Why Bloggers Close Their Comments

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Don’t say douchey, it’s misogynistic.

Don’t judge that woman on the Metro, I feel so bad for her, she’s just riding minding her business and you’re critiquing her looks.

You’re being insensitive to those who have trouble finding fashion – you need to consider those with disabilities, in wheelchairs, who are over a size 26, have deformities, fashion isn’t easy for all.

I know you said your daughter isn’t into arts and crafts but why not buy her an easel for Christmas?

You need to check out your thyroid because of your puffy face/thinking hair/weight loss/weight gain.

That “age spot” on your cheek may actually be melanoma and you should get it checked out by a doctor.

I know you liked that book but I didn’t and found the author offensive, I am disappointed in you promoting such trash.

You sound so young and naïve when you discuss your feminist leanings; you don’t understand what we older women went through for you folks and the way you trivialize feminism hurts my heart.

When discussing your daughter you often say I instead of we, maybe you should be nicer to your husband and give him some control in the parenting relationship.

I feel bad for your husband, you really emasculate him on your blog.

You should let your daughter’s hair grow, she looks like a boy.

I expected more from you.

I am disappointed in you.

I am disgusted by you.

I can’t follow you any more, you hurt my heart.

Why my friend suggested your blog I will never know, you have no clue what it’s like to be plus size. You’re not even plus size, you don’t know what it’s like for me.

I wish your blog was like it was five years ago.

I miss the old Allie.

I wish you wouldn’t talk about being a parent, I have had three miscarriages and love your blog but each time you mention Emerson it really hurts. If you don’t stop I will have to unsubscribe.

Why don’t you feature more clothing for tall women? I am tall and feel left out of your posts.

I hate that you feature leather/heels/fur/sulfates/meat/feminism/Obama on your blog/Twitter feed/Instagram, mentioning that hurts my feelings/gets me ragey/is misogynistic/offensive/insulting/unfair to some minority population.

You should feature more Country music on your blog.

Can you do a review of Brand X? I am thinking of buying but want to know what you think.

Why don’t you wear more JC Penney/Kohl’s/Target/Walmart? I can’t afford/fit in/support X brand that you wear and your pricepoint/style/shopping habits don’t help me.

I can’t relate to your blog.

I don’t like your style.

I wish you would burn those booties.

You don’t look good in jeans.

You shouldn’t wear midi skirts. No offense.

You should cut your hair/dye your hair/grow your hair/wear your hair curly/wear your hair straight/grow out your bangs, it would be more flattering.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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