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Top: lamixx via Etsy | Jeans: c/o Jag | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: c/o Handbag Heaven | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bracelets: Coin Collection (gift), c/o Lifetherapy, c/o LiveTheLook | Necklaces: Etsy (similar), personal charms on a chain

I've been really digging off the shoulder tees and sweatshirts lately but the prices I've seen are crazy, or else they don't come in large enough sizes. Etsy to the rescue! I searched off the shoulder and found this sweatshirt from lamixx. It's as comfy as a sweatshirt but a bit more glam and has become a weekend favorite.  As for this bag, Handbag Heaven sent it to me at the end of 2014 and I've been wearing the heck out of it yet never showed it on the blog until now. It's an amazing price, looks like real leather, comes in three colors, and is the perfect size for concerts and day trips.

Jag Jeans reached out to me recently and asked if I'd like to try some of their collection. I was thrilled as I have been a fan of Jag Jeans for a while. I love the reasonable prices, the classic yet stylish cuts, and that they offer regular, petite, and plus sizes.  I wore these jeans last Thursday and received a ton of compliments, two women asking where I got them.  When they saw the waistband and heard the price they were as psyched as I was about Jag Jeans.  These jeans are so comfortable and flattering to curves; the pull-on waistband gives a smooth line under knit tops and prevents muffin top.  I mentioned on Instagram that I needed to shorten the jeans, but I washed them on hot and dried them and they're now a better length and size.  Stay tuned as I'll be featuring other Jag Jeans on the blog in the future!

Free Shipping on all orders! Shop Jag Jeans now!

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  1. Apparently I’m a grandma, because I loooove pull-on pants! I feel really self-conscious in pants most of the time (I hate not having a smooth line across my stomach – I tend to look a little like a snowman in pants, but if I size up in them, they fall off!), so I get pull-on pants. I have a pair of pull-on “jeggings” from Old Navy that are decent, but I’d love to try something a little bit higher end that would hold up better than the Old Navy pair.

    1. That’s what I like to do, wear a tank under a wide necked shirt. In my case I have a small chest and I can handle the extra layer, if it adds a little bulk to my chest that’s a good thing!. I like a little pop of contrast. You can find all kinds of cute tanks that you’d never wear on their own to switch things around.

  2. I’m going to give these Jag jeans a try! As I get older, comfort becomes a major priority over style sometimes, as my favorite jeans begin to cut into my muffin top waistline. Thanks for another informative post on a new product for me, though my husband will beg to differ! 🙂

  3. You found a comfortable strapless bra? Do tell! I’m in the market for jeans and the older I get (42) the worse my muffintop issues get. These look like a great solution!

  4. I bought a pair of these Jag jeans a couple of years back, and they sagged like crazy on me after the first half of the day. I love the idea, but not sure about the execution. That said, I bought the dress yoga pants from Betabrand and found that they don’t have that issue, so maybe the pull on technology is getting better. 🙂

  5. How do you wear an off-shoulder top like that without showing bra straps? I love the look but it never quite works on me because I always end up showing straps and going without a bra is certainly not an option for me. Likewise, neither is a strapless bra for all day wear.

    1. I have one strap off the shoulder. I find this isn’t a problem with molded cup bras, which I prefer. I hear you on strapless bras for all day wear! I did find a comfortable one but it’s still not comfortable enough for running around doing errands!

  6. The cut and wash of those jeans is so flattering! Do you find they fall down over the day though? I’ve never worn pull on jeans but I tried some pull on leggings and felt like I spent the entire day hoicking them up! I have disproportionately big thighs vs my bum/waist though so maybe I am just not the cut for pull on waists 🙂

    1. They don’t fall down any more than any other jeans do on me. They’re shaped nicely, there’s curve for the rear, a bit for the hips, and the pull-on waistband is also tapered. I find leggings slide down on me all the time, but I think that’s because they’re so stretchy they end up stretching out a bit with each sitting.

  7. Very nice. I like this look! I love when you do casual posts, as I am a terribly casual person, haha. Do you feel the pull-on waistband gives any kind of a “grandma” feel (aka every pull-on waistband pair of pants at JCPenney,haha) or are the jeans well-made enough that it’s not obvious? I’m in the market for new jeans.

    Overall, I like the look. I’ve hesitated to buy clothing in etsy because of the inability to try on, but that shirt fits really well!

    1. The shirt is an XL, I’ve found with Etsy that if in doubt, size up. Also sellers are super great about providing additional information with measurements, etc. As for the jeans, they have normal pockets on front and back and even a fake fly so the only way it shows is if your top is short. Even with this top, I never had the waistband show and it’s nice because I don’t get all the bulk of buttons and beltloops, and it doesn’t bend/cause muffin top like heavier weight waistbands.

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