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D 120306 0961D 120306 0981This morning I set the alarm for 6am, but somehow it was turned off. My body usually wakes me at that time anyway, but I guess due to the time change, I didn't wake until 7:30, leaving me very little time to get ready.

I had showered the day prior, let my hair air-dry with a few spritzes of Frizz-Ease Dram Curls, so it wasn't in awful shape. I hit a few pieces with the curling iron and then brushed it all with a wood-bristled padded brush.

Outfit is a black ribbed crewneck sweater from Chico's, ivory wool blend cuffed trousers from Ann Taylor, strand of pearls from limited doubled around the neck, black city boots from Impo.

Makeup is L'Oreal True Match foundation in C3, a bit of Smashbox Soft Light in Tint on the apples of my cheeks, The Body Shop shadow in Slate on the lid and Soft Black int he crease and lightly along the lash line, DiorShow Unlimited mascara in black on curled lashes, The Body Shop's Sheer Lipcolor in sheer Caramel.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. True palazzo pants are tough – they are almost like a skirt on each leg and can be a hard style to pull of if you are not long and leggy.

    Not sure what a grown and sexy party is, but I will use my equivalent – I am attending a party where they are fundraising for breast cancer research, offering facts, info on ways to volunteer etc. and the party is to celebrate breasts. We women are to wear pieces that celebrate our breasts, and I plan on wearing a silky low-cut top that is quite feminine with a pair of straight/slightly wide silky trousers with strappy heels. Anything wider than that makes me look shorter. If that outfit doesn’t work out, I was considering a wrap dress because wrap dresses always highlight the feminine shape and dependant on the fabric and print, can be quite dressy or very casual. Again sexy strappy shoes to make the look!

  2. dilly, any opinion on palazzo pants? I’m a short and cury gal like you in the midst of losing weight and don’t want to buy too much. I’m attending a “grown & sexy” party this weekend and have no idea what to wear. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I love both of your blogs.

  3. I think it holds up decently… I like the regular DiorShow better – this one has the comb-like brush that I am not as skilled with.

    I have always found that Lancome Defincils held up the best all day. I like DiorShow because it gives a thick lash look.

  4. hi dilly. i have a make-up question for you. i see you like to use DiorShow Unlimited dmascara in black. how does that hold up during the day? I’m so tired of having racoon eyes by the end of the day and am looking for a good mascara that will leave me without the rings. I don’t put anything on my lower lashes, only the top. And I really don’t think I rub my eyes very much….any thoughts?

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