What I Wore: The Perfect Turtleneck

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I think I found the perfect turtleneck and it's from Chico's. Here I style it with a gold foil dot chiffon pleated maxi skirt

They're hot, they're itchy, they're sheer, they're bulky, they stretch out, they're too tight, they are a necessary evil.  What am I talking about? Turtlenecks! When it's cold outside, turtlenecks are a brilliant choice but so many disappoint with their fabric, fit, or quality. Chico's asked me to try out their Coolmax® turtleneck and it may be the perfect turtleneck.

I think I found the perfect turtleneck and it's from Chico's. Here I style it with a gold foil dot chiffon pleated maxi skirt gold leopard belt

turtleneck | skirt | earrings | belt | bag | boots | lipstick

I think I found the perfect turtleneck and it's from Chico's. Here I style it with a gold foil dot chiffon pleated maxi skirt

Turtleneck: Coolmax® Turtleneck c/o Chico's (2 Petite) | Skirt: Black Label Pleated Skirt c/o Chico's (2) | Belt: Leopard-Buckle Belt c/o Chico's (Medium) | Bag: Embroidered Crossbody Bag c/o Chico's | Earrings: Gold-Tone Statement Circular Chandelier Earrings c/o Chico's | Boots: Ros Hommerson (old; similar) | Lipstick: L'Oreal in Matte-Traction Red

chicos leopard belt

The turtleneck is ribbed and feels like a soft high-end cotton.  The turtleneck isn't too tight but isn't floppy.  The body is slim but not tight, the fabric thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough you can tuck it in without bulk. No defined cuffs or hem provides clean lines, but don't think this sweater will stretch out. I'm famous for pushing up my sleeves and stretching out arms but this turtleneck bounces right back. All this and the Coolmax® fabric wicks away moisture to keep you feeling dry and comfortable even if the office heat is on max or you're sitting closest to the fireplace. If this turtleneck looks familiar it's because it's the same one I wore in this outfit post.  And if you follow me on Instagram Stories you saw I wore it last week with my Universal Standard overalls.

chicos maxi skirt review

Chico's invited me to style the turtleneck with anything from their current collection for Instagram and I couldn't resist this skirt.  It's that perfect bit of sparkle to look festive without screaming holiday or formalwear. While I styled it here with a turtleneck, you could dress it down with a denim jacket and your favorite tee or a chambray shirt.  It also would look elegant with a silk blouse in black or even in white or ivory.  And with such fabric, this is the kind of skirt that could be worn all year long.  With the weather we have now, I kept warm by having my tall leather boots and a pair of fleece tights underneath.

I think I found the perfect turtleneck and it's from Chico's. Here I style it with a gold foil dot chiffon pleated maxi skirt

And how could I NOT get this belt?  FYI, Chico's belts run large; this is a size Medium and I still have plenty of belt left to adjust.  If I were a 10, I'd likely go with a size Small. The belt itself is glossy leather that works with nice trousers as well as your favorite pair of worn-in jeans.  I liked how a belt finished the look, especially with a tucked-in sweater.  And this bag… it's way cooler in person.  It looks like the kind of bag you picked up when traveling. The gold metallic threads really shine and the embroidery detail is gorgeous. I like how it's shiny and dressy without being too glitzy or sparkly; I can see myself using this bag at a concert or festival because it's lightweight and a perfect strap length for wearing as a crossbody.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Some time after your post and I still admire your skirt and how you have added accessories. This is right up my alley. Style that persists for many years!

  2. Oh wow ! this looks soooo good and easy to wear.
    I’ve been traveling to cooler places and have been taking all of my turtle neck shirts with me. I have to say I’ve been surprised at how good they go with everything.

  3. Wow! You look put together in this outfit! Please tell me you get a cocktail or go shopping or have lunch – something, and not just model it for the photo.

  4. This CHICO turtleneck sounds perfect when the temperatures bounce around due to outside weather and inside thermostats or humidity fluctuations.

    You look ready for any holiday occasion in this outfit. Once again every piece is perfect and flatters you.

  5. I hate to tell ya, but Walmart had a beautiful turtleneck, soft, well made, perfect weight, great “turtle” for 10 bucks this fall. I bought all 4 colors, cream, black, gray and navy. They have been amazing. Who knew‍♀️

    1. One of the best pairs of shorts I ever got was from Walmart. I was visiting relatives in SC and it was warmer than expected and we didn’t pack accordingly. Went to Walmart, think the shorts were $19 and I wore them for YEARS!

  6. On Chico’s website, the skirt looks like it’s strictly for parties. You made it more casual and therefore, more wearable. Like the whole look on you!

  7. I can also recommend the Uniqlo fleece turtleneck. SO soft and the turtleneck is a perfect height when folded. I’m very cozy right now. This is an excellent year for turtlenecks!

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