Long Pants and Closed Toe Shoes….

So I begin my class in stained glass this evening, after work.
The course is close to work, not home.
The course requires long pants and closed toe shoes.
It is to be ninety degrees today – code orange.
I woke up late and had a terrible time sleeping last night. this means i am cranky and not very creative wardrobe-wise.

I take a quick shower, keeping the water away from my hair. The steam bounces yesterday's curls back, and I just add a touch of sillicone glosser to get rid of the flyaways.

Makeup is only mascara, a bit of concealer, a bit of bronzer, and lip gloss in the car on the way to work.

Signature silver hoops and cuff.

Pale blue silk knit v-neck sweater from Ann Taylor and my trusty stone colored low-slung chinos from Old Navy. For shoes, my tan thong heels from Target dress up the outfit a bit and make it less frunpy and more classic.

I brought my beloved Converse sneaks to switch into for the class. Gosh they don't go at ALL but hey, it's the only covered toe shoe that I will allow my foot to go into during weather like this!

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