My Wardrobe Today – Weekend Wear May 31, 2011

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When reader Grace mentioned in my last post's comments that I usually dress up on this blog I asked my husband to snap a couple pics this weekend of my casual look. I am one to dress up whenever possible (yep, I'm the chick in the heels and dress at every shower, party, and family get-together), I do have a pretty casual side on weekends. I live in a bit of a “hippie” community and like to attend casual events like cookouts and music festivals, so I feel most comfortable sans pearls and structured handbags when stepping out on my personal time.

Friday I got out of work a bit early and dashed inside, switched out my outfit for a weather-appropriate sundress. My husband, Emerson and I headed to the cafe in town for a beer, light dinner, and to see neighbors and friends.

wardrobe oxygen weekend

DressAnn Taylor LOFT
Belt – Old Navy (no longer available)
Flip flops – J. Crew (no longer available)
Aviators – Ray-Ban (similar)
Silver cuff

On Emerson:
StrollerMaclaren “Volo”ir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B003JQLG4Q
Dress and shoes – Old Navy
Water bottle Camelbakir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B0043835M0 (we have so many of these – one on each floor of the house, Emerson-sized ones, I have one at work – best way to stay hydrated all day!)

This dress seemed like a winner but started failing throughout the night; the hem started unraveling, and the straps stretched in just the few hours wearing it where I had to keep adjusting them and still ended up having my bra on display.  I also felt it ran very high waisted and looked naked without a belt.  A bit of a fail, though I have some other LOFT winners (stay tuned!).

Sunday we did our weekly trip to the farmer's market – it too is walking distance so I dressed for the trek and weather. You can see one of my L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bags on my shoulder – we have been discussing these bags on Facebook after me mentioning them in my recent article on Savings.com – such a great purchase, they come in sizes to fit anything from a handbag to luggage, and have such classic style.

wardrobe oxygen weekend 3

“Make Art not War” tee shirt – gift (available here)
Shorts – Old Navy (don't seem to be online any more, though were still in stores on Saturday)
Hat – purchased in Tennessee last year en route to Bonnaroo
Boots DUO “Bern”
Aviators – Ray-Ban (similar)
Silver hoops
Tote bagL.L. Bean

On Emerson:
Top, shorts, and sandals – Childrens Place
Hat REI (seriously the BEST toddler hat! Lightweight, huge brim even blocks the neck and back, air vents, chin strap that is adjustable, adjustable size that should fit her until she's 5, and she doesn't mind wearing it!)

Sunday afternoon we went to a cookout; no pics but it was a variation of what I am wearing today (stay tuned).  Orange knit dress, brown belt, green earrings, and the brown flip flops in the first picture.

Monday we went for breakfast and then to another cookout; I wore this dress from Old Navy in pink with an olive tank underneath, navy bead necklace and my flip flops (all from J. Crew).  Hated the dress and want to burn it after wearing.  Purchased it for Bonnaroo and was testing it out but found it a complete fail – too wide of a neck, too long of straps, the layers stick to each other after washing and keep clinging (and clinging to my underwear) and it looks like a maternity dress.  Still searching for another two Bonnaroo sundresses…

My weekends are usually in dresses with flip flops or boots: something that is easy to put on, lets me chase a toddler but not look like a complete slob.  I have had a hard time finding weekend-worthy dresses this year; last year's are too big and the pre-Emerson ones are far too short.  I am not a fan of my bod in shorts, but it has been so hot lately it is insane to try to wear full-length pants.  Right now I have a pair of white shorts, these cutoffs and a looser/longer/more distressed pair of cutoffs; wouldn't mind a pair that is a bit more stylish.  I tried these on at Ann Taylor and they were gorgeous, but too short for my age and legs.  If you have great gams, you should check them out!

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  1. oh I love how you are wearing the boots I need to do that! Your right your baby does need a fan!

  2. Nothing wrong with letting the straps show at Bonnaroo!  Right now I only have beige and black bras and the straps are pretty thick so having them show will make me look dreadful.  Hrm… have to think.  And thanks for the pic!

  3. Yikes – that cowboy look is nasty!!! Not sure the legs are good enough for those shorts either.

  4. I actually have a aqua bluish bra, and it will just have to show. When I wore them to work, I had a cardigan that covered the straps, I haven’t worn them sans sleeves yet, but I figure since I bought them for Bonnaroo, no one will mind my bra strap showing. I do think strapless would work though. II feel like they come up decently high. P

  5. Allie,

    I LOVE that dress on you!  Sorry to hear it didn’t work well – I have tried it on twice in the coral color and have been waiting for it to go on sale.  Though I also found it to be high waisted.  What I did like was that it was not an empire waist.  Completely agree with Meredith – I feel so uncomfortable in the empire waist dresses and it is very hard to find a dress that flatters.  At 48 I am past wanting to look pregnant.  I also think that dresses are the way to go in the hot, sticky weather!

    As always thanks for sharing!  Love your taste in clothes!


  6. I also have the dress that you mention you got from Old Navy in navy blue that you wore on Monday (I have it in the grape purple).  I generally like it but feel like it makes me look pregnant.  I have a smallish frame but empire dresses always give me that look and I feel like it’s accentuated because I’m short.  I’m having a really hard time finding summer sundresses that aren’t empire waist and have thick enough straps for a bra.  

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