Spring Style with ECCO

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Sometimes brands approach you about a partnership and it’s a perfect fit. I was contacted about doing a sponsored post with ECCO and I was psyched. I’ve featured ECCO shoes before (here and here for example) and think it’s a great brand that marries classic style with comfort. They asked for me to style one of their shoes and one bag here on the blog.

ecco bag 1 ecco bag 2Top | Skirt | Bag: c/o ECCO

Before this partnership, I didn’t know that ECCO made bags. I shouldn’t be surprised that they do, and that they are elegant, classic, and high quality. I received the ECCO Felicity Crossbody in a neutral Saffiano leather. It’s a nice sized bag from nice materials, but it’s hard to properly gauge it because it is not the color or style of bag I would normally choose for myself. It’s a size big enough to carry all your purse essentials yet slim and streamlined. Everything inside stays safe and dry too, thanks to the soft fabric lining water-repellent lining. I decided to style the ECCO Felicity Crossbody with a classic look to highlight its traditional lines. I'm glad for this partnership with ECCO because I found that they make nice bags. My first choice for this campaign was the ECCO Sculptured Clutch, which is made of buttery leather and is the shape and style that will work all seasons of the year and be chic for years to come.

ecco sho9es 1 ecco shoes 2Dress | Necklace (similar) | Hat (similar) | Shoes: c/o ECCO

The ECCO Touch 45 Cross Wedge is a comfortable sandal. I had recently ordered this turquoise dress and saw it next to the shoes and LOVED the color combination. Considering the comfort and versatility of this shoe, I decided to style the ECCO Touch 45 WS for a summery vacation look. I like the look of the ECCO Touch 25 T-Strap which is a wedge sandal of a similar height, but thinner straps that give a more feminine feel that may prove more versatile. Available in four colors and a variety of fabrics, it's the perfect blend of comfort and style for spring and summer.

The craftsmanship of this bag and these sandals is classic ECCO and a reason why this brand is a favorite of mine. The shoes are comfortable straight out of the box and crafted to offer comfort and style for years. I encourage you to check out the ECCO site and see the other styles they have available.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. my favorite spring shoe trend is the wedge sandal- sooo need to buy myself a pair!

  2. I believe that my favorite trend for spring is in lighter materials with more versatile looks for shoe wares.

  3. From what I have seen here and on the streets, I am guessing pastels are really in this spring. I love the fun pistachio color (like your shoe) out there a lot!


    14earth at gmail dot com

  4. Wedges are cute just not for me. I love love love the FLAT craze, including ballerina, gladiator and sandals!

  5. I love the look of sandals with the small wedge. The look a bit more dressy and can still pair with super casual jeans too.

  6. I do not necessarily have a favorite trend. I like whatever is considered flat and comfortable since I injured my foot and had surgery awhile back.

  7. I love all the wedge styles that are out and a classic flip flop when I want something to just roam around in

  8. Ahh! I want all of the wedges! What a great find this was – I now NEED these shoes in my life!

  9. My favorite shoe trend to look at are those Gladiator types that go up the leg 🙂 but to wear? I have to go with the flats / almost flats that are fancy with embellishments 🙂
    [email protected]

  10. That cross body is cute! And those sandals look comfy and practical while being a great color. I love wedges. I’ve always looked at ecco but never tried their shoes.

  11. So I somehow missed this post a few days ago! Loving the pastel wedges- a heel makes my legs look so much better in shorts, but after my recent knee surgery, only a wedge will do!

  12. My favorites are flat sandals and block heels. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!


  13. My sister raves about Ecco, but I have yet to buy a pair of my own. The Rivas wedge may change that or the Dagmar in metalic…or both : )

  14. I love a pretty wedged sandal. I like getting a little extra height from the wedge since I’m short.

  15. I have no favorite spring shoe trend. I live in athletic shoes. My favorite trend for all seasons is comfort.

  16. I love the trend for shoes called Bejeweled Flats and Pretty Pink Ballet flats that go with everything!

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  17. My favorite pumps are from Ecco – and I can hardly ever find pumps that fit. The hubs calls them my princess shoes.

    I’ll second loving wedges for spring – they’re much more comfortable than normal heels since I’m on my feet all day.

  18. I have always loved ballet flats. Ballet flats possess casual elegance,
    versatility, and style, making them the ideal all day, everyday shoes!
    It’s a staple that should be part of any woman’s wardrobe since they can
    easily be worn with jeans, a skirt, or dress. 🙂

  19. I love wearing the flats. They go with pretty much any outfits and are so much more comfortable than heels.

  20. I love wedge espadrille sandals! They’re chic and fun and great after a winter of nothing but boots.

  21. I like Ecco shoes. They usually require no break-in period. I had no idea that they made bags too. I really like the blue and green color combination. Very Caribbean-y.

  22. I would like the ECCO Flash Woven Sandal in the Lion color or the ECCO Sculptured 45 Cross MJ in Woodrose color.


  23. I like the lightness of spring shoes for nice days after dealing with heavy, warm, waterproof shoes all winter.

  24. The Ecco Sculptured Clutch you mention is just gorgeous. I could see this as my side kick for spring weddings, date nights, and moving into my work tote for the daily lunch run.

  25. I love t-straps and almond toes, which I’ve been seeing a lot of this spring and Ecco really does make a comfortable shoe.

  26. I adore beautiful, COLORFUL shoes! There seems to be a lot of great bright colors out for the spring season. I own several pairs of Ecco shoes and love them. I did not know that Ecco made handbags — Excellent!

  27. I’m enjoying all the cute metallic sneakers this spring. Ecco’s always been a great travel choice for me, especially on active European trips.

  28. i am definitely a wedge girl, so comfy and stylish. I also love anything with straps to keep my feet from slipping around in the heat

  29. I was just thinking yesterday how fun it will be to start wearing spring/summer shoes again. I love wedges! I could really use a pair of stylish but comfortable wedges in a neutral color. The Rivas 45 in Moon Rock would fit the bill perfectly.

  30. i love gladiators, but more subtly so — like Ecco’s Dagmar Cross sandals. i also really love a little flash of metallics — like the Rivas or Taboras!

  31. How have I not found ECCO before??? I need the Touch 25 sandals, and was excited to see some more athletic sandal options available – my old ones won’t make it through another Texas summer! My favorite spring shoe trend is espadrilles – so happy they’re back, but I’m going to have to give serious thought to several of ECCO’s sandals, as well. Hope I can find a local retailer in my area that carries these – looks like exactly what my fussy feet need!

  32. I am in love with floral print shoes this spring. I think they are a fun way to add color or a fun twist to everyday office looks.

  33. I love the Ecco Touch 25 sandals in coral! The short wedge would be flattering with dresses but still easy for me to walk in. Short wedge sandals are my favorite type in the summer, and these look so comfortable!

  34. I love all the printed shoes I’m seeing for spring, as well the all the great spring colors!

  35. I had a pair of Ecco sandals years ago and absolutely wore them to death — over about a decade with multiple days of use every summer. I still remember how soft and wonderful they felt. Good reminder, would love to try another pair again.

  36. I love a good wedge for spring! I had no idea Ecco made bags either- one of my favorite pair of shoes is Ecco- they are good looking, comfortable and have held up SO well! Rare!

  37. My favorite spring shoe trend is bright colors and patterns. I also like seeing more wedges and lower heels!

  38. I love t-straps and almond toes, which I’ve been seeing a lot of this spring. Also, I like the unexpected colors for footwear, like mint and pale rose.

  39. I absolutely adore Ecco shoes! I’ve had ballet flats, booties, and sandals from Ecco and just love the quality and comfort. Had no idea that they made handbags!

  40. I bought my first pair of Ecco sandals last summer for a trip to France. They were great for lots of walking, dressed up or down. I only wish I had gotten them in the other color too! I think the slight wedge sandals would be a great addition.

  41. I love all the wedges and flatforms I’m seeing – for this non-heel-loving girl, they are way more comfy!

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