I’m Not Trying to Be Famous

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Everyone has a reason for starting a blog. For some, it's a hobby. For others, it's a career. Some start a blog to make friends, others start blogs in hopes they will get recognition for their ideas. For me, it was a place to put all the ideas and opinions I had about fashion and clothing that were floating around in my head and many spiral notebooks.

As Wardrobe Oxygen developed and gained followers, I realized that people came to this blog because they desired real life fashion advice. How to dress when you aren't model thin, model tall, model young, or supermodel rich. I try to make every style advice post one that can help real life women. My goal is not to be famous, but to have women find my blog helpful or inspiring. And when I get a message like the one below, I know I am successful.

Dear Allie,
I just need to say something to you. I comment on your blog but very rarely as I'm one of those shy ones who just lurk.

I just LOVE your blog so much. I find you so inspiring. Why? Because you're everything the fashion industry says beautiful shouldn't be. You're overweight. You have big ankles. You have big calves. You're not a size 0, 6″ model with chiseled cheekbones. You're what… a size 12 now?… short and a working mum to boot. You're not exactly ticking all the boxes that come under Beautiful People if the fashion people were always right.

But guess what. You look fabulous each time. You take such pride in yourself and in your appearance. You are intelligent. You have opinions and you stand up for them. You have a great sense of humor and you write well. Perhaps more than anything (because I am a mum and wife too), you are doing a great job of raising your daughter and keeping the spark alive in your marriage.

Allie, I follow a few style blogs to teach myself how to dress better. But I find yours to be the most inspiring of all because the other blogs feature people I can't identify with as they are slim, tall, can pull off trendy fashions or have an insanely unlimited budget for clothes/shoes.

You've taught me to make the best of me. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for that. Thank you for showing me that what really makes me beautiful is what's inside of me and that if I bother to put a little thought and effort into what I show to the world in the way I dress (that suits ME, not Vogue or Elle or whatever), that beautiful inside me can be on show.

Just had to get this off my chest because I think you need to know what an inspiration you are.

Dear readers, YOU are MY inspiration. Your emails, comments, and feedback are why I blog. Thank you so much for making what was a random little hobby become such a great joy in my life.

Thank you.

And for those who do send me emails and comments on my feedback form, do know I get them and I read them.  If I haven't replied to you yet,  it's not because I don't care, it's because I want to take the time to deliver you a quality response.  Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Well I just found your blog, and while I had to get past the comments to get the point I still think your blog is fly! You are classy, and chic!

  2. I agree with they email. I don’t know when society decided that if you weren’t a size 0-4 that you were banned to wearing moo-moos (like my grandmother did) or sweats every where.
    A little padding doesn’t mean you can’t dress well. Learning to love who you are at any size is important, even if you are trying to lose weight.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Earlier this year I decided it was time to start putting more effort into my appearance. I went looking online for some blogs to serve as inspiration, and after looking at a LOT of them (wow! there are oodles of fashion bloggers), winnowed it down to three.

    You’re one of the three, for many of the reasons your letter stated. I’ve also enjoyed the WW posts – I’m the size you were before you joined Weight Watchers, and reading these posts makes losing weight seem less scary and more do-able. Thank you for that.

    (I live in Western Canada, which means you’ve got the entire North American continent covered. That’s got to feel good 🙂

  4. Hi Allie, I have been following your blog for a few months and so glad i found it!!! You havea style similar to mine, you r messages have made it to Texas. I used to live up in that area and love to see photos and hear about the happenings up near the nations capital. You have also given great fashion advice to help this mom in my little world down here!!!!!!

  5. I couldn’t agree more! And I want to add the other thing I LOVE about your blog is you have the best darn smile! You always cheer up my day. You have such spark and a true sense of style. I was lucky to have been raised in a very European style — meaning, only in America is it believed that you must be 6 feet tall, size 2 and photogenic to be beautiful. The way I was raised, you take care of yourself, you have pride in yourself, you dress in a way that is flattering and reflects your personality and THAT is “style” and beauty. I feel so sad for all the little girls (and big girls) in this country who grow up under this crushing belief that there is only one “beautiful.” And I applaud you enthusiastically for showing us all how it’s done.

  6. allie more love coming your way. I follow other ‘style’ blogs rarely. I love the way you keep it real, honest, and accented by other things in life. Your blog, for me, is so much more than just clothes. It’s something, an approach to life, that’s much greater (I may have had 2 glasses of wine before posting, but I mean it!)

  7. hey allie, ditto! love you because you are so genuine and sincere. you seem to inspire people to be… themselves!


  9. Bwahaha, I love your comment! I hate H.A.T.E. socks with heels but some people love them and rock the heck out of them and I admire them for sticking to their guns and wearing what they love. 🙂 It’s true, if you love it, wear it and wear it with confidence and pride!

  10. I feel the same about your blog. I love that you’re real, that you show fashions which are timeless and yet not dated. I love that you share real fashion advice for real people who are busy and have budgets. Thank you so much for continuing to write such wonderful articles!

  11. I am the same way in so many aspects! I occasional follow other fashion bloggers but I have continued to read your blog for going on three years now and the main reason is that you’re real. I know, I know – the other girls are real, too, but not in the same way you are. You constantly show that fashion is only one perspective of your self and you’re not blindly following trends – you do what’s good for you. Inadvertently, you’ve taught me the same thing! So thank you, Allie. :0]

  12. While that sounds like a backhanded compliment, I totally agree. Yours is my favorite fashion blog by far for those reasons. Also, I love that you’re not off the deep end of trendy.

    You’ve taught me one other thing, too. I HATE peep-toe booties. H.A.T.E them. But you love yours, and that’s totally taught me that there might be something in my wardrobe that somebody else might hate, but if I love it then that’s what matters.

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