Summer StitchFix Review

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I haven't done a recent StitchFix review because I haven't had one recently. My last one was a complete bust – wrong style, even wrong size. I took a couple months off, provided a lot of feedback and decided to do another Fix for the summer because I am still lacking essentials on my warm-weather wardrobe.

My stylist for this Fix was Jan. Her thoughts that came in my box, ” I loved styling you and checking out your Pinterest, Insta, and fab blog, and I'm including fun tops for going out and summer days as well as easy dresses for the summer heat. I see that you look amazing in bright, bold hues and jewel tones, so I've pulled a variety of vivid shades – let me know which are your favorites.” I must say when I opened the box before even pulling out the clothes I felt the color selection was the most “me” of any StitchFix box I received previously. Bold shades, prints that weren't too twee or matronly, and a nice mix of fabrics.

What I Received in my Summer StitchFix

Skies Are Blue “Reginald” Crochet Detail Top – Size XL, $54

stitch fix summer review 3 summer stitch fix review 1 summer stitch fix review 2

When I took these photos my mom was at my house while work was being done on hers. She saw this top and said she loved it. I said to her that I would say to all of you. Do you really love it, or do you just love the color? Because when I put it on, I too thought, “Ooh!” But then I looked more closely and realized I didn't like the fit, the design, or the fabric but I liked the color. This is a good basic top you can wear with shorts on the weekend and a pair of pants to the office, but it's the kind of top you pick up at TJ Maxi and have as a go-to when you haven't done laundry, not something you'd pay $54 for. Returned.

Leota ‘Caledonia' Knit Maxi Dress – Size XL, $88

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I like Leota. They make fantastic dresses that fit curves beautifully. This dress is no different. In fact, I think it may be the most flattering and best fitting Leota dress I've even tried. My mom agreed, it was uber flattering and a standout without feeling on display. Seriously the only problem with this dress is its formality. While it's not a formal fabric, the gathered bust and flutter sleeves somehow make this seem far more dressy than other maxi dresses in my closet. If I had a wedding to attend, I would possibly keep it but I don't and I have no idea where I'd wear this dress. But it reminded me of how great Leota is and I'll be seeking out the brand this fall. Returned.

Market & Spruce ‘Allura' Cotton Chambray Off the Shoulder Dress – Size XL, $78

stitch fix chambray dress review stitch fix chambray review stitch fix chambray sun dress review

This dress is junk. You can find better at Target and for less. The elasticized top would NOT stay down. One sleeve was a big more snug than the other. The ties at the end of the sleeves was hokey while in the flat lay Stitch Fix sent, they looked longer and softer. There's no shape to this dress so when I cinched it with the self belt, it bunched and did weird things to my figure. This is the kind of dress that you could “make it work.”  Steam it, wash it to soften it, replace the belt, add a necklace, etc. But the thing is if it's not good as-is it won't ever look great even with a lot of work. Returned.

Collective Concepts ‘Krissa' Keyhole Halter Blouse – Size XL, $54

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I love orange, it's my favorite color, especially when mixed with some red like this top. I like the print, it's fun without being too in your face or too trendy. I like the fabric, a poly crepe with texture that catches the breeze while being fully opaque. I wore it the day my StitchFix box arrived, I pulled off the tags, paired it with some dark ankle jeans and sandals and headed to the mall. Yes, you need a strapless bra with this top, but that's the only negative I see. It looks nice untucked or tucked and can transition into fall nicely with a denim jacket. Kept.

Market & Spruce ‘Brea' Eyelet Dress – Size XL, $74

stitch fix summer dress review 1 stitch fix summer dress review 2 stitch fix summer dress review 3

This was another piece that my mom loved until I picked it apart. It's another first glance winner. Gorgeous color, super flattering neckline (also needs a strapless bra), cotton so it will be nice in the heat. But let's break it down. It needs a strapless bra so it's not a throw on and go dress. It's a hair shorter than I'm comfortable at my age, size, shape, and lifestyle. The eyelet is pretty, but it does read young and preppy… two things I am not. Sometimes I don't mind an uncovered elasticized waist but on this dress I feel it made it read younger and also cheaper. If I were 10 years younger I'd keep this dress. I'd wear it to a winery with sandals and some oversized sunglasses and a crossbody bag. I'd wear it out to dinner with Karl at the Wharf with gold sandals and some statement earrings. I'd wear it come fall with an olive cargo jacket and suede ankle booties or a denim jacket and some Adidas sneakers. But that is not my age, my lifestyle, or my current wardrobe. Returned.

One thing I keep thinking with each StitchFix I receive is that it would be good… if I were younger. I feel the StitchFix stylists have a hard time understanding the over-40 woman who isn't old. My boxes skew either old and frumpy or too young and twee. I've played with my Pinterest, I share my Instagram and blog, I give a ton of feedback, I've updated my profile and increased the dollar amount I'm willing to spend but I still remain underwhelmed. I don't plan to get another StitchFix for me any time soon… I may try again deep into fall but not sure if it's worth it.

However, StitchFix has come out with a version for kids and I'm going to order one for Emerson to try. At nine years old, she's an age where she has strong opinions about her style, but is still trying to figure it out. Up until last year, I did all her shopping. Now, she's influenced by TV, YouTube, her peers, the magazines and catalogs that come in the mail. I'm thinking a StitchFix before school starts may help her try some new brands and styles and better find what she does and does not like. I don't usually share kid fashion on this blog, but I think this concept may be interesting to many, even those without kids. No matter our age, tools like StitchFix, even if they are all misses, can help us find our personal style. Sometimes figuring out what you hate is the best way to learn what you love.

This is not a sponsored post, but I did use a credit I received from StitchFix from a previous sponsored post to order this Fix. If you click on any of the links, I may make a small commission.  These photos were taken with my Amazon Alexa, but in a different place from my last hits and misses post. Not loving the quality of these photos, stay tuned I will tweak for my next clothing review!


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’ve actually had REALLY good luck with Stitchfix — they sent me an awesome hooded puffer vest I wore all winter, a great pair of burgundy corduroy pants (I’d been looking everywhere for some in my size and had had no luck), a beige suede-look skirt (so comfy and the fit is perfection) and some really nice tops and accessories. I’m 49 and plus-size and feel like they get my style a lot better than Dia & Co., which consistently sent me stuff that was too young and wasn’t keeping good track of my style preferences. Could be a regional thing (I live in the SF Bay Area, where Stitchfix is based)? Maybe they do better with plus than straight-size? Maybe my style is also their sweet spot stock-wise? If I keep 2/5 items I consider the box a hit, and most of the items I’ve kept have been pretty good quality.

    1. That’s good to hear! And you’re not the only one who has had success with Sitch Fix’s plus size options. I know when I was plus I found things I wanted to keep…

  2. I had the same problem and decided to splurge slightly on the $49 unlimited Fix package for a year. I get a box every month and since it is a regular schedule, I also have the same stylist each time. Consistency with it helped me to hone my own style and enabled my stylist to understand what I am looking for. Now I’m receiving boxes that are knocking it out of the park.

    It’s not for everyone but if you are willing to commit to a year, this is a good way to maximize your ROI (the $49 is applicable to a purchase during the year).

  3. Thanks for the review. It was a good lesson with the green top. I am good with color but have a harder time with silhouettes.

  4. Your discernment is inspiring. As a plus-size shopper I’ve spent a lifetime settling for good-enough, just hoping to find something that fits and looks decent. Today I received a dress that I’d ordered and was really looking forward to – the same day I read this post. The dress wasn’t right and my old tendency would have been to keep it and try to make it work, hope it would be OK. But I’m returning it. Thank you for setting that example for me today.

  5. From what I see of Stitch Fix among friends who use it, everything looks cheap. I think it would be really interesting to see a kids’ Fix review.
    also, thanks for your great assesssment of each item. I tend to buy things that are “almost” what I want but not quite, then wonder why I never wear them. I need to be more critical like you were in this post.

  6. I have never heard anyone say that they are happy with Stichfix. Everyone I know who keeps going back it seems it is because they keep hoping that their feedback will make the next box great and it never does. I mean completely ignoring what they say, sending dresses when they say they don’t want any, etc. Nordstrom has trunk club and they let you see what you are getting online before and you can comment to have things changed before it ships. I am curious if it is better.

  7. Thanks for this great and thorough review! I’ve also had really mixed experiences with Stitch Fix. Some definite hits (a pair of jeans that I didn’t even know I needed, but fit PERFECTLY and I have worn 3 times a week for the last year…), and some big misses (agree that they have trouble with prints). Yesterday I ordered boxes for my 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter, to help refresh their stuff for fall. I would LOVE to see a review of a box for Emerson! I will say, I loved how the language on the kid profile page was friendly to kids who might be gender fluid/non-binary, or who might not have stereotypical “boy” or “girl” interests or styles. Very cool.

  8. I think one of my biggest problems with the box subscriptions is that you pay full price for the items. Like the top you kept. It’s a nice top and looks nice on you, but $54 for a halter top is ludricrous.

  9. I liked the “junk’ dress. which just goes to show how hard it is to shop based on photos.

    Does the Amazon Alexis give you a tan? You look summery.

  10. Alison! OMG that maxi dress is so cute! Really highlights all the WERK you’ve been putting in at the gym! Love it! So cute! Yes to Emerson box…I would have looooved that at 9 years old.

  11. Thanks for sharing your reviews with us! I too thought that green shirt looked great on you, but your right about it being too expensive for what it is. My niece is 26 & loves StitchFix. I’m a little surprised by the cost of her items; they seem expensive to me for the quality but maybe I’m just showing my age! She loves the service b/c it saves her time.

  12. I for one would be very interested in seeing a box for Emerson. While not a mother myself, I have some young ladies (and boys) in my life that enjoy talking about fashion with me and this would be a VERY COOL thing to show them/initiate a larger discussion.

  13. I completely agree! I used to get Stitch Fix on a monthly basis when they used to style focused on third party brands (and not their own names). The quality on their in-house labels is very low and not aligned with their price point. Perhaps it is because I am over 40, but cheap fashion just looks cheap on me.

  14. That green really is a marvelous color on you. Here’s hoping you come across it again in a garment you like a lot more!

  15. I would love to get a review from you and Emerson on he kids stichfix. It’s so hard to buy my 8 year old clothing! I miss the days where I would bring home what I love and she would wear it!

  16. I always appreciate your honest reviews too. I want to add just a slightly different perspective, which is that as a truly plus-size woman, I can’t just “find better at Target”. I have to go and search in the tiny plus-size Departments of the five stores in my town total that even have plus size clothing, and let me tell you, that is time-consuming. I have stuck with Stitch fix for almost a year now, and while I have probably only kept about six or seven things total, the time I have saved running around looking for even those things has been worth it.

  17. I am always impressed with how honest your reviews are! And sadly I agree with your assessment of Stitch Fix. I tried it… and told my stylist that I dislike the fit of a certain jean brand (not named because the fit issue is because of me – lol) and in my box…guess what? That brand of jeans.
    I think the top you kept is terrific – you look marvelous!
    But your overall assessment seems spot on to me! Thank you for always keeping it real!!!

  18. I agree with you; I only loved the one dress on you. The rest, you’d find it cheaper and better at Target! Color me NOT impressed.
    As always, appreciate your honesty.

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