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favorite small businesses to shop for fashionAll week I have had pain in my neck and shoulder and it progressively got worse to the point that typing was torture. But this morning I woke up feeling better and I had to share a few of my favorite small businesses that I planned to feature yesterday but deserve love any day of the year.

My Favorite Small Businesses

Love,Cortnie Handbags

Cortnie used to live in my neck of the woods and I’ve followed her as she’s moved south and grown her handbag business from a small Etsy shop to what Love,Cortnie is today.  A new mom, Cortnie makes the cutest, most unique, and statement making bags.  I have one a Love,Cortnie clutch but plan to add to my collection (maybe this puff ball of cuteness?).

Rough & Tumble

I found Rough & Tumble on Etsy many years ago when I was looking for a specific kind of bag. Nothing too big or too heavy, nothing covered in logos and details but stylish, durable, and space for my laptop.  I bought the Hobo Pack and fell in love.  Made in Maine, Rough & Tumble’s leather goods are high quality, classic, stylish, durable, and look better with age.

Nutmeg and Arlo

On her Christmas list, Emerson asked for pins and patches for her denim jacket.  I immediately went to Etsy where I knew I’d find adorable, kid-friendly pieces made by small businesses.  I found Nutmeg and Arlo and went bonkers. Not only do they have the cutest pins (hello happy narwhal!) but they also have patches, keychains, and cards. These are the “Oooh so cute!” things you find at mass retailers, but they’re a bit more unique and a bit more cute and made by a small business in the UK. And no, it’s not just for kids, I bet you’ll find items that you want on your denim jacket or want to mail to your BFF too!

Green Little Nest

I have raved about reusable cotton rounds before. Instead of Kleenex, cotton balls, or toilet paper, use double-layer flannel rounds that absorb great, are gentle, and can be thrown in the wash.  I get mine from Green Little Nest.  I’ve been shopping Green Little Nest since Emerson was an infant and I bought cloth wipes from them.  Since then I have bought rounds twice (and a few times as gifts for friends) and now have cloth wipes for me to use in place of washcloths for my face.  Green Little Nest also makes napkins, reusable snack bags, and mug cozies making them a great destination for greening up your life but also finding some eco-friendly adorable gifts for others.

Bejewelled Relics

Now you know the secret to my big crazy earrings.  I get them at Bejewelled Relics, an Etsy store that has the most amazing collection of ‘80s era oversized badass earrings.  She finds the most amazing selection of all sorts of vintage jewelry and it’s worth a check every so often because the prices and condition are pretty awesome.

Trinity Michelle

I love Etsy, and when I want something unique and specific it’s where I go.  And Trinity Michelle on Etsy is where I found my fabulous rainbow skirt.  She makes custom pieces, has a broad size range, and cute accessories like scarves and collars.  She’s also a real pleasure to work with and has some fun looks for the holidays in her shop right now!

Tanglewood Works

If you’re in the DC/Maryland area it’s worth a visit to Hyattsville, Maryland.  They have a great mix of restaurants, cafes, and shops.  One of my favorite is Tanglewood Works, which is right across the street from Franklin’s Brewery and Restaurant.  Tanglewood Works upcycles furniture and jewelry, offers classes on upcycling and crafts, and often hosts small vendors such as vintage clothing sellers and handmade jewelry artisans. Do you have a piece of furniture ready for a second life?  Tanglewood Works will custom paint it for you!

Community Forklift

f you’re in the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia), you MUST visit Community Forklift.  Just down the street from Tanglewood Works, Community Forklift is an amazing b uilding full of salvaged goods from homes and buildings in the area.  If you’re doing any home remodeling, you can go to Community Forklift to find cabinets, fixtures, and other supplies for far less.  However, Community Forklift is more than that.  Antiques, cool vintage objects, furniture, and random things that are exactly what you need for your home. We’ve repurposed shelving, cabinetry, beadboard, and more for craft projects, our garden, our toolshed.. They often have family days with music, crafts, and more.  It’s quite the social activity on a warm weekend day. Community Forklift accepts donations too – think of them when you do your next DIY.


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  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout out for Tanglewood Works. You were my top referrer of traffic this month and as a small business I am very grateful. Come introduce yourself next time and happy shopping!! Sincerely, Sue- Senior Dumpster Diva for Tanglewood Works

  2. I’ve been loving the Green Little Nest cotton rounds I bought on your recommendation! My favorite small business is Immortal Perfumes, which I first received as a gift and have since bought others since I loved the first one so much.

  3. I bought napkins from Green Little Nest on your recommendation four years ago and we’re still using them—love them! I’m glad your neck and shoulder pain is better—that’s the worst!

  4. So many great shops I haven’t heard of! Can’t wait to check these out. I hope you are feeling better soon. I have chronic neck pain and know how debilitating it can be. I hope you continue to feel better!


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