t tried Stitch Fix, so I was eager to read your review. I think that all of the pieces you got from SF are incredibly ordinary. I think especially since you indicted you like trying new things, it would have been more fun if you’d gotten some edgier pieces.

  7. Speaking as an older consumer (I’m 67), I consider everything you got far too staid, conservative, and boring for ME, let alone you!

    1. LOL I think these are the kinds of pieces that if you’re 22 would look professional, but at 42 look boring. I find that a lot with pieces I wore even a decade ago, I now find them too conservative or boring but then they looked polished and versatile.

  8. If you were given the choice between Gwynnie Bee and Stitch Fix, which would you choose? I feel like based on your history with them, it’d be Gwynnie Bee. I’m kind of interested in doing this sort of service but have been torn between the two.

    1. It depends on your needs. Gwynnie Bee is great for me because I can wear things once and send back, keep for a few wears, or buy if I fall in love. I do it mainly for dresses and trendy pieces I don’t want to invest in. Stitch Fix is more for wanting to build a wardrobe since you get separates and can send back or buy and slowly build a whole closet of looks. For my life, I think Gwynnie Bee makes more sense but I’m curious to see how Stitch Fix turns out!

  9. I have gotten one box so far, and kept three of five things, and don’t regret two of them. 🙂 Next box coming this week and I am kind of excited to see what’s there. 🙂

      1. I think I am the kind of person you describe as a good fit for stitch fix. 🙂 I don’t love shopping, I’m not very adventurous with clothes, and I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised by something I might not usually try. 🙂

  10. Hi Allie! It’s fun to see you trying out Stitch Fix and I totally get your frustration with it. I got maybe 9 months of Stitch Fix boxes a couple of years ago. I signed up for it out of curiosity and kept several things, but there were many more misses than hits and I eventually got bored with it. The best thing about it for me was that it made me really focus in on my style and defining what I like and what works for my life and my body. I had never done that before, and it made me a much better shopper! Ironically, that’s why I cancelled the service – I realized that now I could do way better shopping for myself than hoping they would figure it out for me and being disappointed much of the time. I will say that while you seemed to got a really boring “safe” collection of stuff this time, they do have some interesting, weird, funky items. You have to kind of steer them towards sending that kind of thing with your survey answers, a dedicated Pinterest board, etc. It’s a lot of work just to try to get things that you could just order for yourself, but YMMV! Another tip – I would avoid the jewelry – it’s way overpriced for what it is. I’ve seen the same jewelry items on Zulily for about a quarter of the price. You can request “no jewelry” on your survey. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how you like the next shipment!

    1. I may have to request no jewelry because I really think I’m too particular! And that is a great point about these programs, it is a way to really figure out what you like and don’t, what works on your body, and helps you become a more discerning shopper!

  11. I tried Stitch Fix a while back and it looks like they’ve updated their questionnaire, which is a good thing. My “keeps” were jeans and Ponte pants/leggings as well as one top and scarf. Like you, I found the Hawthorn branded tops to be overpriced, meh styling, and not the greatest quality. Probably with feedback, your next fix will be better. I’ll look forward to seeing it and maybe I’ll try it again.

  12. I’ve tried Dia & Co and Stitch Fix and ended up canceling both. At most I kept 2 items from a box, sometimes none. I think they are great for 20-30-somethings in an urban environment who have lax dress codes. I’m 53 and work in a somewhat conservative office. Not suits everyday, but in no way funky. 🙂 For me it wasn’t worth the trips to the post office to return things.

    1. I did Dia a few times and was impressed by the brands and quality. There’s some things I got from Dia boxes that I wear over and over – a Ponte blazer from RACHEL Rachel Roy, coated jeans from Junarose. But everything else was too big, too tall, or too youthful for me. I don’t blame them, it’s a company just for plus size and I am on the cusp of plus. But I think it has a lot to do with who is your stylist and how much work you put into it with a Pinterest board, feedback, etc. It is a lot of work (and a lot of post office visits) for one of these monthly programs.

    2. I had the same experience. My price point on separates is $150 and up. I’m cusp sized with a large bust so I was really hoping for labels I don’t normally find. I was verbose with the notes and comments about what I was looking for and what my style is. Instead I got a box a cheap polyester meh and a higher retail price . It all went back.
      My feeling is that the service has a fundamental flaw. 20-30 somethings have plenty of options and plenty of time to shop (at least I did at that age). I see the demand for women in the 40/50s who are in the thick of their careers and family lives. As such, I think they are totally missing the mark.

      1. What’s funny is that when I chat with companies like Dia, Stitch Fix, and Gwynnie Bee they all tell me that the majority of their customers are over 35 and they like working with me because I and you all are their target demographic. I wonder what is the disconnect. Is it because so many ask for lower price points? 20-30 something buyers and stylists? The pieces in this box would likely work for an older woman and the pieces could work in an office, but I just didn’t find the quality or style to elevated enough especially since lie you I put a higher price point for separates. We’ll see how the next box goes…

        1. My guess is that it has to do with changes within the fashion industry at large. I graduated from FIDM in 93 so I’ve seen this up close. Right now it thrives on fast fashion (churn rate) for a better profit. My hunch is that they are hoping to expand the service enough to meet an internal break point for better finished goods. The down side is that customers may not wait long enough for them to hit that mark.

        2. I put a higher price point for separates and still got really disappointing options. I’ve tried Dia, Stitch Fix, and Trunk Club and every one was a flop.

          Quite frankly, I think it’s the stylists – every one I’ve gotten seemed very young and unable to make business casual not be totally boring. My experience was that I either got really plain basics or hyper-trendy that wouldn’t fly in the office. It’s like there’s a real disconnect in the understanding that professional doesn’t have to be bland. Maybe if you haven’t been in that corporate world forever like many of us, you just don’t get it?

  13. Have you tried Trunk Club? I’ve tried Dia & Co., Stitch Fix, and Trunk Club, and TC has been the best by far. I’m like you – sometimes straight sized, sometimes plus so sizing can be challenging. TC has “messenger” capability, or you can schedule a call with your stylist, so the communication is really good.

      1. Should have included – they are a Nordstrom owned company, so I find the quality better (usually) than Stitch Fix or Dia. I have heard some people say that because they are Nordstrom owned, they get things that they’ve already purchased or tried in-store. That isn’t an issue for me, because my local Nordies is pretty small, so my selections are limited and it is nice to have things sent right to my door.

      2. I just had my 2nd box with TC. There were a few things I liked in the first box, but I kept nothing in the 2nd. I’m giving them one more month. I actually like to shop-but I thought it would be fun to have a stylist and get some fun “surprise” items. I have been really disappointed. I don’t think my stylist is listening to what I’m saying about my body type or style. And I have been really disappointed in the quality-I’ve always loved Nordstrom. Several of the items have just seemed really cheap.

        1. I am having the exact same experience with the stylists not listening. I’m on my third stylist and not one has picked anything I would actually wear.

          For example, I asked for no bell sleeves (they get in my way at work) and 7/9 items in the last preview had bell sleeves. When I reminded the stylist that I didn’t want that, she told me that the service was for open minded people and that I should just shop myself. I just dropped it, but what I wanted to say was that there are 1,229 tops currently listed in my size on the site – surely there are some without bell sleeves!

  14. Oh honey. Your style is NOT classic! And that’s a GOOD thing 😉 Here is my experience with Sticth Fix–first box was meh, 2nd was pretty good, 3rd was everything I already owned, 4th I canceled.

  15. I just found your blog through You Look Fab

    I like the dress on you, the color of the top was really nice, but I agree with you on the details
    but the other items I could find at the Marshall et. al near me

    I would like your opinon on who the customer is for Stitchfix,

    1. Stitch Fix is great for the person who doesn’t have the time or the desire to scour the internet or the mall for clothing. The person who has a new job or lifestyle and needs a new wardrobe to fit it and isn’t sure where to start. Those who love subscription boxes and getting something new in the mail each month. Someone who just doesn’t “get” fashion and wants someone to help them get dressed. Someone who has had pretty utilitarian fashion but wishes to spice it up. And pretty much anyone who wants a second opinion on additions to their wardrobe. I’m curious to see what they think up for me, but I know I am not their typical customer and am likely too particular for them. But we shall see!

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