What I Wore: Test Pattern

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Wardrobe Oxygen wearing aa Gwynnie Bee dress with Loeffler Randall Mini Rider bagdress | shoes| bag | sunglasses

Wardrobe Oxygen in a Gwynnie Bee Dress Loeffler Randall Mini Rider Bag and Nine West Peacock Pumps Wardrobe Oxygen in Gwynnie Bee Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a dress from Gwynnie Bee Dress: c/o Gwynnie Bee (14W)  | Shoes: Nine West (similar) | Bag: Loeffler Randall ‘Baby Rider' | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Chai

This dress reminds me of a test pattern, it surely is an optical illusion.  This dress is why I love Gwynnie Bee: it's something I would normally not try or wear but with an unlimited wardrobe I can take risks and know if it doesn't work I can mail it back and get something else.  This is a bodycon dress, but the fabric is heavy and not really stretchy so it's not like my belly button is on display (I do have a control garment on underneath).  I was pleasantly surprised by this dress but was at a loss as to what shoes to wear with it.  I thought it would look cute with a pair of sneakers like my shell tops, but it made me look stumpy.  Pumps in silver, nude, and black all looked too '80s. I grabbed my peacock pumps (previously seen here) by chance and really loved how the patterns clashed and didn't really go but kind of did in its randomness.  This bag too doesn't really match, but I think works.  After finding the Mini Suki from Rebecca Minkoff too small, I picked this one up and it's been great this summer.  It also comes with a belt strap so it can convert into a hip bag!

This tree is an art installation by Greenbelt Artist in Residence, Rachel Cross.  This tree has been in our community for a long time; while there are no branches the trunk remained.  In May, Rachel Cross collected donated knitted and crocheted items: scarves, gloves, doilies, afghans, and more.  During a town festival (this one in fact), she organized a Sit and Sew where individuals in our community sewed together the donated pieces.  Then in June, Cross took these pieces and connected them around the tree.  I think this is such a beautiful piece of art, and such a great representation of the community spirit of my town.  When trying to find a backdrop for this wacky mismatched colorful outfit, I felt this yarn-bombed tree was the perfect spot!


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit and the yarnbombed background! In fact, I adore this dress so much that I signed back up for Gwynnie Bee~I must have it!

  2. Your photographer did a great job.

    It’s a nice outfit and an example of something I’d probably have passed on if I looked at it on a hanger, but once you see it on someone it looks good. It’s got a design that pulls in at your narrowest/high waisted part, and the vertical stripes keep the action up and down. I think it’s flattering.

    I’ve seen several black/white graphic dresses around this summer and this one is unique.

  3. I actually really like the dress and the bag works GREAT with it. I’m not sure about the shoes though, honestly? I might pick a black strappy sandal to mimic the black lines on the dress? It’s really cute though and a fun summer choice!

    1. Strappy and black may have worked, but I don’t have and even a black peeptoe felt really heavy and as though I was Midlife Barbie. This is not a dress I’d buy, not only because of the crotch vortex (LOL) but because footwear isn’t easy. But that’s the benefit of Gwynnie Bee, I can wear once with wacky shoes and send back!

  4. That is one crazy-ass dress and it gives me vertigo. But somehow you make it work wonderfully. I’ll have to attribute it to the Allie magic!


    PS I am worried about the yarn art. Is she going to leave it up for the bad weather? It’s so beautiful and so intricate. I would hate to see it ruined.

    1. It’s been up for almost two months, through rain and blazing sun and it still looks great. I think it will be taken down when it starts to look worn. I wouldn’t surprised if she figures out a way to repurpose the materials!

  5. I wouldn’t pick this because I despise pink on me, but would try it in a second if the accent color was cobalt. Well, I should clarify that I would only try it after seeing it on you! Great choice!

  6. I love ALL of your style and outfits but hardly ever comment (which is terrible, because as a blogger I know how awesome comments are!) but I just HAD to pop in here and tell you how much you are SLAYING IN THIS DRESS. And I don’t even like the word slay, but girl — you are just absolutely killing it! What a fun dress. You look great! And the peacock pumps were a great choice that I never would have thought of. Two thumbs up!

  7. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but that dress designer should be shot. In the first full frontal photo of you the design makes it look like your boobs are spread apart and pointing up towards your shoulders. At least you are only renting this dress. This would have been a fun April 1st post.

      1. Oh that’s funny! I won’t be able to un-see that face now! LOL
        You have to admit, it’s a memorable print. You are a brave woman, Allie! 🙂

  8. This whole outfit is just joyous! 🙂 I love it, it made me smile, and it looks great on you, Allie!

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