Compression Socks for Women That Don’t Suck

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After my rant about the crew socks trend, a few folks left comments and sent me DMs on Instagram and emails about compression socks. They were looking for cool compression socks, compression socks that look like crew socks, and in general, compression socks for women that don't suck.

Many of us have a vision from childhood of an older relative or teacher who wore compression socks. They were black or white, thick, and so not cute. Well, I am happy to share that it's 2024, and compression socks have come a long way. They're cute, they come in different heights, they even come in different calf widths! Below are my picks for compression socks for women that don't suck.

Compression Socks for Women That Don't Suck

We're grown-ass women and have earned the right to wear what brings us comfort and joy. For some of us, comfort equals compression socks. There are classic places to find compression socks for women; I focused on lesser-known brands that are high on style while also providing support and performance. I hope a few of these fun options will give you joy along with the comfort you deserve!

old bones therapy compresison socks as seen on Mac who is @crazypillquad on Instagram
Old Bones Therapy compression socks as seen on @crazypillquad

Compression Socks That Look Like Classic Crew Socks

Since this compression sock compilation was inspired by the desire for compression socks that look like classic crew socks, let's start with what I found that fits the bill:


I am a Bombas fan. I like the quality, the style, and how Bombas donates socks to shelters. Available in three sizes, the Bombas Everyday Compression Sock looks just like a classic crew sock and is made from a cotton blend. Use code WARDROBE20 for 20% off your first purchase at Bombas.

Old Bones Therapy

Us grown-ass women like to look cool, and we still like to enjoy activities like skateboarding, roller skating, snowboarding, and other athletic activities. Old Bones Therapy compression socks look darn cool (classic striped crews and a few badass prints), offer additional cushioning and support for the foot, Achilles tendon protection, and come in five sizes.

a woman in a wheelchair pulling up striped over-the-calf compression socks from Vim & Vigr
Vim & Vigr carries a fantastic range of compression socks for women

Compression Socks for Work and Travel:

Need to wear compression socks to the office, for business travel, or for a night out? Looking for stylish compression socks for travel? I found compression socks that won't sacrifice your style when peeking out from your hemline:

Dr. Motion

Not only are Dr. Motion compression socks reasonably priced (most are around $10), but they are also highly rated by multiple sites that review this kind of hoisery. Dr. Motion offers everything from knee-high compression socks to compression no-show sock liners in a range of fun prints as well as classic solids.

Duluth Trading

While Duluth Trading has a few styles of compression socks, I especially like the Duluth Stay-Put Lightweight Compression Socks. Available in solids as well as some charming prints, these look enough like traditional hosiery to look great with your pantsuits and work trousers.

Vim & Vigr

Offering a range of lightweight over-the-calf styles, Vim & Vigr compression socks come in fun prints, classic patterns, solids, as well as wide-calf and natural fiber options that would look at home in the boardroom or paired with your favorite loafers or dressier sneakers.


I own a pair of Wellow compression socks and find them a nice weight, good level of compression for everyday, and they hold up well too. Offering regular and wide width styles in a range of sizes, Wellow compression socks are a great choice for work or play.

woman on the pickleball court wearing pink lily trotters over the calf compression socks
Can compression socks be preppy and feminine? Lily Trotters thinks so.

Compression Socks for Fitness and Days on Your Feet:

On your feet all day as a nurse, teacher, or tourguide? Looking for support and performance for sports and fitness? These awesome looking compression socks will give you the support you desire while also looking great:


Clove is a line of shoes and compression socks designed with the healthcare professional in mind. The founder's wife was a nurse and with her and the feedback of several other healthcare providers, a brand of footcare was born. The Clove compression socks are moisture-wicking and breathable; ombre and tie-dye styles are made of a blend of cotton (42%), elastic (42%), spandex (14%), and polyester (2%). Other styles are made of a blend of spandex (80%) and nylon (20%).

Lily Trotters

Woman-owned and made in the U.S.A., Lily Trotters compression socks are high on performance and style. Wish you could find a performance compression sock that would look great with your tennis whites, your golfing gear, or on the pickleball court? Check out Lily Trotter's sleek styles; many also are available in wide calf.


When researching compression socks for women, I found multiple sites raving about these Lululemon compression socks. While not high on fashion (they only come in basic colors), they are high on features. Reflective parts, foot cushioning, right and left foot design, and a 3D-knit heel mean great fit, socks that will stay up, and socks that will help you perform.

Pro Compression

Pro Compression makes high-quality performance compression socks loved by athletes, first responders, truck drivers, and those who benefit from the improved circulation. Latex, BPA, and PFAS free, Pro Compression socks are full of personality and made in the U.S.A.


Wigwam carries a compression sock specifically for those of you who love skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Made from 46% Merino Wool, 36% Stretch Nylon, 12% Polyester and 6% Spandex, these socks come in a range of prints and women's size 4 up to men's size 15.

the legs of a model with wide calves wearing pink striped wide calf compression socks from Wellow
One of the many styles of wide calf compression socks at Wellow

Compression Socks for Wide Calves

Girl, same. I have 20″ calves, and most socks stop circulation instead of improving it. But I have found some wide-calf compression socks that truly fit and are cute, too.


I own Comrad wide calf compression socks and find them effective while also being comfortable on my wide calves. With cotton blends and a range of sizes, compression levels, and styles appropriate for casual and work situations, Comrad is a great for subtle yet stylish wide calf compression socks.


PluSock carries a fantastic range of wide calf compression socks in sizes 2X-7X, which equals 19″ calves and 12″-19″ ankles. Most are a nylon blend, but you can find open-toe options, thigh-high styles, tights, maternity, calf sleeves, styles for athletics, zip-up styles, as well as super fun stripes, neutral and bright colors, and a fun range of patterns including styles for holidays. I am partial to these fun stripes and these badass skull prints.


Again I mention Wellow, but as someone who owns a pair of their wide calf compression socks, I do find them well-made and comfortable while also looking great too. And three cheers for using models with wide calves to showcase the socks!

women's legs wearing gray and white striped knee socks that are the Swell Compression Socks from Warrior Alpaca Socks
A model wearing one of the colors available in the Warrior Alpaca Swell compression socks

Compression Socks in Natural Fibers

Looking for cotton, wool, or other natural fibers in a compression sock? I found a few winners that are merino wool, cotton, and alpaca blends:

Maggie's Organics

Made from 68% organic cotton/26% nylon/6% spandex, Maggie's Organic compression socks come in two sizes and are knit and dyed here in the U.S.A.


SockWell carries merino wool/bamboo blend moderate compression socks for women that come in some prints, solids, and a few are available in wide-calf options.

Vim & Vigr

Vim & Vigr has a great selection of compression socks, which includes a collection of merino wool and cotton blend options in solids but also some pretty fun prints, stripes, and even open-toe options.

Warrior Alpaca Socks

Warrior Alpaca Socks has a Swell Compression Sock that is available in three colors and four sizes. Made with a proprietary alpaca yarn blend (45% Alpaca, 25% Acrylic, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex), they have a terry-lined footbed, toe box, and Achilles cushion.

A woman sitting on a couch reading a book wearing black, yellow, and blue patterned compression socks from Ostrichpillow
A model wearing a pair of Ostrichpillow bamboo compression socks

Sustainable Compression Socks:

Looking for sustainable compression socks that give you support and help you stick to your beliefs? I found a few styles that may work for you:


Made from 50% bamboo, 25% recycled polyester, 10% recycled nylon, and 15% spandex Oeko-Tex, Ostrichpillow bamboo compression socks come in three sizes and a range of fun colors and prints. Ostrichpillow plants a tree with each purchase, strives to be carbon neutral, and offer more sustainable shipping and packaging.


While Quince markets their compression socks for maternity, they are a classic sock that would work for anyone desiring compression. Available in stripes and solids, they are made from a recycled nylon blend of textiles, some sizes are available in wide widths, and they get rave reviews.

a woman wearing peach colored Feetures plantar fasciitis ankle socks, putting on a pair of white sneakers
A model wearing Feetures plantat fasciitis ankle socks

Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis:

Many find relief from plantar fasciitis with socks that have targeted compression that supports the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Here are some options that look good and feel good too:


I myself have bought Feetures socks to help with my plantar fasciitis and they do work, though they can be a bit too snug for those with wide feet. That being said, Feetures socks are high quality and quite durable while also looking great.


While not as colorful or extensive a selection as Feetures, SockWell does make a quality compression sock for plantar fasciitis in two sizes that don't look orthopedic.

compression socks for women that don't suck: the most stylish performance compression socks for women including natural fibers, sustainable socks, and wide calf compression socks

Do you have a favorite place to buy compression socks for women that isn't mentioned here? Do share in the comments, as I know other Wardrobe Oxygen readers would benefit from your recommendations!

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  1. An article like this and I am reminded again why yours is my absolute favourite fashion blog. Hands down. Thank you for the well researched article. I am just sorry that several of the companies mentioned do not ship internationally.

  2. I’m a big fan of Ames Walker. Their house brand is inexpensive, they have a great selection of compression levels, and offer wide calf in some styles. My preference is the type that look like panty hose since I find thick socks too warming, they make my shoes fit more tightly, and I have been a lifelong hater of the way socks look and feel. Usually so little of my ankle is showing when I wear them that I am unconcerned with the hosiery look to the sock. I have small feet relative to my calf size, so it’s been hard to find a compression sock that fits my calf but isn’t flopping about on my foot. Hosiery-look compression works for me as a grown woman!

  3. Thanks for this! Been looking for wide calf compression socks and will check out a few of these brands. My unicorn is I wear a size 7 shoe but have wide calves. I tried Apolla Performance compression socks recently. Great arch and ankle support. The no-show was good, if a little tight around ankle, but the crew sock was way too tight at the top, like cutting off circulation tight! They make a mid-calf style, too. If they ever do wide calf, I would buy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I have the wide calf Wellow socks and love them for traveling. It’s been nearly impossible to find wide calf compression socks that also fit my average sized feet and leg height. What I like best about Wellow is that their sizing doesn’t assume just because I need a wide calf that I am also a size 11+ shoe and 6 feet tall. 🙂

  5. Thanks Alison! Great topic! I’m 5’10” with big (size 11-12, thank you babies, age and remote work wearing just socks) feet and big calves-so finding compression socks for the occasional use has been quite frustrating. Now I have some great starting points to look for them!

  6. I needed an ankle brace for an ankle I broke years ago — every brace I found had a tight seam at both openings and made the swelling even more painful. I took a pair of Dr. Motion’s compression socks (thanks for recommending, they are great!), cut off the toes and the top half of the sock, and voila! A super comfortable ankle brace. Yes, sometimes a thread comes off, but the raw edges have held up for years with no issues. Wash, dry, wear barefoot or with socks, they are the BEST ankle brace — and cost only a few dollars per brace (sock)!

  7. I love the Dr. Motion ankle compression socks. Every time a find a pair at TJMaxx/Marshalls, I get silly happy!

  8. I got some Vin Zen toeless/footless compression socks from Amazon a few years ago. I just checked and they were no longer available but might be found under another brand or location. They are more like sleeves and I wear them when I want a sockless look (e.g. with flats).

  9. Wow—this post is chock-full of great recommendations. My PT was just suggesting I wear compression socks more often, but honestly, I thought they were mostly flesh-colored thick socks I see the gym teacher at my kid’s school wear. I was wrong!

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