Not Photoshopped: Feel More Better StoryTees Giveaway

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When StyleCaster and Feel More Better contacted me asking to be part of their “Not Photoshopped” campaign I jumped at the chance. In this day and age where females have unrealistic expectations set forth by Photoshopped media, it's refreshing to have fashion encourage women to show their true selves.  As a mother of a little girl, it upsets me to see how difficult it can be to grow up these days with all the messages from TV, magazines, social media and peer pressure.  I support any program that helps girls (and us women!) realize they are fabulous just the way they are.

Feel More Better is on a mission to “make the world an easier place for women and girls to be happyer*With every StoryTee sold, Feel More Better gives a new story book to an underprivileged child. Feel More Better works with First Book right here in Washington D.C. to donate books to populations of girls who need them the most.  Feel More Better's StoryTees are made in the USA of silky Tencel and come in a great variety of flattering styles.

feelmorebetter stylecaster 500

Like this shirt and its message? Now's your chance to get one for yourself and tell the world that you too are not Photoshopped and darn proud of your glorious self!

How to Enter:
Thank you to all who have entered, the winner has been notified by email.  Stay tuned, I will have more great giveaways in the future!
Note: I did receive a free “Not PhotoShopped” shirt, and no these photos haven't been Photoshopped!  All opinions my own.

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  1. I LOVE these shirts.  I would choose the “not Photo shopped” short sleeve V neck in size 05.  Thanks for sharing this site!!

  2. Nice giveaway Alison – and I love it even more because it is open to International readers. I’d like the Grey Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee – not least because it is Winter over here in Australia!

    wa (dot) sighed {at} gmail [dot] com

  3. I love the Not Photo Shopped: Long-Sleeved Vee Neck! I once wrote a blog post called “I am not photoshopped”.  I wish they had had these shirts around back then.  🙂  

  4. What a fantastic message and idea…it’s kinda written a post on my blog all on its own! I’d love the Not Photoshopped tank.

    Love the way you’ve styled the cropped t-shirt but I’m still hoping for some summer in this rainy old UK :o)

  5. Hi Alison…I would love a chance to win the Not Photo Shopped crop top style# SCBNPS in a o2

  6. I’ve tried finding where to buy these tees and have had no luck. I can’t seem to be able to open the link to the “feel more better shop” link.

  7. This is such a great campaign! Y’all have inspired me to write about this on my blog too. I’m loving the thank top! Size 05 if I win!! Thanks for doing this!!

  8. Hi Allie! I so adore your blog and you’re such an encouraging source of style, womanhood, parenting, etc.
    I LOVE the Not Photo Shopped: Tank Style #STGNPS in o2!Thanks so much! (:

  9. I love how you styled this! The mission of the company, and this tee especially, speaks to me. I’d love the cropped top STYLE #SCBNPS in o5. Thank you for running such an awesome contest!

  10. I think my favorite is the 
    You Be You And I’ll Be Me: Vee Neck tee shirt. So cute! Love the message!

  11. I love either the Not Photoshopped cropped tee in black (large) or the Speak Your Truth low back scoop tee also in black/large.  Either way, it’s agreat mssage to get out.

  12. Thank you so much for posting about this site!  I wasn’t familiar with it, and it’s an amazing cause.  I really love the “FLAWD” Low-Back Scoop Tee.  And I hope it’s okay to say that my blog post tomorrow is about my own beauty issues, so this is perfect timing.  You are so amazing and I love that you are not photo shopped!  🙂

  13.  Love the tops and their messages! I’d pick the Feel Good About Yourself Tank: White Blank + Patch in o4.

  14. I like the Long-Sleeved V (Size 02)… although really, I looked at all their tees and I have to say that I really loved the Suck it, Barbie shirt and the Every Woman is a Rebel shirt. They have some cute stuff. 

  15. Loving the Not Photoshopped tank – size 03 (L)! Awesome campaign!  Thanks for bringing it to our attention! 

  16. While I love the the “Not Photoshopped” long-sleeve #LSSBNPS size 04, I’m madly enamored of “Every Woman Is A Rebel” #SSBREB bec. that speaks my personal truth even more strongly 😉

  17. What great ideas! I’d love the Feel More Better in a long-sleeved scoop. Size 04. Just the message I’m trying to get to my daughter

  18. Fantastic store! I love the long sleeve scoop-neck style (I’m an 02). Thanks for the opportunity, Allie.

  19. These are awesome. I would love the tank in o0. Love it!

    Meg S
    mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

  20. I love the same style you are wearing, in whatever translates to an extra large (I couldn’t find a size chart). I run a dance school and this is JUST the message that I am trying to impress upon my students, especially the teens. In the dance world we are surrounded by mirrors all the time and the girls need all the reinforcement available that they are perfect like they are!

  21. I cannot tell you how much I love this campaign and I love this T….. I am always all about being real and I show my cellulite on my thighs on the blog (you shall see in my blog post today lol)…. I def want to win!
    I like the crop in a L or the tank in L if I win.. THANK YOU

  22. Oh, those are awesome! I like the “You be you and I’ll be me” tee, but I’d pick the “Not Photoshopped” LS vee tee in o2. 🙂

  23. I like the long-sleeved V-neck. I think I would need a Size 5. 

    Got to admit the “I’m not perfect, just Amazing” really hits home for me. Grew up Christian, and it’s a clever twist on “Not Perfect, Just Forgiven.” 

  24. I love the message so much! There are several other tees that I love on there as well! But, I would take the Not Photoshopped in the long sleeve scoop  style #LSSBNPS in a size 04

  25. Too cool. I would totally wear the Not Photo Shopped: Tank STYLE #STGNP, in size o4(XL). Thanks! (Oh, and my 4.5  year old son looked over my shoulder when I was reading this post and said, “Oooh, she looks beautiful and fancy!”) 🙂

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