My Wardrobe Today – Thursday Jan 12, 2012

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hot pink skinny belt
duo wide calf boot catalonia1
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Sweater – Chico's (similar)
Skirt Halogen
Belt – Hobo International (similar)
Boots DUO “Catalonia”
Silver cuff

Last night we took my mom to dinner for her birthday, so I didn't get home until quite late.  I was excited to see that my husband had picked up my newest pair of DUO boots from the cobbler!  While they fit perfectly in every way possible, due to the weird shape of my legs, they stuck out on top and made me look like a pirate (see here).  The cobbler was able to taper the top of the boots so they better fit my legs, but still leave enough room for skinny jeans underneath.

So last night, I dreamed of wearing them with this skirt, my Banana Republic merino crewneck, and a gorgeous cobalt scarf that Ann Taylor recently sent me.  And then reality struck.  My husband had cleaned up our bedroom last night and the scarf was no where to be found; my black crewneck was in the washing machine (Ack! Luckily I rescued it before it went in the dryer like my watermelon-colored merino v-neck I miss so much).  I found this Chico's sweater folded up in a drawer and while I don't like the ribs or the fit as well, it works in a pinch to get the same look.

And the boots – well I really wanted a pair of low-heel riding boots mainly to wear over skinny jeans on weekends, and that is what these are.  Not really the best for this ensemble, but I was like a kid on Christmas Day to get them back and just had to wear them at first chance!  Now that I know my cobbler can taper the calf of boots, I have my Ros Hommerson “Maryland” boots I will be taking to him so I can wear them and not look like Captain Hook – they will be far more sleek and appropriate with my beloved pencil skirts.

Hooray for boots that fit us women with wide calves!

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  1. I do appreciate that! I try to stay sort of under the radar, just because I teach junior high students. They could find me if they looked…but it is one more step.

  2. Hooray for cobblers (I love that old-fashioned word) Your boots are now custom-made for you. They look great, as does your pencil skirt and skinny belt.

  3. I had no idea cobbler’s could do that! I have a pair of plain brown riding boots that have a similar shape problem and now I can go take them to my favorite crazy, loud Ukrainian cobbler and get them fixed! I’m really loving your thin belts lately, I really need to find a few cute ones!

  4. Well I usually go to this hole in a wall in Beltway Plaza in PG County, but he was afraid to do it, thinking the boots would look strange and be ruined. But they are who I go to for reheeling and resoleing etc. So I went to David’s Shoe Repair in College Park and he didn’t even blink at my request (though it took a week longer than he quoted). I have been to the shoe repair at Conn & K int he same building as Morton’s and they do a decent job, but take FOREVER to complete basic repairs. My coworker took her boots to get a new zipper, they quoted 2 weeks and it took more like 6 and didn’t even polish her shoes.

  5. Can I ask which cobbler you used?  I have some nice leather boots I’d like stretched a bit, but I’m anxious about where I take them.  (I’m in the DC region, obviously.)

  6. I’ve heard such great things about Duo boots. I’m glad you were able to tweak yours to get them just right. You look great, and the blue of the skirt is so pretty!

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