Transitional Dressing AKA Faux Fall

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Wardrobe Oxygen dressing for faux fall in a blue coat and sweater from Talbots with white wide leg high waisted jeans

Friday was amazing.  It felt like camping weather.  I pulled out a hoodie to wear to yoga.  A hoodie!  I call these kinds of days faux fall. So when I received a box in the mail from Talbots that included a wool coat and cashmere sweater I felt Mother Nature was giving me permission to style them.  But since it is just a week after Labor Day, I wanted it to feel seasonally appropriate, AKA transitional dressing.  My favorite way of accomplishing that?  Pairing wintry fabrics with summery white, in this case, these white denim trouser from Talbots, previously seen in this blog post.

Wardrobe Oxygen dressing for faux fall in a blue coat and sweater from Talbots with white wide leg high waisted jeans

sweater | pants | shoes | coat | earrings | necklace | ring | bag

Wardrobe Oxygen dressing for faux fall in a blue coat and sweater from Talbots with white wide leg high waisted jeans

Sweater: Audrey Sweater c/o Talbots (L) | Coat: Italian Wool Lady Coat c/o Talbots (14 Petite) | Jeans: Denim High Waist Trousers c/o Talbots (12 Regular) | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Large Allyn Tote c/o Dagne Dover | Necklace: Monogram Necklace c/o Jenny Bird | Earrings: Medium Quinn Hoops c/o Jenny Bird | Ring: Insignia Empress Luxe Ring c/o REALM

Wardrobe Oxygen dressing for faux fall in a blue coat and sweater from Talbots with white wide leg high waisted jeans

Styling this look made me realize I'm feeling some non-black shoes for fall.  Not necessarily brown, but maybe cognac or a dark taupey gray.  Something a bit softer, I think this look would have benefitted from it.  But I'm not going to buy just to buy so I wore my Clarks booties from last year which get the job done.  Black has always been my go-to and while it's still one of my favorite colors for my wardrobe… I think it's something about this new curly shorter hair that makes me want things a bit softer, more relaxed.  Even these shades of blue are different from my usual style; I liked the soft feel of them, it almost feels vintage.  These blues would look so chic with a dark wash of jeans (I'll likely wear again later this season with these jeans), or a gray or camel solid, tweed, or plaid trouser.  Ivory and cream too. But then, watch me wear this with a black leather pencil skirt and bold silver jewelry!  Maybe it's faux fall that has me feeling all soft and cozy; come the truly cold weather I'll be all about black again!

talbots coat back view talbots coat side view talbots blue wool coat

I know it seems too early to think about coats, but I think this one is good enough to get on your radar early. It comes in Misses, Petite, Plus, and Plus Petite; this is a 14 petite. It's a wool blend (75% wool) with a poly lining, no additional lining for warmth.  This is the kind of coat in the DC area you would wear through early December and then pack up until March.  It's a length that works with pants as well as skirts.  I really like the seaming at the waist and the black buttons, it's a vintage nod while still looking modern. I totally got this scarf too and it's gorgeous paired with the coat and sweater… but it's not quite cold enough yet for that kind of accessory!

Wardrobe Oxygen dressing for faux fall in a blue coat and sweater from Talbots with white wide-leg high waisted jeans

The sweater is a favorite, in fact I still have a navy one from last year (seen in this blog post).  I like the higher neckline and the weight of this cashmere is utterly decadent.  I like them fitted, I think it looks more polished but if you prefer a straighter fit, consider going up one size.  Since it has three-quarter sleeves and a high-hip length, petites may wish to size up to regular for a bit more length as well.  This sweater also comes in Misses, Petite, Plus, and Petite Plus and there are 11 colors to choose from (this is the Twilight Teal).  Inspired by the fall color trends, I mixed blues together that aren't exactly the same but I really like the effect.

how to style white jeans in fall

These pants are a hair too long for comfort.  I feared the petite would be too short for heels, but a petite would have been better for both length and rise.  I tried shrinking them in a hot wash and dryer but they didn't budge – darn Talbots quality! If the pants were shorter, I would have likely replaced the black boot with a suede loafer like these which I own. I like how clean these pants are – wide waistband, smaller coin pockets, they look chic with a tucked-in top or an untucked one and the effect is polished enough for business casual.  FYI, Talbots also has them in a dark denim.

dagne dover allyn tote large review

The bag I have had for a while; click here to read my Dagne Dover Allyn Tote review.  This is the Large size and this color is no longer available, though if I didn't have this one I'd totally getting the Graphite or the Ash Blue. In the bag are my laptop and cord, wallet, a cosmetic bag, notebook, phone, sunglasses, and a small water bottle.  This is a fabulous work tote that doesn't scream work tote, and the leather I have found to be very durable.  I got this bag in… I think the summer of 2017 and I am not kind to bags yet it still looks great.

fall color trends

I seriously received these items from Talbots and an hour later my husband and I were parked behind the local grocery store taking these photos super quick before he had to go to teach yoga.  I just couldn't wait, I'm so excited to be able to wear fabulous fall clothing like this, I had to take advantage of this quick faux fall we're experiencing!

Shop the Look:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. My faux fall is the opposite of yours! I want to wear boots and sweaters and corduroy but it is still 90+ degrees and very humid.

  2. This coat is gorgeous! Possibly a little too warm for my climate but it makes me hopeful to see more of this color (my favorite) this year.

  3. I love cashmere, but many times have problems with significant pilling on inside arms and side boob (where they rub up against one another). This happened with a Talbots cashmere too. Any suggestions? Perhaps I should buy one to two sizes larger (although then it will look more casual). BTW, love the look you pulled together in this one..colors are gorgeous!

    1. Unfortunately, it’s something I experience with almost all cashmere, no matter the pricepoint. The only one I didn’t have it happen with was Everlane, but it’s a very tight weave and lightweight/almost sheer.

  4. I love how you stayed in the same color family for the sweater, coat and the tote. However, I am most impressed by your naturally curly hair! Why didn’t you feature this style long ago? It’s stunning. I’m very interested in the coat and hope that it’s worthwhile for the ever temperamental weather here in the NYC area.

    1. I didn’t realize my hair was this curly until I got a shorter cut! I’ll be writing about my hair soon, it’s been a journey to get it to maintain curls but I love it!

  5. Fall clothing is the best! And I’ll be stalking Talbots for their holiday coats release – they’re almost the only option for a quality plus petite coat.

  6. I’m going on a weeklong trip to the DC Area the week of Nov. 12. I’m a Californian so not sure at all what typical weather is like there at that time of year. Would this Talbot coat be a good choice at that time of year? Or am I better off in a trench coat in case of rain? Would value your opinion!

    1. Oooh that’s a toughie. We’ve had snow in November, and we’ve been in short sleeves in November. It’s not a super wet month, but rain happens all year long in the DC area. Depending on how much you plan to be outside, I’d either do a coat like this with a golf-sized umbrella or else a trench with removable insulated lining.

  7. Love this outfit so much—it’s gorgeous & you’re beautiful in it! It’s also so helpful to see white pants/jeans styled for fall & winter. Your faux fall sounds absolutely lovely. We’re still experiencing 100+ temps in Arkansas. My sandals are going nowhere! 🙂

  8. I love the coat on you and think the length and color are great. I’d consider the cashmere sweater but I can’t remember if Talbots has regular long sleeve ones. I get too cold in the winter if I wear three quarter length sleeves and I don’t want any long underwear showing. I’ve had good luck with LL Bean cashmere.

  9. I love these colors on you and the jeans look awesome. I love the idea of the sweater with gray or tweed and the mixing of the blues is spot on trend, but classic.

    You’re showing us how good fit is important too, because these look made for you.

    That teal is on my wishlist!

  10. You look great! Those are the two items I was eyeing in the latest catalog. Do I need the coat….? No, but it sure looks fabulous on you.

    1. I just bought the same coat last week. My size goes out quickly. I am totally loving your styling suggestions with the white jeans and black skirt. Thank you for all of the alternate ideas. I’ll have to go back for the scarf and sweater.

      I would love more “date night” or weekend ideas for locations and fashions.

      Any suggestions on what makes a good tailor and questions I should ask first. Thank you.

      1. I suggest asking neighbors for tailor recommendations. Facebook groups, Yelp, NextDoor are all good places to start. Also ask local bridal salons, they work with seamstresses and tailors. On your first visit go with something simple – shortening pants or a skirt. This way you won’t ruin a beloved piece but get to know the tailor and build a relationship.

  11. You look fantastic. I love that teal. I think it’s one of those universally flattering colors, i.e. it suits every color season. I’m an autumn and it looks good on me, even though at first thought it’s a cool tone.

    I’m mentally set to wear my new white jeans into fall, but they have white-on-white embroidered flowers on the legs, so they might not work for winter. But then again I live in so Cal, so would anyone care?

    This is one of those posts that has my fingers itching to shop online. Curses!

  12. I am not ready for Fall or Winter, but you look terrific! I love the way the white lightened the whole look. As for the shoes, I am feeling the same way and am considering burgundy. I think that will be neutral enough but a little warmer.

  13. I was so excited to buy cashmeres from Talbots last year. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a good quality, giving that both my sweaters pilled terribly.
    I have cashmere that’s 15 years old that doesn’t pill, so that what I thought all cashmere was like.
    Disappointed in Talbots.

  14. Is the $179 price point for the sweater a good one? For that, I don’t want it to pill or fall apart within 5 years, so are the seams strong and the fabric good?

    (The $20 additional for plus sizes is a conversation for another day.)

    1. I HATE when brands charge more for plus sizes, it’s so ridiculous and rude. But Talbots cashmere is quite good. I do dry clean them because I suck at hand washing, the navy one from last year looks almost new – there’s a bit of pilling under the arms but nothing compared to say my Halogen cashmeres which have gone threadbare and they’re much thicker than say Everlane or Banana Republic. My oldest Talbots cashmere is three years old and I still wear it.

    2. If you get on Talbots email/mailing list, you get so many 20% off coupons, special sale on that, etc notices that there’s really no need to ever pay full price.

  15. Question on the Clark’s loafers. I wear a wide, and I’ve found that sometimes their toes narrow too much for a wide. Since you also have a wide foot, how do you find the toe area in this style?

    And doesn’t talbots have some gorgeous clothes this year.

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