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Gwynnie Bee Sangria Romper in black and white on Wardrobe OxygenAs Gwynnie Bee's featured influencer for the month, they asked me to take an item from their collection for a spin that I would not normally wear. I like to say I am adventurous with style… but I do know what silhouettes, colors, and styles I like and usually stick to them. One thing I never wear is a romper. I have never understood their appeal. They ride up, they look juvenile, and how the heck does one use the facilities? But when I saw this romper from the brand Sangria I said, “Challenge Accepted!”

Wardrobe Oxygen in a sangria romper via Gwynnie Bee

Romper: Sangria via Gwynnie Bee (14W) | Earrings: J. Crew | Bag: Loeffler Randall | Shoes: ASOS (similar)

This romper is made of matte jersey, which means it doesn't cling, has stretch, and can dress up and down nicely. It has a gently elasticized waist, deep pockets, and the way you get it on and off is by unzipping the decorative zippers on the shoulders. No yoga required to use the facilities! I like that the legs are loose, but not billowy, and they are a flattering length.

Gwynnie Bee Sangria Romper in black and white on Wardrobe OxygenI dressed the romper up for a date night with my husband. Ivory statement earrings and clutch and a pair of strappy black heels were all that was needed with the graphic print of the romper. However, this romper could easily be dressed down with slides, made weekend friendly with sneakers and a denim jacket, or the silhouette switched up with a wide obi belt.

Gwynnie Bee Sangria Romper in black and white on Wardrobe OxygenAs I stood outside the restaurant waiting for our car, a woman complimented me on my look. I must say I too liked the result. This really flatters the curves, and is a striking but not loud pattern. This is the kind of fabric that can be worn multiple seasons with a switch of accessories and footwear.

Gwynnie Bee Sangria Romper in black and white on Wardrobe OxygenI'm so glad Gwynnie Bee pushed me outside my comfort zone. It's a reminder to not rule anything out. You never know, that one thing you swore you'd never ever wear may be the most fun and flattering garments you've worn in a while. If you wish to try Gwynnie Bee out for yourself, use my referral link and get your first month free!

Wardrobe Oxygen in a sangria romper via Gwynnie BeeSpeaking of Gwynnie Bee, join me on Gwynnie Bee's Facebook page tomorrow, June 29th at 7pm.  I will be doing a Facebook Live and talking about summer workwear style.  To be notified when the video goes live, “Like” Gwynnie Bee's page and you'll get a notification when you log into Facebook.  If you haven't watched a Facebook Live before, it's pretty cool.  I will be live streaming from my house.  On the screen I will be able to see some of your comments so you can ask questions, use the Like/Love/Surprise/etc. icons to send feelings and they float across the screen, and you can even engage with others who are watching.  It won't be more than an hour, and I hope you can join!

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Photos by Trevon James for Gwynnie Bee

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Me, one first sight: That is the CUTEST dress!

    Me, realizing what I’m looking at: A… a romper? Seriously?

    Me, after finishing the blog post: Okay fine rompers can be cute. I give up! You’ve convinced me that rompers can be adorable.

  2. It seems like a substitute for dressy shorts or a short dress — except that you can move around without concern over flashing your underwear if you happen to lean over. I think the not skin tight fit goes a long way to being something a woman, not a girl, can wear.

  3. Not only do you make that romper look amazing, I’d like you take a look at the two of you kissing — woman, he still makes your toes curl!!!!

  4. I am also really pleasantly surprised by how flattering the romper was, and how well you wear it!
    Oh, and your husband is a cutie : )

  5. That romper looks great on you & it just look plain great! Not juvenile at all & not trashy–which is how a lot of them tend to look. It’s also nice to see that it’s not too short. Love the whole look on you. And those shoulder zippers for easy on/off are brilliant!

  6. Because of the fabric drape, pattern and elasticized waist, I think it looks like a dressy, 2-piece, shorts and blouse set rather than a romper. You look good.

  7. I have been poaching your outfits (I last got the Cabi navy/red top and skirt and it looks soooo good!), and would go for this if my drivers license didn’t say I was 58 yrs old. I think that age is pushing the limits for rompers. LOL. Absolutely love it on you, though!

  8. I love this! First time I’ve seen a romper that makes me think I might be able to actually pull it off. Thanks for trying it out and making the rest of us a little braver!

  9. LOL your comment made me chuckle. I must admit I felt the same way. A romper? Oh no honey, I’m a 42 year old woman, I’m not going to be a romper sell-out. But then I tried it on and was really surprised at how much I liked it. And for this shoot I wore this outfit at a hotel, a restaurant, and then took a car to Union Station and we got some shots there. It was so muggy out and raining, totally disgusting weather when your clothes feel like Saran wrap but I felt and continued to look good in it. Gotta love matte jersey! Matte jersey (true matte jersey with the nubby crepe finish, not that shiny crap) and ponte knit… I would be totally happy with a wardrobe almost entirely of these two fabrics!

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