February Friday Outfit Style

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Black wool sateen tuxedo jacket with lace trim (sleeves cuffed) Ann Taylor (not available online, found on clearance rack yesterday)
White tankCaslon for Nordstrom (best ribbed tanks EVER!)
JeansNot Your Daughter's Jeans “Hayden”
Bracelet – Anthroplogie via eBay
Black leather bootiesMiss Sixty “Jaiden”

So I stopped in the Connecticut Avenue Ann Taylor last night on my way to the Metro and only looked at the clearance section.  I was hoping for some sort of gem, especially since they are having 40% off their sale merchandise.  Gem found!  This jacket is a 12, it was originally $149 and was on sale for like $49 and then 40% off!  SCORE!  It's a gorgeous fabric with a slight sheen, and I thought the lace trim was pretty nice without being too trendy or flashy.  Pics don't do it justice, it has a one-button closure, sleek cut, very classic and elegant.  Would love to find some cigarette pants to match and I would totally rock this at the next wedding I attend with a silky cami and some stellar heels!

I just have to rave about the Connecticut Avenue Ann Taylor – they had a pretty stellar manager there when I started working in this part of DC three years ago, but she left the company a year or two ago.  They went through some transition, but have a pretty good team now.  I believe the manager now is Carlos who is a totally awesome guy – knows his fashion, remembers his customers, is in 50 places at once, always trying to make the experience better and the staff better.  There's so many associates there that are really fantastic – last night a guy rang me up and he was so gracious, apologizing for the line, came around the counter to hand me my bag, etc.  The fitting rooms are in great shape, the store is easy to navigate.  After a decade in retail as a manager and visual merchandiser, it's hard to impress me.  However I am always impressed when I shop this location.  I also love it because I think their sale department is so good because so many people shop online and then do in-store returns near their office.  There's always a lot of petites, larger sizes, and crazy discounts available.  Last night I saw a bunch of dresses and suit jackets in 18 petite – I mean really, how often do you see that size in an Ann Taylor store?

This weekend we are going to an open house for a nursery school in town – if all goes well Emerson may start in the fall just two mornings a week.  I think it would be a nice break for my husband, and a fun experience for E.  Our friend is in a producer battle Saturday night – don't think I will be able to go because of Emerson, but my husband will most likely go and cheer him on.  Other than that, the weekend is pretty open and I am LOVING that!  What are your plans this weekend?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I know what you mean about dressing rooms. I sometimes shop in Wheaton where there is a Macy’s and a Penny’s.

    I swear, it’s a miracle Macy’s has anything on the racks in that store because it seems like it’s all in the dressing rooms.

    Penny’s, which doesn’t carry nearly as upscale of stuff, is so well kept. Everything is on the racks, you can find your size. I’m so much more likely to buy something at Penny’s just because when I go in things are there to buy easily!

    If you ask me it’s the management that makes the difference.

  2. Love the jacket! Did they have any more left at the store you bought it at? The online thing is telling me there are none within 150 miles in either sizes 12, 10, or 8. But I’d love to pick one up!

  3. At least they took care of their feet! But really, it is insane. I too am sick of the winter, but that doesn’t mean I am going to walk around in spaghetti straps and sandals. Be patient folks, next think you know it will be so hot you will be complaining and waiting for sweater weather again!

  4. In your post yesterday you mention still wearing tights in the warm weather because it is winter. I have a running joke with my friends about the minute it gets above freezing in the area people start wearing sandles and flip flops. The downside to spring are the gnarly feet.
    So as expected this morning I saw brown flip flops and sandles, but on a positive note the feet looked manicured.
    It still looked completely ridiculous.

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