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Thank you to all of you who stuck through a week of utter blogging HECK! To this date, my hosting provider and I both have no clue what happened but all is well in the land of My Wardrobe Today and Wardrobe Oxygen this Sunday evening. Hurrah!

I got a bit frustrated with lack of ability to blog and didn't post my pictures for the past couple of days. Not to worry, I will update on tomorrow with what has been happening with my closet. I missed you all! How has everyone been? 🙂

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  1. Hi Allie,

    So glad to see you are back! I saw SATC on Saturday. Loved it! I missed you last week.

    Lisa P

  2. Awww missed all of you as well!

    Have a client meeting, but will write a random ramblings post later or tomorrow morning and will discuss the movie – just gotta say it was clear it was written for die-hard fans and not for the stranger who didn’t know a Steve from an Aidan, a Manolo from a Jimmy Choo. 🙂 Luckily I, and the two women I attended with were fans. 🙂

  3. felt wierd without u allie…thrilled u are back..what u think of sex and city movie??…love kirstin in uk..xx

  4. I thought you had just quit blogging! I hate it when blogs I am addicted to just disappear. I am SO glad you are back!

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