Happy New Year!

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Hey folks, I’m back! This was by far the longest time I spent away not just from posting, but the business of blogging. I had big ideas about creating videos, beauty posts with pictures or videos, redoing the things that bug me with the look and usage of the blog but really I just spent time not working and it was GLORIOUS! I took off from the 9-5 almost every day between Christmas and today and it was so needed. As I alluded to in a previous post, there’s been some big changes at my job (hello starting today I work for a completely different company with a slightly different role and team) and by the end of December I was emotionally and physically drained. On top of that, it’s been pretty intense trying to catch up here on Wardrobe Oxygen after my injury. All that time where I couldn’t write and couldn’t photograph myself in outfits took a beating on our bank account, right at a time when the medical bills were rolling in. So yeah, come the end of the year, I took the little bit of PTO I had leftover after all my medical issues and took a staycation.

I cleaned out my closet. I went to the movies with my mom, sister, and Emerson. We hosted Christmas Day without stress, and had groups of friends over for dinner on two different occasions. We visited friends and family, had an overnight babysitter and dressed up and went to a party and slept in the next day. I already started planning Emerson’s birthday party and she and I spent a day planning the event, shopping for supplies, without any stress. I got my hair cut, my nails done, and took a long bath. I slept.  I slept! Reducing stress is more effective than a tub of la Mer in improving one’s skin; my zits disappeared and all the dark circles and dull skin I was dealing with was gone by January.

The time away from the blog was healthy not just for me, but for the blog itself. Separating myself from PR emails, affiliate companies guilting me into pushing more links and revenue opportunities, scheduling photo shoots, sponsored content, social media and all the comparison and competition and FOMO that comes with personal style blogging reminded me again why I blog.

I'm not trying to be famous from Wardrobe Oxygen, and I don't want to be a full-time blogger. I just want to offer really good content to really good people and create really good relationships with you and hope to help you feel better about your closet and your outlook on fashion and appearance. My friend Rosana shared this TEDxMalibu talk with Adam Leipzig with me and it was a great reminder of why I do this and why it is fun and rewarding and how I want it to continue in 2015.

I am excited for the New Year with Wardrobe Oxygen. I turn 40 later this month and this blog will turn 10 in a couple months. There will be some changes, but there will also still be plenty of why you love coming here. I’m excited for the future, and excited to share it with you. Here’s to a fresh start, a new year, a new outlook!

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  1. Allie – good luck with the new job too. Not sure how often you change jobs but I’ve found that transition to be really stressful, both making the decision and then living through it.

  2. As always, I really enjoy reading your posts, Allie. I think you do a great job of balancing motherhood, being a career woman, your marriage with Karl, and running a top-notch blog – I don’t know how you do it all, but you seriously impress me!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Wardrobe Oxygen!!

  3. We all miss you whenever you take a break, but know that all of us need time away from work once in a while. Hopefully, 2015 will be different for everyone and in a good way. Turning 40 is a milestone, and we look forward to celebrating the special birthday with you. Happy new year and all the very best for the coming year.

  4. Happy New Year to you and the other folks and critters in your home! I am so happy you took some time off to be with them. You work too hard most of the time. I’m worried that you might burn out from exhaustion. None of us want that to happen. So please take good care of yourself in 2015.


  5. Wow – 2015 is going to be filled with major milestones for you. Congratulations on your 10 year “blog-iversary” – what an accomplishment in this “here today-gone tomorrow” virtual world. I just discovered you in the past year and have really enjoyed combing through your archives for inspiration and wardrobe wisdom. Although you and I are very different types physically and I’m almost old enough to be your mother, I love your sense of style and I get so many good ideas from reading your posts. Here’s to a healthy, happy year for you in 2015, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

  6. Waiting for the new posts impatiently!!! Your posts about wardrobe always give me inspiration and new outlook.
    Good luck in new year, Allie!

  7. Happy New Year! So glad you’re back but even more glad you took time for yourself & your family.

    I have to tell you that you & your blog were like a little bug in my ear during the after Christmas sales. Just b/c something is on sale, that doesn’t mean I need it!:) I picked up 3 items during Loft’s 50% off sale, with a gift card. Also had a J Crew gift card but had absolutely no luck there (they have really annoyed me by changing up my favorite sweater to a boxy, cropped mess). So, I will wait until something comes along that I love!

  8. I am glad you had a restful holiday and glad you are back to the blog! I really appreciate the advice and pep talks you give us! You are the best!!

  9. So happy you are back. I hope we all have a great year. If you haven’t already thought about it, you might think about letting us know what is kind of out and kind of in. I don’t follow trends too carefully but I want to look fresh and modern an not to terribly out of date. Thanks!

  10. Happy New Year Allie. I’m delighted that the break did you good. It’s been quite a while since I commented, but I wanted to say that I really appreciate it when you do keep it real. I understand that the blog brings in revenue, but you should also know that your writing and content does make a difference to your readers (or at least to me). I really pared down what I wear and buy and shop for quality once I started following your blog (which is probably 3-4 years now). You should know that right now I’m sitting in an old pair of black skinny jeans, a striped tee that’s around 4 years old and my most recent purchase of a grey wool/cashmere cape that I got in the sales for half off. And I feel great. One new good quality piece (on sale!) inspired by your cape purchase made me try something new (I always said I didn’t like the cape trend, I was wrong, it can be a wardrobe classic) whilst updating what I already owned. Wishing you wonderful things for 2015

  11. Happy New Year Allie – I really enjoy your blog posts and love your style. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  12. Hi Allie. I’m so glad you were able to find peace and relaxation during your break. I just wanted to let you know how much I do appreciate the really good content that you put together in your posts. I rely upon you to tell the truth about your experiences, not just post what that sponsor wants to hear. I also look to you for inspiration and sourcing. We’re built alike but your style is far more defined and special that anything i try to put together. Still, I love to see your “looks” and am delighted by the risks (to me, to you they’re just decisions) you take. I look forward to reading 10 more years of posts from you.

  13. Welcome back! I’m glad you had a chance to rest, sleep, and spend time with your family and friends. And congrats on the new job! I hope blogging this year is fun and rewarding for you. I definitely appreciate the time and energy you put into it. Happy New Year!

  14. I’m a 45 year old stay-at-home mom and I really enjoy your blog, having found it fairly recently. I’m glad you had a relaxing holiday season, and will be returning to your blog recharged and refreshed. Thank you for your hard work!

  15. Yay, you’re back. Glad you had a good holiday season.

    Hey, while you’re fixing things, did you know the left edge of the text here is right bumpupagainst the left edge of the page, at least on my Mac. If you could put just a letter’s width of space there, my brain wouldn’t keep telling me I need to scroll left so I don’t miss anything. Any other blog it wouldn’t bother me much, but here, I don’t want to miss anything.


    1. Ooh thanks for letting me know that, it doesn’t do that on a PC or smartphone. THANK YOU! I will be doing some work under the hood in the next couple of months and will be sure this will be remedied in the upgrade! 🙂

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