Going to a Concert…

and I am BEAT from the wedding! We have tickets to see a concert – a performer my husband likes but I don't know well. A big group of us are going. I don't have time for a cat nap. I take quick shower. I decide to straighten my hair, it has been a long time. My friend Shelly comes over and says my hair looks awesome. Yay!

Makeup is my MAC foundation, concealer and set with my Almay bronzing powder in Light. I do my “Going Out” eye:
1. Off-white matte shadow in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up. A light dusting of the same shadow on the brow bone.
2. Taupe shadow over the lid.
3. Lashes curled, then curled again. Two layers of my MAC Zoom Lash to attempt the desired look of false lashes.
4. A nice line of the best liquid liner I have found. I have mastered liquid liner. May it go in and out of style, it doesn't matter to me. I love the Audrey/Playmate look it creates. I am obsessed. I try to wean myself off, but return to it time and again.
5. My favorite lip gloss this month.

As for the body? I wore a pair of darkish jeans from The Gap Outlet at the beach. The have patch front pockets, are a think stretch denim with a premium finish, modified flare leg. Incredibly flattering and only $20. On top I wore a hot pink tube top. Silver medium hoops, silver cuff bracelet.

On the feet? Usually I would wear a cute pair of strappy heels. Tonight my feet were throbbing from the wedding, so I went White Trash and wore black stacked flops. The jeans were long, my toes were pedicured, I hoped no one noticed.

Four of us have a nice dinner at a restaurnt near by – light fare. I have the most amazing sandwich. Portabello filled with pesto cream cheese, roasted red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, fresh spinach on multi grain thick bread. Had that with a local brewsky and I was a happy camper. Oh, I also ate the crunhy pickle. It was cold. If the pickle is warm or limp, I cannot stomach it.

Then we went to the show. It's a pretty cool venue, General Admission with a few bars, lots of space, good ventilation, a balcony and even a 3rd floor with stadium seating for those who don't want to dance and mingle and brush against strangers.

The band? Eh, not my scene. And I am a huge fan of almost any genre of music and I adore live performances. I just found his lyrics too simplistic, too repetitive. I caught myself singing along not because I liked the song, but because the same lyrics were repeated so often I felt hypnotized to sing.

But hey, it was fun to go out with the big group, and I saw a friend I haven't seen in a while. Shelly is going away for a week on business, so it was good to dance and sing with her before her trip.

And I got a lot of approving looks in that sassy tube top, and I don't think a soul saw my 4 year old flops peeking out from my jean hem.

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