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Friday: Denim Day!

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liverpool jeans company
Sweater: Ann Taylor (similar) | Shirt: CAbi (similar) | Jeans: c/o Liverpool Jeans Company | 
Boots: DUO (similar) | Silver cuff

It's FRIDAY!! I know I only worked three days this week, but it was so hard getting back into the grind. It's nice to have a little break to recoup and get properly back into the swing of things. However, this weekend is Emerson's 4th birthday party and I have done diddly other than send out invites and make a grocery list. Tonight we'll be taking down the tree, tomorrow cleaning like mad people and trying to whip up some decor or theme, and Sunday we'll be overloaded with family and toddler friends. Last year we invited three of Emerson's friends to her party, this year we asked her who she wanted there. It's fun to have her at an age where she has favorite friends and knows them and is excited to “be a hostess” to them!

Since it was an early day, no fancy husband photos, just a MySpace-esque shot in the office bathroom. However I couldn't pass up on an outfit post because I have fallen madly in love with Liverpool Jeans. Last week I wore their Sadie Straight Jeans, these are their Abby Skinny Jeans. I must admit when I opened the package and saw they sent me skinny jeans my heart fell. I usually can't pull skinny jeans up over my calves, they are so wide. If I can shimmy them on, they looked painted on and highlight all the aspects of my legs that I don't want highlighted. I was really surprised that they fit, aren't cutting off circulation to my feet, feel great on, and don't stretch out so much during the day that I can slide them off without unbuttoning (hello Old Navy). Liverpool Jeans slim and lift like other popular brands, but with a lower pricepoint and cute details like Beatles lyrics printed on the inside. I love that they hold their shape during the day – no exposed undies or baggy knees by lunchtime. Over the holiday break I pretty much lived in my two pairs of Liverpools. Liverpool Jeans are currently available at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Amazon, as well as 1600+ specialty boutiques across the country; also if you ‘like’ Liverpool on Facebook you can get your own pair of jeans by entering to win their weekly giveaway. They're pretty active on Twitter and Pinterest too!

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  1. Ali, those jeans look great! Are the ones you’re wearing the Abby skinnies? I have exactly the same problem with skinny jeans – chunky calves often make them look bad. I have a question about sizing. I’m somewhere between a 10 and a 12 in sizes – would you size up or down in this brand?

    1. I am wearing 10s and I am usually a 12. I wear 10s in NYDJ but 12s in brands like Gap and Old Navy. And yep, in this post are the Abby Skinnies, though not sure exactly which wash I have, looks like dark dark denim but it’s lightweight and doesn’t have all the thread definition like regular denim.

  2. Those jeans seem pretty awesome. I love when they put little details – like the flag and the song quotes on the inside.

  3. I’m totally with everyone here, you’ve been looking especially adorable lately. And tiny! Good work – I’m cutting out dairy myself, realizing that yes, I am lactose intolerant.

    Also – trying out these jeans, and a couple of pairs of JAGs from Amazon. I am woefully deficient in the jeans department. My last few pairs came from Old Navy. Not bad, but probably not too good either.

    1. I think I am lactose intolerant as well, but I have tried to deny it for eons because I am a cheese addict. So silly.

      Yeah, I think I like these better than my JAG jeans. The two pairs they sent me are lightweight, more like a stretch cotton chino, but they work like jeans and are tres comfy!

      1. I’ve been subbing a bit of coconut milk in my morning coffee or tea, and using good goat’s milk cheese when I have a craving. (I’m in love with cheese we get from a vendor at the Farmer’s Market..

  4. I agree with the comment below – you’ve been looking great lately (not that you looked bad before, but you know what I mean!). Your hair looks fabulous! I’ve been very envious of your spotted shirt, so thank you for the link!

  5. These jeans look fantastic. I have found, despite the preaching of many fashionistas, that expensive jeans just aren’t the right investment for me. I happily plunk down “real” money on bags and sunglasses and a well tailored coat, but my weight is just too up and down (I said it!) and I am too hard on my jeans (not to mention the crotch wearing out– SAID IT AGAIN) to plunk down $200 on jeans. The only time I did it, I regretted it. Love the price point on these.

    1. Yeah, I have paid $110 for a pair of jeans and that’s my max. While I still have them, I don’t have the lifestyle to wash on gentle with whatever specific denim stuff and line dry and baby and stick in the freezer and all that crap to keep jeans looking nice. So my $110 jeans are two years old and look old and dated. I’d rather pay less and replace more often because like you, I wear my jeans out. I stretch them out, lose weight, and ALWAYS, even when I was a size 4, wear out the inner thighs! These jeans (at least the two styles I received) aren’t as sucking-in and heavy weight as brands like NYDJ, but they do still fit great, not give me a ginormous mama pooch, and hold up through the day and washings!

  6. Just wanted to say that over the last few weeks you have been looking better than ever. These skinny jeans are fabulous. What ever your are doing – keep going.

    1. The only really different thing I have been doing is cutting down on dairy. Karl went 100% dairy free and lost 15 pounds in two weeks, has no more back pain and his allergies cleared up. He says he feels five years younger and even has less acne. He was able to drop it cold turkey (still will have the occasional goat cheese or milk but no cow), I am having a harder time letting go of my cheese. But just by cutting down I haven’t lost pounds but have seen my stomach shrink a bit, my skin isn’t so dry, and I have fewer wintertime sniffles. Thank you!

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