My Wardrobe Today – Tuesday

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Another day where my Ann Taylor cardigan is a must-have! I wrapped an ivory pashmina around my neck on the commute in; once I got to the office I removed both the scarf and the cardigan.  Another hectic morning where there wasn't much time to get creative.  Gotta love really simple wardrobe pieces and a great selection of accessories!

CardiganAnn Taylor (last winter, though they have another cardigan same color in stock now that I heart – wah not on the site right now but on front table at Ann Taylor on Connecticut Ave in DC)
Striped Boatneck TeeLands End Canvas (gotta do a review soon – LOVE me some Canvas by Lands End!)
Jeans – NYDJ
Boots – Silhouettes (the ones from Saturday – they looked goofy over the jeans, my DUO boots were too short and slouchy and I have no other wintry non-dress shoes right now)
Gold Chain – J. Crew
Gold Bangle (not pictured) – Ralph Lauren

Hair and makeup were quick and simple – I am all about quick these days.  I don't think my schedule will be letting up any time soon.  I look forward to Thanksgiving because I know my work schedule will calm down between then and the New Year.  Maybe I can fit in another Staycation, I know I will need it by then!


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. First, I have never left a comment before but read and love all of your blogs. (I don’t have one of my own). I’m excited to hear you’ll be doing a review of LE Canvas because I buy a lot from LE but have wondered if the Canvas line is similar in sizing to the regular LE clothing line. Would you be able to include that in your review since I know you have clothing from both regular LE and LE Canvas? For some reason, I have it in my head that the clothing from Canvas will fit smaller, like juniors…we are similar in size so I’m curious to know your opinion. Thanks! Again, I LOVE your blogs and they are always the first I choose to read in my google reader.

  2. Love the outfit – that sweater looks super cozy and I love the shirt too! I can’t wait to read your LE review – I haven’t seen anything from the Canvas line so I am curious to hear your thoughts. Simple yet stylish – what more could you ask for? 🙂

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