Recent Fashion Hits and Misses: LOFT Edition

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After my last LOFT experience I didn’t plan on shopping there again. I felt I had aged out of the store. However so many of you raved to me about the LOFT linen tees I decided to give them another chance. So glad I did! While not everything was a hit for me, this was a really positive LOFT purchase.  Unlike most of these haul posts, I was able to get a few phone selfies in on my lunch break the day I worked from home last week.

lou and grey linen v-neck tee peacockLou & Grey V-Neck Linen Tee – Pretty Peacock, Large

Lou and Grey Linen V-neck tee reviewThis color is to die for. Mommy, if you’re reading this, you might want this shirt. My mom LOVES the color blue, and this is a super bright rich cerulean peacocky blue that is so darn pretty. Usually Lou & Grey runs really narrow and small for me, but the large is a comfortable fit for me. Unlike the linen tee I got from Everlane, this one is drapey and not itchy. I have a skin-colored tee shirt bra on underneath and it isn’t too transparent. The only odd thing about this shirt is the hem – the back is shirttail/scooped and the front is straight. Why would a shirt have such an odd detail? Eh, it’s not a big enough detail to affect my feelings on the shirt. I have yet to wash it; I plan to wash on gentle and line dry. Win!

LOFT sleeveless linen v neckSleeveless Linen V-Neck Tee – Forever Navy, Large

LOFT Sleeveless Linen V-neck tee review - Wardrobe OxygenThis tee is from LOFT not Lou & Grey and there is quite a difference in the cut and a subtle difference in the quality. The price difference for me (they had a sale at the time) was only $3, but I think the Lou & Grey one feels a good $10-$15 more expensive. That doesn’t mean this shirt is bad, on the contrary. I like it very much. It’s a bit more fitted, the neckline is a nice length, and it’s a rare sleeveless top that doesn’t make me look like a linebacker. In fact I already wore this top with these very jeans and a pair of silver Birkenstocks out to lunch. It’s not too sheer, it’s thin and breezy, and long enough to tuck or leave out without being that awkward length for us ladies with lower tummies. Again, haven’t washed yet but plan to baby it. Win!

loft linen shirttail teeLinen Shirttail Tee – Wild Crimson, Large

LOFT LInen Shirttail Tee Review - Wardrobe OxygenThis tee is a super pretty color but not a color that goes with much else in my wardrobe. I think it fit well and is the same quality as the sleeveless version. A very flattering neckline. However, I am returning it because the color isn’t right for my wardrobe and I don’t really need three linen tees that are all relatively similar. Since the cause of the return is personal and not due to the shirt I say Win!

loft easy linen teeEasy Linen Tee – Ominous Teal, Large

LOFT Easy Linen Tee Review - Wardrobe OxygenWhile the name is a bit odd (reminds me of this Etsy shop), the color of this tee is quite gorgeous in person. I love this color and could see it working with all of my wardrobe. Too bad the silhouette doesn’t work with my figure. The cocoon-esque sleeves aren’t flattering with a bust or larger arms, I just looked more bulky. This cut could look super cute on a slim figure, but that is not I. Fail.

lou and grey crinkle linen tankLou & Grey Crinkle Tank – White, Medium

Lou and Grey Crinkle Linen Tank Review - Wardrobe OxygenReviews said this top ran super big and they are right! I think I could have worn a small just fine. However, why would I? This top reminds me of the mesh underwear the hospital sent me home with after giving birth to Emerson. It’s super sheer, it’s really full, and I would need a racerback tank or adapter to wear it (and no way will I wear an adapter with a shirt so sheer you’d be able to see it). I do think this could be super cute on the right person, the same kind of person who can wear a black bralette with straps at the bustline that look chic peeking out of a thin white v-neck or a tank like this. If you’re that person, try it for it is breezy but size down at least one size. Fail.

LOFT inked dressInked V-neck Dress – Summer Fuchsia, Large

LOFT Inked V-neck Dress Review - Wardrobe OxygenMy review of this dress is a summary of every review I read before ordering it. It runs a bit big and full, but if I sized down I think it would be too tight on top. It’s not figure flattering, but if you’re looking for a dress to throw on in the extreme heat, this is a great option. It has pockets, which is awesome. I put this on and kept futzing with the string at the waist trying to make it look better. It didn’t help. I asked Karl’s opinion and he said it looked like a good Bonaroo dress. He’s right; if I was going to be outside all day without access to A/C, my home, or showers and care more about comfort than figure flattery or style this dress would be awesome. But I’m not going to Bonnaroo. My bra shows a bit, the lining is as heavy as the dress so it’s pretty bulky, and it just doesn’t make me happy when I look at it on me.

dressFor fun, I jazzed it up as I would for an outfit post with some accessories at the front of the closet. I still don’t like it and it's still bulky and weird, but it’s a good example of how outfit posts can be misleading. Have just the right pose, some distracting accessories, and a beautiful background and a potato sack can look gorgeous. Fail.

loft lace up dress - navyLace Up Dress – Forever Navy, Large

LOFT Lace Up Dress Review - Wardrobe OxygenIf I were taller and not as busty I may have kept this dress. It’s a crepe finish which can dress up nicely, but is also travel friendly and won’t cling in heat and humidity. It’s lined, but it doesn’t make it too heavy. The lace-up detail is fun without being so memorable or trendy you can’t wear it often or next summer. It’s the kind of dress you can wear to work or on the weekend with a change of shoes. But I am short with big breasts and this dress looks maternity on me.

navy lace up dress three different shoes - wardrobe oxygenAgain, I played with accessories. This dress is far cuter with a pair of nude pumps. I felt a bit Kate Middleton that way. But I won’t be wearing nude pumps in August, I’d more likely be in a pair of sandals so I grabbed my two most worn styles and it showed this dress is not right for me. Fail.

LOFT Riviera Shorts 6 inch inseamRiviera Shorts with 6” Inseam – Milky Tan, 14 Regular

ugly shortsI usually size up with shorts, but thanks to the reviews I got these shorts in a 14, my usual with LOFT. I wanted petite but LOFT is one of those brands that thinks short people don’t wear over a size 12. Le sigh. It’s clear a petite would have been better on me, but I don’t think that would have kept these shorts from entering the city limits of Frumptown. These are the kind of shorts that age a woman, that causes women to give up on shorts and sweat it out in capris and ankle pants all summer long. Ladies, it’s not you, it’s the shorts. It’s the super wide thick waistband that adds bulk just where we don’t want it. The pockets that gape, making our hips and bellies look even bigger. There’s so many reasons why these shorts are not good shorts for people shaped like me. The one positive? These are super stretchy. I could climb and run and squat and spend a whole day being active and they would move with me and not get all wrinkled and gross or cause a wedgie or stretch out so I have to hike them up after an hour. That one detail made me almost keep these horrible shorts, thinking of my upcoming road trip. But I’d rather hike in a dress and bike shorts than in the shorts equivalent of the Mayor of Frumptown. Fail.

loft utility blouseUtility Blouse – Black, XL

Wardobe Oxygen Review LOFT Utility Shirt BlackI have a navy silk utility blouse from Ann Taylor that I love and wear often. The only issue I find with it is that it is silk. It’s often in a bag for the cleaners when I really want to wear it. I also wish I had one in black, so when I saw this one and saw it was machine washable I ordered it. And I love it. It’s a lightweight crepe finish that looks elegant enough for the office, and it has good drape. Flap pockets aren’t the best choice for a large bust, but these are floppy with black buttons so they don’t draw too much attention or add too much bulk. I love that I can tuck it in to trousers or a skirt for work, or wear it like this with jeans for the weekend. It’s a good length, one I can wear untucked with my leather-front leggings or a pair of skinny jeans this fall. Win!

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In general this was a pretty positive LOFT shopping experience. While LOFT isn’t an ethical brand, being the size I am my pickings are slim. I feel these pieces have the quality I desire where they will survive multiple seasons and get plenty of wear. So LOFT, you’re back on the list of potential retailers where I’ll shop. Let’s hope it stays that way this coming fall!

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  1. “than in the shorts equivalent of the Mayor of Frumptown” – love!!
    Do you find linen tees have a decent shelf life? I bought some from Zara a few years back but they stretched out REALLY badly and the hems stopped hanging straight, so I’ve given up on the idea since then. But maybe that was more of a Zara issue…

  2. The shorts are awful. I don’t even like them on the model. I think they are a terrible design that will not look good on anyone, regardless of size, shape, weight, or age. And what is that billboard – tab thing on the waistband? Is it a rental space for advertising?


  3. I agree with all your comments except I think the Crimson t looks awesome on you and you can wear with white, jeans, navy, black, gray or tan. You should keep it. I love your blog because you are the size of so many women and many blogs are very tiny women I can’t relate to.

  4. Great review post. I really liked how in this post you showed the LOFT pic of the item and then how the item looked on you. It really helped understanding how the clothing fits at different sizes. I don’t understand why you can buy pants at different fits (like curvy) and not shorts. I, like lots of women, have hips and have to buy shorts that fit my hips but end up being too large in the waist making a belt always a must. I hate that. I’m going to give one of those linen tops a try.

  5. I think you are a bit harsh on the Ominous teal shirt–I think it looks nice on you! Otherwise, I agree with your assessments–but I think that the crimson shirt would go with a ton in your closet–we have similar coloring and taste–I’d wear the heck out of it with all the gray and dark blue I have…

    1. Thing is my summer casual wardrobe is white, distressed denim, lots of silver, and navy. While the red would work, it gives a different effect that goes against the other pieces. And the teal I thought was okay, but it makes little tents on either side of my breasts and hugs on the arms. I think I’d wear such a silhouette if it were matte jersey and dressier, but for linen it was wrong for me.

      1. I see. The photos of the teal looked okay, but obvi weren’t the whole story.
        I would snap up the crimson (and I think I will) because I need fall-colored things that are still summer weight, since it doesn’t stop being summer here until the second week in October when the State Fair comes…

          1. It’s too bad the ruby is out in Large–more your kind of red….

  6. Thanks for doing these review posts–they are so helpful. I think you look great in everything but that black button-up shirt is the best! I live very close to a Loft but have tried to stay out lately b/c of an upcoming trip that I need to have some extra spending $ for. The temptation may be too great, ha! I bet that shirt on you with your white jeans today looks amazing.

    One question: do you find that the sleeves unroll/fall down easily? I’ve got another shirt from Loft that’s polyester with roll tab sleeves. They never stay in place & it makes me crazy after a while.

    1. Yes I have been re-rolling them all day! I’m thinking I’ll put in a couple stitches with black thread to keep them perma-rolled. My navy silk one I’ve worn unrolled so I can’t but I don’t see myself wearing this one full sleeves.

      1. Thanks for replying! Isn’t that annoying?? I’ve seen on Pinterest that some people use rubber bands to stop them from unrolling but I’ve yet to figure out how to make that work without seeing the rubber band and/or cutting off my circulation.

        1. I think you could use a thick elastic band that was big enough to comfortably fit where you want the sleeves to stop–like a Scünci?–and just place it along the cuff and roll the cuff and band up together.

          1. I have never found an elastic the right size; always too big or too small but a couple little stitches ( I usually do within the tab holding up the sleeve and one or two tiny stitches on the back ) and it gets the job done without being super crafty or a good sewer!

          2. I might try to snag some soft elastic in a fabric store, if I were a roller-upper…

  7. I think all companies go through stages (just like us-ha ha)—sometimes they have great things, sometimes they don’t. But you have to admit, LOFT has some fabulous online sales! I just bought a bunch of scarves for christmas presents—all on sale!! I think one of the things I dislike is the fact you have to buy so much to get the free shipping—alas, I just buy a bunch and take it back (hopefully)!

  8. LOFT can be so hit or miss. I generally like to shop there, online for petite sizing and in-store for clearance shirts where I may not care about petite sizing so much, but I’ve found all of 1 pair of pants there in the last few years that have worked for me. I did buy another pair of pants as well but I sized up for fit and they seriously bagged out in the butt after a few washings. LOFT often has decent dresses and shirts, though, and is one of the few places I seem to be able to get petite sweaters.

    1. I have so many pairs of LOFT pants that I love. This spring I made the mistake to buy what I thought were cropped pants. I tried them on barefoot with the sweater I wore to work and thought it was cute and pulled off the tags. These pants look like capri leggings out of stretchy suiting fabric and they bag out at the knees, the rear, and the belly yet are painted on my calves and thighs. So not hot. 🙁

  9. I love these posts! Do you have any favorite shorts lately? I have a few pairs but they certainly don’t bring out the best in me!

    1. They are a little on the short side, but I really love the American Eagle midi shorts. They’re short enough to be flattering without being all “my butt is hanging out the bottom of my outfit”… I was recently in the US and bulk-bought them in multiple colours!!

    2. I just got the Caslon linen shorts in the mail. I ordered in large and XL. The large would fit.. if I didn’t have so thick of thighs or so juicy of a booty. They may stretch out but in the mean time are awkward so I am returning. The XL is very loose, but works for linen. Very slouchy, looks best with a longer slimmer top or a swingy lightweight tank. I paired with my linen shirt and looked a mess. They need balance, but the quality and style and length are good for me.

  10. That navy button-up looked so good in the photo that before I read the review of it I thought, “Please say you kept this, it looks phenomenal.”

    I have the same problem with arms as you do with the indigo tee. I’ve kept shirts like that before and just always thrown a cardigan over them, but it does suck since it means I just… can’t wear them during the warm months (which, in SC, is… most of them). But I love LOFT’s teal/indigo colors! They are always such beautiful shades of blue.

  11. I went back to Loft this season, too. They have perfect cropped pants for me, and I haven’t been able to find those anywhere else, at any price.

  12. I’m sending this post to my sister. She’s a petite size 14 and it’s a struggle to find clothes that help her look her best. That last shirt was the big win of the day in my opinion.

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