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In happier news…

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Emerson was a butterfly for Halloween.

karl emerson halloween 2

I wasn't home to see it but her Daddy did a great job dressing her up and taking her trick or treating with friends!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. again for anonymous –

    take your low brow white trailer trash behind back the part of inbredville that you came from

    Allie is an amazing woman who has given us great joy by sharing her life, style and family with us.

    I bet you and your 1st cousin/husband could not even come close to having the class that this beautiful little girl and Allie have –

    Please go back to the part of hell from which you came you inbred douchebag,

  2. Anonymous, apart from pointing out that the spelling is ‘roly poly’, words fail me. Perhaps you could find somewhere like bitchyblogspot.com where your comments might be more apposite/welcome.Mommy and Emerson are both gorgeous.
    I hope you’re recovered from the flu, Allie- I had something similar and it really wiped me out. Stay beautiful!

  3. Do you ever just look at her and think “I need to pinch her cute little cheeks right this instant?” 🙂 Seriously, what an adorable butterfly! It’s apparently making me think like someone’s great aunt!

  4. Hello –

    HOW ADORABLE !!! I hope you are feeling better.

    On a side note, last November you mentioned that you like Morrissey. I have now become obsessed with this yummy man.

    Thank you for the inspriration and keep the ideas coming


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