Recent Fashion Hits and Misses – ASOS Edition

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With my last hits and misses post, my friend (and fabulous personal stylist) Rosana said she’d like to see me try out ASOS this season. She’s been having a lot of success with her clients, I trust her style and shopping skills, so I took a look. I’m looking for some weekend summer looks – dresses that can be worn with sandals and Birkenstocks, cotton tops that don’t cling in the humidity, and maybe one or two work looks that won’t cause hyperthermia in August. ASOS has been hit or miss with me. I have some pieces there I love (my faux leather moto jacket, a silver metal belt, the black knit swing dress that was my jam when I had a broken arm in the middle of the summer), but often a lot of fails and entire orders I have to send back. This bag… not everything went back. Not quite…

asos off the shoulder dressASOS Off Shoulder Mini Dress – Black / US 14

I was envisioning this dress to be an off the shoulder version of the swing dress I loved and wore to death. Two issues. One, it’s a mini dress, even on a 5’3” body. If I were 21, I wouldn’t think twice. At 41, it’s a bit too short for comfort or strong gusts of wind. Second issue is that it’s off the shoulder and just as full as my swing dress. Essentially, I was wearing a lampshade. A comfortable well-priced lampshade, but a lampshade. I almost considered keeping this as a beach coverup, but I already have one. If you are short and don’t have a huge bust, this is a real winner (in fact, I think it’s better than the LOFT off the shoulder dress – more comfortable of fabric, better price, and equally flattering). But for me, Fail.

asos linen wrap dressASOS Sleeveless Linen Mini Shirt Dress With Belt – Navy / US 14

This is another piece that would be a hit if I were a different age. It fit in the bust without having to pin, the waist was in a natural and flattering place, the fabric wasn’t itchy, the skirt had the right amount of volume. However, this looked like a Juniors piece – the self-belt was skimpy and looked cheap, the skirt was too short (can't imagine the length of the petite version), it was not polished enough for the office. I don’t feel I can’t wear certain things because of my age, but I do feel the older I get, the more quality matters to have style. Quality can be bought at any pricepoint, the issues with this dress could easily be found on a dress twice as much, but likely that dress too would be targeted to women under 25. So while it’s not terrible, it’s not right for me. Fail.

asos sleeveless tux dressASOS Sleeveless Tux Dress – Black / US 14

Oh Em Gee, this is AMAZING! Seriously, you need to try this dress. It’s well made, looks far more expensive than its pricetag, and is super duper flattering. The only problem is at size 14, it’s made for a woman at least 5’6”. To make it work would be extremely expensive tailoring that would end up ruining the lines of the dress. If you are slimmer and/or taller though, please try this dress. It could easily be $275 at a department store and you can wear it to work, out on a date, to a wedding, and maybe even wear it open over skinny pants and a tank like a vest or sleeveless trench. So fail for me, but possibly a win for you (and a heads up it also comes in blush and tall)!

asos stripe off the shoulder dressASOS Off Shoulder Stripe Sundress in Natural Fibre – Blue / red / US 14

This dress fit really well. So well, I almost did what I think a lot of bloggers do – wear it for an outfit post and then decide whether it’s worth it to keep. It likely would have photographed well. The fabric is soft, but has some heft to it so the bodice is tailored, the off the shoulder part hangs nicely (not as low as on the model), the skirt balloons out and makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. And it has pockets! But… the stripes don’t line up. These days it’s hard to find even a $200 dress with stripes lined up but the skirt was so off from the bodice (much more obvious and jarring than the photos above) it just made it look cheap and it bothered the heck out of me.  I tried a belt but it ruined the look and feel of the dress.  This dress is available in solid colors which likely would look better, but neither color is right for me.  So fail.

asos slouchy rib v neck teeASOS V Neck Oversized Slouchy Rib – Black / US 14

I love slouchy v-neck oversized tees in summer. Tuck loosely into cutoff shorts or ankle jeans, add some necklaces and aviators, and you’re ready for most anything. This shirt is almost what I’m looking for. In fact, I was going to keep it until the day I went to wear it. Something didn’t look quite right, for some reason it looked a bit like a man’s undershirt. Even Karl was checking it out and felt it was off but not sure why… then we realized it’s the sleeves. The sleeves are so long they hit right at the fullest part of my bust, AND they taper so they’re loose at the shoulder but fitted on the bicep. No curvy woman wants her boobs and arms to look even larger, no matter how breezy and cool the rest of the top. Fail.

asos cotton off the shoulder topASOS Off The Shoulder Top In Cotton – White / US 14

If you saw yesterday’s post you know this is a win!  As a heads up, if you search the site for ASOS Off The Shoulder Top In Cotton you'll find the top comes in other colors and has petite options too!

asos rainbow sequin kimonoASOS Stripe Embellished Kimono – Multi / US 14

Do I need this in my life? YES. Really Allie, is this necessary? HECK YES. Okay no, nobody needs a rainbow sequined kimono but daaang this thing is so gorgeous! It also runs big, but when I went online to see if they had a smaller size it was sold out so I am holding onto my Studio 54 technicolor dreamcoat because it sparks joy just seeing it hang in my closet. However, if I did it again I would get a 12… or maybe a 10.  Stay tuned, I will wear it on the blog and dance around on my street and smile at trees because I am wearing the most fabulous ridiculous item in my closet and it’s awesome! Usefulness – fail but happiness – win!

Note: It also comes in shades of blue and at the time more sizes were available AND it's cheaper.  Wanna be a mermaid?

asos asymmetrical tankASOS Asymmetric Strap Detail Cami Top – Black / US 14

I love tanks like this. Slip on with jeans and metallic flat sandals and sip cocktails at a beachside bar listening to a reggae band and feel tres chic but it only cost $30. And this would be so… if the top was 3” longer. I know, shorty me is complaining that something is too short? It barely hits my waistband on one side. If I were firmer or younger I’d rock it with my Rum Runner, but nope no can do right now. Fail.

asos new look frayed denim teeNew Look Denim Frayed Hem Tee – Blue / US 14

Another piece I can’t rave enough about except… When I went to LA, the head stylist on the set had a dress that looked like this and it was so cute. I saw this top and loved it and imagined it with a printed cotton pencil skirt, white jeans, linen pants… and it’s all I wished for and more… except like two sizes too small. I could get it on, but it was cutting circulation off to my lower arms, painfully smooshed my breasts and hit right at the top of my jean’s waistband. But if you’re a smaller size, consider it… but consider sizing up one or two sizes. Fail.

In summary, I agree with Rosana’s assessment. I think if I was looking for more event and work dresses I would have had even more success (Rosana says the wiggle dress from Curve is a home run for many women). And while I only ended up with one item, I have a more positive view of ASOS and will consider them again in the future!

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  1. A point in favour of ASOS for your blog, Alison, is that there are international ASOS sites. So here in Australia, I can look at an item you feature and potentially buy it for myself with minimal or no shipping. This post is a lot more relevant for me than some of your other content.

  2. I ordered a beautiful grey strapless maxi dress to wear to my son’s outdoor high school graduation, but the sizing was off. A smidge too big (my daughter took one look and said, My friends don’t want to see your boobs, Mom) and I kept wanting to pull it up. If I had ordered the 16 instead of the 18, that issue would probably have been resolved, but the little pads included to conceal your nipples were extremely cheap and showed right through the fabric, and my mom said the color washed me out. The hem was enormously full, dragging the ground on my 5’10 body. For 75.00…I’ll pass. Returned! As always, great & easy return policy.

  3. The slouchy rib top comes in the Curve (plus) sizes… I wonder if those would be worth trying?

  4. I tried the black suit dress! I have a friend that owns it and looks phenomenal (admittedly she is very petite) but it was *terrible* on me. If in doubt, size up!! Also if you are larger-busted (as in, vs the rest of your torso) this probably won’t work. The buttons pulled really badly over my boobs and distorted the cut of the neck even though it fitted at the waist. And it’s quite long, I’m 5’6 and it was solidly knee length. If you are more proportional though it looks great!

  5. Love love the new layout! Love the whitespace. Love not having to scroll twice to get to the content. So much easier to use. And it looks great!

    1. I didn’t change anything! I didn’t know you were encountering such issues, that sucks! Do let me know if weird/annoying/difficult things pop up with this site. I want to keep it as accessible and easy as possible for all of you!

  6. Even if I weren’t looking to buy clothes Allie—I think I’d read your hits & misses posts. You crack me up and are so realistic (and it opens my eyes to what others see in clothing).
    First off, I do love the embellished kimono—and I think I even like it better in the purple version. Of course every woman needs this in their closet because it’d be one of those wow pieces and make even a sack look great!
    I never notice stripes lining up on items (I’ve heard other complain about it too)—but it’s probably what we fixate on—I guess I always think it’s supposed to be that way…
    Myself, I’ve only ordered once from Asos and both things got sent back—but the return process was painless and free—so I’d definitely try them again.

  7. I constantly see bloggers promoting ASOS clothing, but I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on anything yet. I worry about their sizing, since they are a British brand (am I right?) I would say I am a 10 at most places (an 8 at Loft for some items). Also what is their return policy like? I’m in Canada? I always fear trying something new especially online if returning it is a hassle. I would love to try ASOS, as their clothes are very reasonably priced.

    1. They do ship to Canada. I know here in the US, returns are free (included mailing label) within a month or so. I couldn’t find anything specific about Canadian returns, just that they do ship and have free shipping over $50. They have the ability to change all prices to Canadian dollars, and their CS is stellar, I recommend contacting them with any questions they’re great at prompt replies!

        1. I find the sizing to be a real mix. They have other brands as well as their own. Some pieces run more of a juniors fit, while others are TTS. Their 14 usually fits me if sometimes a hair big and I wear 14 in most other chain retailers. The quality is hit or miss, usually if it’s a low price there’s a reason, just like other retailers. I’d compare the quality to H&M.

  8. So I have that off the shoulder dress in red and I feel the same way that you do. It’s like it’s supposed to be on a super thin person and look big, but if any part of you is a normal size, it looks like a lampshade!

    The Adored Life

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