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This morning was coooold and I felt a little goofy on the Metro with my bare legs, but the day has really become warm and beautiful!

042710 029
I don't like this dress.  At all.  It's this dress from Old Navy.  I think it looks like something a woman would have worn in prison back in the '50s.  It comes with a self-belt.  I had it in the closet folded on the floor and was ready to send back.  And my lovely husband was trying to clean up and took this dress and another top I was to return and washed them.  And dried them in the dryer.  And hung them up in the closet.  So now I own this prison dress.  I decided this morning there must be a reason why this happened and tried to see if I can make it wearable.  I removed the self-belt, added my wide belt from Ann Taylor and my black ponte collarless jacket from Banana Republic outlet.  These are the Anne Klein peeptoe wedges I mentioned before – wearing them for now but will change to my Franco Sarto peeptoe pumps once at work (forgot the pumps at work yesterday).  Silver cuff.
I don't think it's terrible, but I still don't like it.  The jersey is thin and cheap so it doesn't hang well.  The sleeves are terrible – really wide, poorly constructed cap sleeves so they pretty much have to be hidden under a jacket.  The dress is full, but not full enough so it doesn't gather at the belt as much as I would like.  Well live and learn…
042710 043

Here I am at work.  Nice headset as that I am currently on a Webinar.  Again, the standard makeup routine, with the addition of Bare Escentuals Buxom eye liner in Leatherette, and Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita.  Hair is next day, when not wearing a headset it is parted on the side with sideswept bangs.

A reader recently asked if I get kickbacks from my links in posts.  Not for most of them.  I often link to items on Amazon because I do get a bit of a referral fee if you click on the link and then buy that or another item.  It's not a lot, but I also use Amazon because I find the site so convienent and love all of the customer reviews.  If I link to Old Navy or Lands End (I added a link in yesterday's post to the scarf I wore) or Nordstrom, I don't get a kickback.  I just link so you readers have easy access to the site if you are interested in learning more about a product or purchasing an item. 

I was also asked about shopping online for the cheapest price.  I often provide you with a link to the easiest site, or the one with the most stock.  But really, if I find a shoe I like (like Sofft sandals) I will scour the Internet.  I find the style name or number and Google it.  And then if I find it really cheap somewhere, I check out not only the cost for shipping, but the return policy.  There's no point in getting an item 50% off if you have to pay $10 for shipping and $10 to ship back and you have to get permission to ship back, have to use their form of shipping, and have to return within 14 days of order date.  Sometimes convienence outweighs price.  Again, I love Amazon, especially for shoes – I have found brand name shoes on there where my size is a good $40 cheaper than other sites.  I think closeouts are often posted there, for links will only have 2-3 sizes and often one size will only come in one color. 

But for an example, my Matron of Honor dress for my friend's wedding this past September – I found it at Nordstrom, but searched online and found it on eBay and at two department stores.  I lost the auction on eBay, and watched them at the two department stores.  It went on sale at Macy's and I had a coupon (and got 6% cash back by using Ebates), so I bought it there.  I do a LOT of online shopping, and am really getting it down to a science. 🙂

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  1. i realized (too late) this morning that letting the legs go for the 3rd day between shaves with a shortish skirt was kind of a bad idea 😛

    thank goodness i got a ride from a friend and didn’t have to sit on the subway ‘cuz i would have felt doubly weird. (i hate the look of my legs anyway)

  2. Yay!! you’re back to your old postings! and can I just tell you how much I love the fact that you are vocal about when an outfit just doesnt seem right. I do that all the time, make an attempt only to think about the dress, pants when I get to work. I am not alone!! I’m not the only one that has days like that.

  3. HI Allie, loving the regular posts again. Huurah! You might not like the dress but you have made it look great with the belt and the jacket. It’s frustrating, isn’t it, when, however savvy a shopper you are, you end up with some unloved pieces in your wardrobe..Can you come and work some magic on mine?!
    M x

  4. My mirror issue is that this mirror is in the master bedroom, and to get enough light for a photo, I need all the lights on. And I usually leave for work before my husband wakes up. The other full length mirror in the house is in a room with not enough light for photos (see photos at beginning of 2009). So when I can, I will capture full length mirror shots.

    I miss having an office that had a full length mirror in the bathroom!

  5. Hi Allie, I see you got your mirror up. Are you going to be posting daily again? I have been a long time reader/lurker. Glad you are back. Tara J

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