What I Wore: Outside my Comfort Zone

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Before Emerson was born, Karl and I used to do a lot of outdoor activities together. We bought ourselves a tandem bike and would ride for hours. We'd do yoga at the lake. We had a pair of kayaks and would take them out to a local reservoir many an early weekend morning. But then we had a little person we had to care for. Combining blogging, working full time, and caring for a baby any free hours were spent sleeping. When Emerson was two, we took a family trip to Lake Elmore, Vermont where we had a cousin babysit Emerson for a couple hours while Karl and I took a canoe trip but that is the last time I paddled any vessel. When my arm broke twice in 2014, the last thing I could imagine doing was help navigate a canoe. But this past weekend that’s just what I did.

herters aluminum canoeA neighbor of ours was moving to Colorado and was unable to take his canoe. It was one that had been in the family for generations (those from the Northwest may recall Herter’s Catalog, that’s where it’s from), it’s a 12-foot made from aircraft aluminum and we promised we’d give it a lot of love and more generations of good use. Father’s Day it went out on its maiden voyage with the Gary family.

wardrobe oxygen and sparkling iceSparkling Ice is encouraging folks to Flavor Up this summer and seize the day. They are empowering consumers to “DO MORE. LIVE MORE. AND EXPERIENCE MORE.” I’ve been putting off activities like this since my arm injuries; while I know I am completely healed there’s an illogical part of my brain that fears something will go wrong. But I made a promise this summer to do more, live more, and experience more so I womaned up as well as flavored up… and was so glad I did!

WO24Sunday was a glorious day, low humidity and a bright blue sky. The water was so still like glass and we got out early enough that the majority of the time we were completely alone. I took the bow, Karl took the stern, Emerson hung out in the middle pointing out fish, herons, and shapes in the clouds. We stopped after a bit in a cove for a packed lunch of sandwiches and cold drinks (of course we brought Sparkling Ice!) and admired the beauty. Emerson isn’t a very outdoorsy kid, but she had a blast sending leaf rafts out into the water with little people made of sticks, and was thrilled to find a few shells from freshwater clams to add to her collection. She was actually sad when we paddled back to where our car was!

Wardrobe Oxygen in an Akara skirt and Panama HatHat: had forever (similar) | tank: Merona | Skirt: buythedress via Etsy | Shoes: bernie mev. | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Wardrobe Oxygen an over 40 working mom fashion blogOne doesn’t need to dress in head to toe REI or LL Bean to be comfortable in a canoe. I wore a simple knit tank with a cotton skirt that doesn’t cling and dies quickly. Underneath I had a pair of Skimmies and on my feet elastic shoes I bought when my arm was broken but have now become great shoes for damp or dirty situations (they hose off quite nicely and don’t hold in water!). Sunglasses and a hat (as well as SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen with) kept my skin protected as we were out in the sunshine. Not seen in this photo, a life vest – they may not be that flattering but safety always trumps style!

Wardrobe Oxygen and Sparkling Ice encourages you to Flavor Up this summerI’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and got out on the water with my family. I felt so good to know I had the strength to paddle and hold my own. By being so cautious with my arm, I’ve missed out on great experiences. I know this won’t be our last canoe trip as a family this summer, it’s just the start of an amazing season.

Wardrobe Oxygen featuring Sparkling IceThank you Sparkling Ice for sponsoring this series of posts on Wardrobe Oxygen.  You encouraged me to get out and have a wonderful time this summer. Having these posts on my calendar pushed me to Flavor Up my summer, and got me on a roll of fun, excitement, and new experiences. I hope you too are allowing yourself to get outside your comfort zone and enjoying this summer. Please share in the comments the fun experiences you have had thus far or are planning to have this season!

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  1. My husband and I had a very similar canoe for the first several years we were together. We crammed it full of dogs, a cooler, a tent, and every other car camping item you can think of. Then we would paddle our precarious load out to a primitive camping spot for the weekend. It was so much fun! If you get the chance, I highly recommend it! We now do the same thing with a little motorized rigid inflatable boat circa 1976.

  2. What fun! With enough pleasant outdoor family experiences, your daughter will grow up to enjoy the outdoors.

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